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Recoil is a G.I. Joe character.
File Information
Personal information
File Name

Joseph Felton

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Grade / Rank

Sergeant (E-5)


Long range reconnaissance; Infantry; Radio telephone operator


Ranger School

Organizational information

Recoil unnerves people because he likes to sneak up on people all the time. Whether he does it consciously or just out of habit. He makes no apologies about it because as a reconnaissance specialist, that is his job. It's just that it makes people wonder why he has to do it all the time. Just as well, it has made him one of the most qualified personnel to infiltrate enemy territory and gather intelligence. Being a former marathon runner and prize body builder just made him even a lot better.


Pre-MUX History

Born in Fashion Island, Washington, Recoil joined the Joes in 1989.

OOC Notes

  • Recoil's birthplace of "Fashion Island" is not a real place. It's possible the location was meant to be Vashon Island.


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