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Ravage is a heroic Decepticon Mini-Cassette from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

Hi! Do you see me? I'm waving!

Hi, I'm Ravage! I'm a white jaguar! I'm the one that's waving! Can you see me? I love micro-blogging, so I talk in less[1] than 140 charact

Hey im right over u do u see me? Im the metal cat waving at u on the big rock!

—posted by ravagekitteh via Yatter mobile web feed

Ravage's Altmode

Ravage possesses a high level of knowledge of all fields in communication, including languages, encryption, and cybernetic technology. His forelimbs contain interface claws capable of tapping into almost any type of computer or communication device. His multifunctional transceiver contain can broadcast and receive signals on 15000 frequencies at once. These three factors allow him to stay connected to the Internet and Twitter every thought that pops into his head no matter what the circumstances.

Ravage doesn't have a lot in the way of weaponry, but if a warm smile and a quick hug can't fix the situation, he can usually escape by activating his hip-mounted rocket wings.


Shattered Glass

On the MUX version of Shattered Glass, Ravage is sent ahead to Earth to warn them of the Autobots' coming. In 2013, Ravage returned to the Shattered Glass universe with Sephie Beller.





Jan 05 - Swim With the Fishies

A Yatter post goes up on Cybertron Social Media.

I Can Haz Fish? Lookin' fer the fishies that Swim! Can Haz Seacons? Hey! I miss you! Surf's up!


  • Shattered Glass Ravage was conceived as a humorous fan-character by David Willis, as a silly inversion of Generation 1 Ravage's role as a quiet, stealthy spy. The character gained a bit of a following when Willis set up Twitter and Facebook pages for him as part of the joke, leading to his being officialized with a profile in issue 26 of the Transformers Collectors' Club magazine.
  • He's the one that's waving!
  • On the MUX, Ravage is more the size of a white jaguar CUB, but he insists he's fierce!



  1. Guys keep telling me that it's technically "fewer" and not "less" because whatevs, but that's what it says on the website!

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