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This page is for the quiet, sneaky Decepticon Saboteur. For his more... "social" Shattered Glass counterpart, see Ravage (SG).
Today's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal.

Ravage operates best when he operates alone. He's a creature of the night and carries out most of his murderous mischief at that time. Often the other Decepticons have no idea where he is, but they know he's up to no good, so they don't mind. He is easily the craftiest of his comrades and is quick to devise deadly new strategies to be used against the Autobots. He tends to remain aloof from the others, but his deeds command their respect. He is an exceptionally efficient war machine.

Ravage can hide his presence from others virtually completely. He can shield any electromagnetic radiation inside him from being detected by any monitoring devices. His walk is soundless. And he can disappear from sight in subdued light or shadows. He has his own monitoring devices in his nose module that give him a superior sense of smell, hearing and full-spectrum electromagnetic wave detection. He carries two low-radiation 1 megaton proton bombs, which he can fire over 3 miles distant or set in place with a timer.

He is very sensitive to light and can be blinded by too much of it.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Ravage was constructed cold in Stanix.

Marvel The Transformers comics

Nightstalker, along with his partner Ravage, was bodyguard to the last surviving Overlord, an Autobot ruler who had grown so old and enfeebled that he needed constant re-energizing life support to stay alive. When the Overlord visited the city-state of Tarn, war broke out between it and its neighbor, Vos, forcing the Overlord to retreat to his own home in Iacon. The Overlord almost made it —- but Tarn's forces tracked him down and demolished the bridge to Iacon before he could cross, trapping him and his retinue. In a display of extreme loyalty to his charge, he attacked alone, taking out all of Tarn's forces but nearly dying in the process.

Nightstalker's self-sacrifice would be in vain: the Overlord died soon afterwards from energon deficiency after Ravage betrayed him and sided with Megatron, refusing to give up his own energy to sustain the old, rusting fool. State Games

More than Meets the Eye

One of the original team of Decepticons that accompanied Megatron on the attack of the Ark spacecraft, Ravage was reformatted by Teletraan I as an audiocassette to better blend in for operations based on Earth. Ravage served loyally as a Decepticon spy. He was one of the first Transformers to have been encountered by a human, as workers investigating a destroyed power station fell afoul of Ravage who pounced upon them and frightened them away.

audiocassette mode

Shortly thereafter, Ravage accompanied Soundwave on an infiltration mission to gather data from Teletraan I. Soundwave was discovered, and Ravage was captured in an energy net and held captive. The Decepticon spy figured into a disinformation plot hatched by the Autobots, who purposely leaked the presence of a rocket fuel depository in the outlying desert. In truth, there was no rocket base -- Autobot Hound projected a holographic illusion in the hopes of luring the Decepticons into a trap. The Autobots allowed Ravage to escape and report back to Megatron, who easily saw through the ruse.

Heavy Metal War

Thassa good kitty.

During Megatron's gladiatorial match with Optimus Prime, Ravage was let out to watch his master battle their nemesis. Soundwave also petted him. This would be cute if it wasn't creepy.


Ravage (5) Robot.jpg

During one of the Decepticons' many trips to South America, Ravage got to meet up with a real jaguar. Despite his resemblance, the non-robotic jaguar did not take kindly to Ravage's presence and engaged him in a "cat-fight." Ravage used his rocket boosters to scare away his living look-alike.

Megatron's Master Plan

During Megatron's attempt to convince the humans that the Decepticons were good and the Autobots were evil, Ravage was dispatched to track down Spike Witwicky when the human searched for evidence that would exonerate the Autobots. Cornering the flesh creature in a studio control room, Ravage had a door closed on him, was electrocuted by a control panel, and had a shelf filled with video cassettes pushed onto him. To make Ravage feel better, Soundwave took Ravage along with the other cassettes to a teen dance party, where Ravage was a big hit with the ladies.

Child's Play

Some time later, Ravage, along with Starscream, Thrust, and Soundwave, was transported to a planet with massive inhabitants, along with a group of Autobots, in a space bridge accident. The first creature they encountered, Aron, thought the Decepticons were toys.

