Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Ravage Reports

Characters: Ravage, Valour

Location: Decepticon High Command Aerie - Praxus

Date: June 09, 2021

Summary: Ravage reports to Valour in Praxus.

As logged by Valour - Wednesday, June 09, 2021, 7:45 PM

Decepticon High Command Aerie - Praxus

The Decepticon High Command Aerie was Megatron's base of operations during the Decepticons' occupation of Praxus. Situated at the center of the Praxus Mines, the main command chamber is a neatly organized space with a wall of displays tracking the skies above and information passed through from other city-states. Multiple consoles are manned at all times from the pool of Decepticons assigned to the small garrison here. There is a simply designed master comm seat that the ranking officer uses when on duty, complete with interfece ports to the mainframe and comm array itself.
With the recent internal upgrades to the mainframe and comm array, the outpost now has a larger capacity to act as a pass-through for data and comms both via sat uplink as well as ground-lines.

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "Lord Valour, a moment of your time if you are available"

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "I am, Ravage. In person, or over a secure channel?"

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "Person is preferable but not required."

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "I will send you my encrypted coordinates."

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "Appreciated"


Ravage arrives at Praxus, and is coming to scan for Valour as soon as he is placed over within the Command Aerie, looking past the Seekers on guard duty (or in the case of Misfire, trying to figure out why his gun is shooting backwards).

Valour sits in the Decepticon High Command Aerie, frowning. On screen in front of him are service rosters and standing orders for the Earth Undersea base... none of which report a relief squad sent for Scatterstorm and his team. Valour pulls up a recorder to address the situation but is interrupted by an announcement of Ravage's imminent arrival. Valour pauses his report to give Ravage his full attention.

Ravage would go to approach Valour, "Greetings, thank you for seeing me on short notice my lord. I had some.. Things possibly related to our glorious Emperor's plans that I wished to discuss iwth you that I wished to do so as soon as possible."

Valour nods, sitting up even straighter than before, if that's even possible. The others in the command center appear to focus on their tasks, giving the officers the illusion of privacy even though they are in the center of a busy room. "Speak freely, Ravage. Your courage and loyalty are known to me and throughout the Empire. How may I be of service?" Unlike some other commanders, there is no lurking sneer in Valour's voice. The accolades sound genuine.

Ravage would nod at Valour, "I have no data backing it, but I can state to a large degree logically that our Intelligence Commander is still online and has been incapacitated. I wished to.. State my case in the matter."

Valour's brow lowers and he frowns with interest. "State your case," he says simply, his tone even and expression neutral.

Ravage would elaborate, "The disrupted message from one 'Divecast' from Praxus. Either it was true in which case there was a possibility that Ghost is alive. I have checked the name aaginst both list of Decepticon and known Autobot operatives, as well as against the list of inmates wtihin Calyhex's facilities that was archived. Divecast does not exist in any of the databases."

Valour is in the Decepticon High Command Aerie, talking with Ravage. He leans forward slightly, frown deepening. "So, Divecast wasn't in the records BEFORE the transmission, either? Before his announced imminent erasure?" Valour sits back, taking a moment to stroke his mustache while he thinks. "So," he asks evenly. "What is your analysis of the broadcast and its intended purpose?" Valour lightly taps the armrest of the command chair.

Ravage would elaborate, "Soundwave has not finished analysing it yet, so my assumptions are premature. But.. Given Divecast does not within our records exist, and even if he is from the wing of Calyhex devoted to designates of 'Outliers' he is not listed in record.. Then logically the message is fradulent and for some kind of setup. A trap. Which logically is designed to lure in any who would pursue Ghost. Which in turn implies that she continues to function."

Valour nods thoughtfully. "It seems worth pursuing. Even without proof, if it is a hoax, you may be right that it signals some deeper plot afoot - although, if it's a trap, excessive caution might be prudent. With Ghost gone, who is acting Intelligence Commander? Does command revert to Soundwave? Presumably, he has a vested interest in the recovery of such a ... valued operative," Val says discreetly.

Ravage would nod over at Valour, "Default I believe that Soundwave and Cyclonus are both the second in command, and I have not caught Cyclonus available to speak with him on matters. So both of them. Unless Soundwave is believed to be somewhat emotionally involved." He would nod to Valour, "And if it is a trap then of course one cannot leave such a thing un-poked."

Ravage would go on, "And regardless, so long as it does not itnerfere with Lord Megatron's grand plans, then we must do everything we can to retrieve a comrade back to our fold, or failing that secure her remains for interment and honor that she has earned."

Valour allows himself a small smile. "A cybercat after my own spark," he replies approvingly to poking traps. He sobers quickly, however, as Ravage goes on. "Yes. Well, if you require Aerospace support in some way, simply inquire through proper channels. I'm prepared to face a Titan itself, if necessary, to bring one of our own home." Valour straightens slightly and his wings flutter at the thought of a heroic battle against a crazed cityformer.

Ravage would nod at Valour, "Thank you my Lord. I wished to ensure that you were informed of my hypothesis and in turn could incorporate the chance into your plans as necessary and that our actions all served the greater good of glory to our great Empire. I may call for a degree of support depending on the circumstances for when we trigger this particular litlte trap. And understand quite gleefully that all traps need some sort of -bait- to them after all."

Ravage Heads out.