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Faction: Cult of Unicron
Species: Transformer
Function: ASSASSIN

RARTORATA was a cruel servitor of Unicron. RARTORATA was easily the most vicious of the Unicron's Acolytes, ready to sacrifice anything, even his follow cultists, to accomplish his mission. Besides transforming into a monster, RARTORATA carried a "ceremonial rapid-fire poison arrow launcher", and was a skilled assassin.

Your death will serve as a sacrifice to Unicron.


Before you is an enormous, hideous monster.  Its charcoal-grey head recalls the finned nightmares of the Deep Ones, and its sickly-yellow green-opticked face is all long, serrated teeth.  Its broad orange chest is banded in red, matching the color of the massive wings sprouting from its extended black-and-yellow striped arms.  The beast is surprisingly light and agile on its pointed feet, moving silently until the sinister buzzing noise it makes just before it strikes.


Rartorata, like the other Blendtrons, was created by Unicron and sent out to seek the Dark God's enemies, happily wiping out entire populations if necessary to appease his god's whim.

MUX History

After Dal Matia's disappearance, Rartorata took over leadership of the cult of Unicron. In 2016, Rartorata approached Snaptrap, enlisting him to help with the (thwarted) destruction of Vector Sigma and the (successful) attempt to free Megatronus from captivity. Rartorata then brought The Fallen and Snaptrap to the Disco Star, where The Fallen killed Big-Time and stole Evil, Inc.'s supply of dark energon.

In 2018, Rartorata delivered a dire warning to Dust Devil, and followed up on it a cycle later. He was killed shortly afterwards underneath Valvolux by Bulwark, while being watched over by Backblast, who was annoyed that he didn't get to kill 'the gribbly bugger'.




Monster mode

In its alternate mode, Rartorata possesses the form of a Lionfish and a hornet fused together.


Rartorata was played by Bzero.

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