Ravage attempted to escape, but Aron's cat Nitro chased after Ravage like a mouse (how embarrassing). Aron put him with his pet hamster, Blooper, in his cage. Instead of immediately asserting his dominance by killing the beast, Ravage went and ran on the creature's exercise wheel. When captured by scientists, they attempted to dissect the Transformers, but Ravage was able to pick his locks and free the Decepticons, who hijacked the Autobots light beam to head back to Earth...and landed in a lake filled with alligators. That was a very bad day for Ravage.

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MUX History:

Ravage (5) Alt.jpg

Ravage stole the schematics and plans for the Weather Dominator from Destro, and gave those plans to Megatron.

Art by sirenofchaos432

In 2020, Ravage helped rescue Stockade and Skyjack from Garrus-1.

In 2021, Ravage experienced Vector Sigma in his full, blinding glory, and was severely and perhaps permanently damaged as a result.

OOC Notes

It is commonly believe that Ravage existed as an independent operative before allying himself with Soundwave.

Logs /Posts


March 30 - "Theft of Property"

Soundwave and a few of his tapes attempt to steal Destro's plans for the Weather Dominator.

Apr 29 - Contact at portal

<The Decepticon spinny stays in place, but Ravage's speaking voice plays over the audio channel.>

"Report begins: Portal in southwestern United States now claimed by the terrorist organization called Cobra. While scanning the portal's energy output, I observed Autobot Lodestone in combat with human jet. <The spinny fades to show video footage of a Cobra Rattler dropping ordnance on Lodestone.> The Autobot outmatched the jet easily. Also present was human child Daniel Witwicky. <video transitions to footage of Daniel skidding over the dunes on his bike> Lodestone shielded him, <footage of Lodestone standing over Daniel, protecting him from jet shrapnel> but was sufficiently distracted by the battle that I was able to move in. Human agent of GI Joe <footage of Lady Jaye running toward the camera> intervened. I defended my catch, but Lodestone attacked me. <footage of the head of Lodestone's hammer at very close distance, then the camera shudders and appears to lift off into the air>. I was forced to abandon my catch. Data on portal and readings on all local entities available. <The Decepticon spinny returns.> Report ends."

December 28 - "Guilt Trip"

Ravage 6 E4.jpg

Ravage stops by to inform Starscream of recent events.




Jul 06 - Tagan Heights Infiltration

An Autobot communications base being established in the Tagan Heights as a forward observation base was called in by Onslaught while on patrol. An infiltration attempt was made by myself under Onslaught's direction to see if the site could be disrupted or neutralized without an alert. Disruption disks for the mission were given.

Said infiltration mission was a failure and the site will be coming online far earlier than estimates. It is moderately garrisoned for the moment and is a makeshift facility that will be likely fortified further. The infiltration was not detected nor were the disks noticed before disengagement. It is possible by the point of this report that the base site will be operational. This must be taken into account i further operations in the area. I however do have a fairly thorough mapout of he layout, existant security, defenses, and sensor net though this will likely be compromised if the AUtobots expand it from a makeshift facility. I will defer to the regional commander as to how to best deal with the installation, though it's effect on operations in the sector will have to be alerted.

July 25 - "Traitor or Slave"

Nightstalker chances upon Ravage on a long-range patrol.

  • July 29 - "Ill Omen Crypt Keeping" - SCiEnCE! has determined that a trip to the crypts deep below Polyhex is needed to continue the effort to return Omen to capacity in her original or another full frame.
  • July 29 - "Bad Kitty No Data" - Ravage is caught inside of Trypticon's mainframe altering data by Omen, who had simply been reviewing security reports. It does not go well.

July 31 - "Prison Break on Luna 2"

Cyclonus leads a force to break into the high security prison Garrus-1!

8/19 - "Code Aberration"

Visiting Calyhex after passing a message from Trypticon, Omen comes to the conclusion that yes, seeing things is not at all normal. Seeing things can hurt.

Aug 21 - Authorization

Unit Designate 'Arachnae' has been reinstated as a Decepticon and assigned to work under Shockwave's division. Her actions have been authorized after the fact and Shockwave has granted her appropriate rank, access to facilities, and authorizations as he sees fit.

