Rank is a very broad term with several meanings. As a noun it is usually related to a relative position or to some kind of ordering (see also ranking). As an adjective it is used to mean profuse, conspicuous, absolute, or unpleasant, especially in relation to the sense of smell or taste. Certain low-level grunts feel this isn't a coincidence.

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When seen in the Character Boxes, it indicates the Level the Character is inside the Organizations Power Structure on a scale of 0-10. It might also give an idea of their Job, or thier duties Examples:


Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander, highest ranking Cobra

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe's ranks are a little more detailed, as they also include the paygrade and a rank name. However, the 0-10 Scale does not always follow the traditional Enlisted/ NCO/ Officer scale. Many High Level NCO's (E-9's) are considered higher level Joes in the Ranking Systems than many Officers of High Rank (O-6 and Below). This represents the fact that Delta Forces often follow experience over paygrade and rank in field missions.


  • Level 7 - Field and Special Team Commanders


  • Level 7 - Field and Special Team Commanders

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