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All the evil things lurk in the dark, but solitude is the worst, and greatest of them.

RATCATCHER is a recently acquired bit of talent for Cobra. A master infiltrator and contortionist, Ratcatcher can break into almost any secured facility, bypassing standard security means. A specialist in traps. fighting in close quarters, and survival, Ratcatcher wields a collapsible spear with a duranthium tip when forced into combat. The sewer specialist also wears multiple layers of chemical safety gear, including a gas mask. Having adjusted to the dark for so long that it is his natural state, Ratcatcher constantly wears special tinted lenses in his gas mask to help protect them in the light.



Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Ratcatcher has lived a war torn life, but one he's survived by changing to his environment. As a youth, he happened to be in the same third world city as a cobra assault against some country's power (no idea which one, it'd be fun to tie it into some scene from years ago. I figure somewhere in Europe), and there was a pretty bad altercation there, he and dozens of others dealt with collapsed buildings and ended up having to seek refuge in the sewers. The people fled there and were trapped down below when the way up was turned to rubble.. People died in the murky depths, but he did not. He adapted and became one with it all. When the rats came for the dead, they became his food. For about two months, long written off as dead, Ratcatcher survived in the sewers, and what emerged from the pit was barely recognizable when excavation finally cleared out the collapsed block atop him. They found him, covered in blood, disheveled, and completely changed.

It was near impossible to adapt to a return to the social order, ironically the only thing he couldn't adapt to. He turned to theft to survive, and was eventually recruited by Cobra. Yes, he realizes Cobra was probably responsible for his confinement, but it shaped him into who he is. There's no vengeance or moral repercussions here.

"We didn't bury them."

"Down there in the waters, their deaths brought us life. For the moans of the dying and the scent of decay drew us a means of survival."


"Those of us that were fast enough, we fed. Always taking. The rats, they would eat ours...and we would eat theirs. Our numbers dwindled, but theirs did not. Soon it was only me. Two sets of survivors pitted against each other...and finding a strange harmony while they feasted."

MUX History:

Ratcatcher out of uniform

In 2021, Ratcatcher was active in Tokyo Bay and Beverly Hills.

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Nov 14 - The Ratcatcher

In a very darkly lit video, there's mostly just the reflection of light from what appears to be a gasmask. Silence follows for several moments, A muffled voice comes out from the dark, "You needed someone who can get into places, so I'll be your Ratcatcher. Sewers, caves, subflooring. There's far more ways to get into ANY secured area, if you can stand the space, and don't mind the smell."

The camera stays on for a while longer, but its unclear if the figure is still there or not before the feed shuts off.




  • Ratcatcher was created and is played by Zerombr.


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