August 28 - "Treachery among Friends"

Omen puts pieces together and realizes the depth of the treachery surrounding Starlock and the Combaticons situation.

September 30 - "Thirty-Seventy"

As Ghost challenges Soundwave over Decepticon communication channels, a background discussion of wagers, bets, and outcomes is had between Ravage and Swindle.

October 14 - "Disavowed Forgemate"

Ravage lures Nightstalker out and a fight ensues. Bitter words are exchanged but in the end the Decepticon is sent fleeing once more.


Mar 13 - Preliminary Ibex Analysis

To: Intelligence Division
Sub: Preliminary Analysis of Ibex Assault

Msg: I will note this is a preliminary analysis by a field operative and that I have not seen any overflights or reconaissance data of Ibex, full status of troops, nor extensive debriefings, so take it as highly preliminary and as more significant information comes in there will be significant revision if not discarding of this.

First, the Ibex attack can be considered a failure. Autobot defenses and infrastructure do not seem to have been significantly damaged in the operation nor do there seem to have been significant enough casualties to make a scenario where the Autobots must withdraw to estabalish another defensive line. This combined with the repelling fo our attack on Protihex does not lend itself to thoughts of followup attacks for now.
Valour lead with an excellent tactical plan and a rapid deployment that seems to have caught the Autobots present by surprise. Losses amongst the Seeker cadre accompanying him were high and they deserve full recognition. Autobot defenses held even with the deployment of Bruticus and Trypticon. Autobot reinforcements were heavy, consisting at least of the PRotectobots, Fortress Maximus, and personnel stationed with Metroplex on Earth who came in via space bridge.
There appears to be significant and massive disorientation accompanying the City Speaker Banshee which is to be expected. The exact level of this is beyon dmy knowledge base, and I suggest followup debriefings with her and research to see if this can be ameliorated. Trypticon himself gave a powerful fight despite facing two Autobot Titans in battle.
The ground assault was salvaged purely by Shockwave whom held off several Autobots on his own and inflicted significant casualties upon them. Hopefully multiple members of the Dinobots were terminated by him though this is preliminary and the chances of it are unknown. Bruticus defeated Defensor before withdrawing though the status of the Protectobots is also unkonwn. Forces left on the battlefield when Trypticon withdrew were evacuated by the Destrons to Polyhex.
Items of note and recommendation for followup by Intelligence and Analysis personnel are as follows. Determine the state of whether Optimus Prime's statements reflect a change in Autobot tactical doctrine and deployment for the future. I would presume that the Ibex spaceport is well within our control for now and there is litle appetite or logistical capability amongst the Autobots for a followup. And with the defeat of several of thier patrols along the Tri-Torus roadway the possibility of an alternate push along this route is considered minimal.
We must determine whether the Autobots will be retaining Metroplex on Cybertron for the time being given the limited to nonexistant nature of our forces on Earth. Even if he is deployed there he has demonstrated he can rapidly be sent to Cybertron by space bridge. The extent of the damage to FOrtress Maximus is also unknown nor any repair times. I would personally recommend the consideration of a limited deployment to Earth purley of a passive intelligence monitoring presence. Whether satellites or a small cell. Our lack of any intelligence from Earth or awareness of their dispatch of Metroplex until he arrived on the battlefield was a limitation in the attack plan. This si at the discretion of Intelligence command to consider. I would recommend personally that as omre information comes in of overflights and reconaissance of Ibex and Protihex and continued debriefings of personnel and casualties that Floodlight at her convenience create a more comprehensive review fo the situation.
These are the personal thoughts of myself based upon preliminary, albeit highly limited data available of myself.

Mar 31 - Assassination Attempt

To: Intel
Subj: Assassination Attempt

Msg: Stalked and located the Autobot's ambassador to Earth, Spike Witwicky in isolation in some sort of powered exoskeleton. Attacked him and inflicted significant injury to him. The other Autobots at the scene engaged me and drove me off and stabilized Witwikcy unfortunately. Starlock kept on pontificating.

The assassination attempt was a failure, but hopefully the injuries will slow him down significantly or perhaps cripple him.

May 08 - Slaughter City Stealth

To: General Personnel
Subj: Slaughter City Recon

Msg: Assigned to do a reconnaissance run to Slaughter City, the mission as aborted due to the presence of the Autobot Special Operations Commander, Jazz. A quick skirmish was had before disengagement was accomplished. I am not sure if Jazz is assigned to the area, was there for a specific mission, or other circumstance.

//Not included is a video of Ravage being stun-bombed by Jazz's razzle-dazzle and then yanked by the tail, twirled like a discus, and launched through the air like a strobing disco ball through the night to vanish.

May 14 - Primal Swamp

A patrol was sent down to the Primal Swamp to retrieve chemical samples for further analysis consisting of Miasma and myself. Also present in the area on independent missions were Deathsaurus and Arachnae. While present we encountered a high number of seismic disturbances. A crashed Skyraider unit of unknown origin was detected reactivated but in bad shape and was evacuated for the nearest repair center for analysis and identification. A number of seismic disturbances and a possible unknown mecha-logical creature present and the seeming disruption of Miasma's operation lead to the recovery unit withdrawing after samples were taken.

May 15 - Skyburner

To: General Personnel
Subj: Skyburner

Msg: Individual tag 'Skyburner' was retrieved from the Primal Swamps and taken to medical at Tarn and tended to. Individual has suffered some level of disorientation to memory circuits. Intelligence has confirmed his identity and he has been generally cleared by medical. Pending debriefing he will be put on appropriate assignment and division.

Jun 07 - Missing Ghost

Having scanned the message by relay system, I have sent a version of it to Soundwae to be filtered and analysed. I have further tracked the origin of it to Praxus, in the Tigalight District, near the Death Zone. There are no records of any Decepticon called Divecast though this may be meaningless if he is from another faction. I request a team be dispatched to Praxus at once to sweep the area.

Jun 08 - Calyhex Departing

To: Command, Division Heads/XOs
Subj: Calyhex

Msg: The Titan named 'Calyhex' currently residing in Praxus has announced her intent to depart Cybertron in short order. No timespan has been given nor methodology, but in conversation she stated that she must 'exile' herself and her prisoners. Status beyond this unknown.

Jun 16 - Internal Log

Internal Log (Encrypted)

The die is cast. Megatron is missing, adrift in the void of the warp gate.. The Titan Calyhex has vanished. Starscream is now in charge. His actions are.. Logically reasonable and surprising. He clearly has an ulterior motive but one I cannot fathom. So long as he puts resources to locating Megatron and prioritizes it he will have Valour's support, and with Valour much of the military. Soundwave and Cyclonus are loyal enough to go along with it. Shockwave will enjoy the chance to pursue unfettered access to the space bridge and whatever his personal research inclinations are and I do not think he will care to challenge Starscream. That leaves no one at least with the immediate power base to attempt to assert themselves against him.
I know that Megatron is out there and he will return to us. A simple void in space is nothing compared to how he has returned before. I do not know how Starscream's ploy will carry out. The Autobots will negotiate or at least put up a facade of it for a time. The opportunity will exist in that duration to focus on our internal priorities. For the first time in a long time..
I do not know what I am going to do. Or where the future leads us.
That makes me afraid.
/End log entry

Aug 20 - Intelligence Memo      

From: Ravage
To: Intelligence

Subj: Request for Logistics Analysis

Msg: For consideration of Intelligence and the Analyst Department, if deemed useful, I would suggest an analysis of our current logistics network and energon stores. With the Autobot captures of Ibex and Hydrax, and the departure of Helex from the Empire, we will likely have disruptions to our logistics network, perhaps even bottlenecks. Further, under conservative assumptions the Autobots will likely try to slow and delay off-planet gatherings of resources even if they make no further aggressive moves. I would also expect that neutral city states will not be trading with us to any greater extent than they already have.

Ergo I would suggest for Intelligence and Analysis if they deem it necessary to look at our logistics network for possible disruptions, and if necessary make projections. Further, if these present possible issues they should be forwarded to Operations and Command so that they can if they deem it necessary make plans and take if any corrective actions. This is merely a personal thought, and passed up the chain for consideration for the bureau if necessary.

  • September 14 - "He Has Reasons" - Beneath the Decepticon-controlled city-state of Kalis lies an underground facility, home of the Salvation team. And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 1 of 2

Oct 27 - Polyhex Crypts

To: General Personnel
Subj: Polyhex Crypts Fog

Msg: The erupting unnatural atmospheric energies that apparated in several cities and regions blocked out vision and general sensory zones. They appear to have been mobile and are heading along through the surface of the planet. They disrupt sensory data significantly and made ground maneuvering difficult.

One of the disruptions was located in Polyhex and narrowed down to the crypts there. Deathsaurus, Lord of the Destrons and of Polyhex, granted his permission to investigate and personally lead the group. It was narrowed down to.. Aberrant, active sparks. Like memories. Them seeking.. Something. Pouring up from the cyber-firma. Their presence was thick and as if the void personified. White out, sensor blockage.. There was no sense of location beyond a few meters from myself. No ability to scry or glean anything. The sense of contact all along my form of energy pulses like sensations from the Pit. I do not know what those sparks wanted, or why they seem to have risen, or what has caused them. But the miasma cleared and has since carried on. It was.. Disquieting.

Nov 05 - Suppositions

To: Intelligence and Tactics
Subj: Presumptions

Msg: These are a series of preliminary assumptions made on the attack on Ultrix. They are not supported by any data beyond probability and hypothetical. They are done hopefully to allow some tactical assumptions to be made for the purposes of guiding analysis and evaluating data. They are not, however, refined and rely upon a number of assessments that are considered logical, but not necessarily probable.

Assessment; It was an orbital bombardment - considered probable, Trypticon station reported multiple bombardments, assessed as heavy particle beam cannons
Assessment; it was some sort of capital scale ship. Considered probable, admittedly due to few things being able to carry such weaponry capable of such destruction and the magnitude of the attacks without any known superweapons deployed. The weapons were capable of obliterating a city and at least indirectly damaging Trypticon.
Hypothesis; Target Trypticon. Trypticon was the logical target. Grounded, he would be vulnerable to strikes from orbit when in low power thanks to the concert. The strikes inflicted moderate damage upon him but he was able to launch and escape for repairs.
This is.. However, inconsistent with the data. The vast majority of the damage was to Ultrix. Only indirect damage was done to Trypticon. If he was the target even if missed in the initial bombardment then he could have easily been retargeted while damaged and trying to blast off. Even if the weapon required redirection, he could have been attacked while fleeing. The strikes came from low orbit. A simple matter to shift.
Hypothesis: Target Ultrix. Ultrix seems by far the more probable target due to evidence. The city was leveled and infrastructure obliterated. But why target it? There was little useful there for resources or infrastructure, the garrison minimal. It's rebuilding as an institution of the arts has been extremely recent and not gotten far. A large broadcast from Trypticon station and the comm center.. Even a high power broadcast from someone already in system would have been able to assess and interpret it. The reasoning for said targeting is not apparent, but that is what the data suggests.
Methodology; Presuming that the attacker was a capital ship, then some sort of cloak or stealth system would be required. Our planetary defense cannot be so horrible that a capital ship could have come in Cybertronian space without being noticed. Much less one powerful enough to mount weapons batteries of such a scale. The ability to cloak or stealth a ship of that scale is possible, if energy intensive. However such things have been shown to readily perform. Considered probable but many assumptions are required.
Hypothesis; There is some association with the energy fluxes on Cybertron itself. Fully unknown. Taking advantage of them for strikes due to total disruption on the planet would leave the same evidence as making the energy flux itself. All that is likely is that the disruptions were used to enhance the surprise and cloak the bombardment.
Separate; Counterpunch's thoughts are separate and I do not have the data to evaluate them.

  • December 11 - "Long Overdue Debriefing" - Starscream asks Ghost for a debrief. Soundwave prods as well leading to Ghost spilling a great quantity of information out.
  • December 26 - "Bad Nasty Katty Kit" - A fennec-turbofox meets Ravage. Who tries to eat her! But wait - Soundwave.. to the rescue?


Jan 18 - Helex

To: Intelligence
Subj: Helex Raid

Msg: Bludgeon lead a raid on Helex, to one of the private vaults of a member of the Triumvirate. A group consisting of (among others) the Insecticon Venom, myself, Omen, Bludgeon, and some others went down. The vault was rapidly breached and the contents made off with. The mercenaries sent by the Triumvirate seemed caught by surprise and flat footed, and held off by Bludgeon.

It seemed simple, and I would have thought it a trap. But the raid went off with only minor dmage to personnel and a full haul made. I'm sure that Helex will now have heightened security. Bludgeon will likely be more aggressive seeing the success of his attack and finding the response feeble so he will go again until he has a fight he feels is worthy of his time. The money taken will likely gather him more followers as well.

Jan 26 - Stanix

The city-state of Stanix (which had seceded from the Empire) reported being under bombardment. A cloaked ship then fled through the warp gate with little telemetry available. Movor and Blast Off went to download the report logs from the station to attempt to locate where the fleeing ship went to and analysis is (I believe) in progress.

Satellites were sent in overflight of Stanix to assess damage and it seemed there was nothing heavy. Some historionics by the Autobots went on some of the broadband channels. Further investigation proceeds pending analysis, I presume though I am not attached to the analysis team nor am I involved. This is merely a preliminary report as an available field unit to post for followup.


Stanix was in a shamble, they had no defenses, and the city could have been seized and invaded iwth no resistance. Just send in an assault team and the city could be brought back into the Empire. There would have been no resistance, reunification would have been simple. This was the chance of our Regent to show strength and purpose.

Instead he did nothing. He did not respond. He dithered. Whatever Starscream's reasoning.. It was a chance for strength or guile and he chose nothing. He did not act. And that damns him. Whether or not this pursuit of peace leads to anything.. He has shown weakness in the face where strength was readily available.

He is unfit to rule.


Apr 08 - We are Decepticons

A broadcast is made, by Ravage along the internal networks of the Decepticons as a general message, accessible by any who might want to.

       "My fellow Decepticons, we must remember what we are. We are loyal to the cause. The cause is bigger than any one individual. We lead through strength. Those with power and vision to take us to victory.
       Is Primus Pilus Megatron as he says? It does not matter. He has shown himself unworthy. He works at the behest of -others-. He has submitted to them. He would have us stand with this external power. He would have us SUBSUMED and SURRENDER. We are Decepticons. We fight for our cause. We fight for CYBERTRON. We will not allow any others to take our planet. We are strong. Forged by battle. We will NEVER submit. That is what this Primus Pilus would have us do. It does not matter if he is Megatron or not. In doing this he has renounced the Decepticon ways and has shown he is unworthy. We are DECEPTICONS.
       We shall never bow down to any others. We are loyal to the cause. And those that abandon the cause.. Are worth nothing.

May 16 - Personal Log: Encrypted

From Ravage's personal log/datafiles, accessible 'only' to members of Soundwave's cadre:

       Ghost is gone. Optimus Prime is nearly dead but lives. Ghost has fled with the Matrix and been altered by it. She remembers not herself. Primus Pilus' rages like Galvatron. He burnt Stanix to the cyber-firma. The city is barren. He will do it to each that resist. I tried to talk him down from his rage and I... Am unsure.
       We have much to do. We must discover why the Matrix has altered Ghost and what it has done to her. We must discover who Primus Pilus is working for. We must stop more of our planet from being levelled by our own kind. We have to stop a civil war. And to stop Primus Pilus.
       Ghost's reforged form at least acknowledges Soundwave and is willing to listen to some degree. Omen is still present and aware to some level within her. We have much to pursue and analyse now. Too much. Much to do, too few resources to pursue all avenues, too few we can trust.
       And at the end I must wonder... This Primus Pilus has Megatron's rage and anger. That is true more than anything else. I... It has always been there. It has always been there. Was I not aware of it, or... Did I never stop to think?
       ... Delete last compile.

Alternate Universes

Apocalypse World

In the Apocalypse World alternative future, Ravage is dead, killed by Blaster.


Ravage was played by sydneygb from 2011 until 2015. In 2015 he was taken over by MightyShoxy.


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