Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Radio Panic - Darkmount

Characters:  Starlock, Soundwave, Star Hauler, Blast Off, Vortex, Megatron, 
Goth, Deathsaurus, Razorclaw, Khamsin, Ghost, Nightshade, Starscream, 
Dust Devil

Location: Polyhex Science Center - Polyhex

Date: 3/10/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Blast Off

Summary: An explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link,

but Blast Off has other priorities! 

As logged by: Goth

Internet, IRC

<> <Guardian> <connects>

<> <<Voidwalker>> Hey..

<> <<Voidwalker>> Been a while...

<> <Guardian> Yes. I have been busy with work. Putting out fires.

<> <<Voidwalker>> Yeah I heard about that mess..

<> <<Voidwalker>> ....Set up a tent outside harmonex to stay in.

<> <Guardian> You are smart. It must be advantageous for your people.

<> <Gardener> Come on, you have to admit we've got a point about him.

<> <Guardian> Silence, dissident.

<> <<Voidwalker>> I'm... More worried about my friends.

<> <Guardian> Same

<> <<Voidwalker>> It is an advantage yes, but.. Well..

<> <<Voidwalker>> ...I want everyone to get out alive, if that makes sense.

<> <Guardian> I dont think your side is endangered anymore then normal.

<> <Guardian> I doubt any of us...

<> <<Voidwalker>> Think again buddy.

<> <<Voidwalker>> I have friends on that side.

<> <Guardian> As do I.

<> <Guardian> He's not...I've been trying to discuss things with him. He's...he normally doesn't listen but even more so now. He's angry and cornered and lashing out.

<> <<Voidwalker>> Mmm.. Things are really starting to spiral, aren't they?

<> <Guardian> I'll get this. I always have been able to before.

<> <Gardener> you and I will have to talk soon, VW.

<> <<Voidwalker>> ...I'd like that.

<> <Gardener> We have much to discuss.

<> <<Voidwalker>> ...Ah, that we do.

<> <<Whirlwind>> Me too?

<> <Gardener> Depends on where you stand in this dumpsterfire.

<> <Guardian> This is /not/ something that needs to be discussed here, Destron.

<> <<Voidwalker>> he's right, it's too public.

<> <Guardian> Protoforms.

<> <Gardener> He's in a mood.

<> <<Whirlwind>> which one?

Decepticon Channel

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Decepticons."

<<Decepticon>> Goth says, "Hm..?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "The neutrals and Autobots have been working towards the accursed peace. I think perhaps we should show that there will be no peace. I look at the cities they both hold dear. I want plans to eliminate Harmonex. Bring this so called Autobot and Neutral spearheaded revitalization of Cybertron back to the ashes from which it came. There will be no return of the Golden Age. Not unless it's under my rule."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...."

<<Decepticon>> Goth says, "..."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...*erk* Understood, Sir."

<<Decepticon>> Goth says, "...Right..."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, " command."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "...slaggitall..."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Strategists. I want plans within 48 hours."



Deathsaurus looks at his radio "Is my radio broken or not?"

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "Said, of course, in the sense that I'm waiting for the finishing touches to rectify my current status."

Goth looks ill. "You're radio isn't.. He has.. ordered this."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I want medical working on your repairs. We will need as many warriors as we can for the upcoming assaults. This is for a Decepticon ruled Cybertron -- A Cybertron under my leadership benefits us all."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Yes, Sir."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "They are working on it. Nemesis apparently left very detailed instructions in his files. For my part, so long as I don't have to touch a box that's actually a disguised Artifact of the Primes, I'll be more than happy."

Deathsaurus pauses. "I mean did I not hear him? I'M trying to figure out why I'm not following that command."

"He is.. I believe acting out, attempting to stomp out any attempt of peace... And.. Aren't.. You pledged to help protect Harmonex?" Goth asks Deathsaurus.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Slag."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Sir there's much more viable targets. It would be political suicide..."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Do you know what is political suicide? Defying my orders."

<<Decepticon>> Goth mutters something sassy in Eukarian under his breath.

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "..."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "I thought that was just suicide."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Do I sense defiance from my troops again? Do I sense..hesitation?"

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Not from the Combaticons."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "I'm just waiting patiently for my new body to be completed. Once that's done and my laser core is transferred over, then I'll be active again."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Hesitation? No. Flat out refusal. Yes. The Destrons will not back this assault. Not with Fortress Maximus and Dominicus both claiming interest in the area."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "Of course not, Lord Megatron."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "...that escalated quickly."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "There is nothing to be gained no resources. Suggestion: a different location without so much protection."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "At the risk of getting potentially executed for this -- which would really be a shame, given all the work that's been done to build a new chassis for me -- might I offer an alternative, my Lord?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Speak, Nightshade."

Deathsaurus starts pacing. "Doesn't seem like anyones backing him at this time. Great."

<> <Gardener> If..anyone has interest in Harmonex there might be a potential threat. Just saying.

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "Target: Altihex. Dominicus wouldn't move to defend it, not unless Illarion and her Dominicons have ambitions that extend beyond Valvolux. Fortress Maximus wouldn't make a move. The only ones that might try to help defend would be Tyger Pax, and Incognito seems adamant on remaining out of the war as much as possible."

Goth's optic's narrow and his whole frame is shaking as he hears Nightshade's suggestion. "No nonononono!"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "It has been the site of these peace talks. And they are planning on rebuilding it aren't they."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "Thus, tactically it would be only Autobots helping to defend, and that depends on just how quickly they can scramble from Iacon to do so. Given that it was the most recent host for these 'peace talks', it may well send an additional message."

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "Oh please you're all thinking to broadly"

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "Destroy a city, they'll merely rebuild, too much wasted effort."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Very well. Deathsaurus. Since you have been so apt to defy me recently. Maybe its time to spend some of that built up energy. You will lead this assault. Starscream. Make sure he doesn't slag up. Medical. Get nighthsade operational so she can join the operations. Starscream. You have something to add?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Its not the city that's important. Its what it says about the peace talks."

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "Sir, then why not target it's leaders, Hmmm?~"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost yawns on an open channel, "What are we blowing up now, my lord?"

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "Destroy their city, they will just surely use it to prattle and preach further."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "if they get caught in the crossfire, so be it."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I believe I will send assassins for them as well."

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "See, now you're using that helm of yours."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "Once I am fully operational again... I'll need a practice run. Hmm..."

Yeah, no, Goth's now starting to hyperventalate, he bends over, his vents wheezing loudly as he listens.

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "See my lord? Simply kill their clearly civil leaders and they'll scatter like the rotorroaches they are."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "There's only... one who's a driving force behind these current talks."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost sounds perhaps a bit gleeful, "And this one would be?"

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "If someone would be so kind as to upload the layout of Altihex to the medical ward here in Kolkular, I would appreciate it. Three-dimensional, preferably. Also, meteorological phenomena, if any, over the last vorn to current conditions."

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "I believe his name is KHamsin, and Don't be silly Nightshade, where there is one, there is another, one cannot simply run these sorts of things on their lonesome."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Silence him."

Goth covers his mouth, he's trying not to scream, but he looks ill, very ill and trembling, he looks to Des unsure what to do.

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "....."

Deathsaurus puts a hand on Goth's shoulder. "He has to be warned." he says softly.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "so why not do that and stop wasting my time and my efforts and your soldiers on a city that doesn't need to be slagged. Take him out, war goes on problem solved."

Goth nods slowly, taking slow breaths. "I.. I need to go.."

Deathsaurus nods "Go, Goth. Remember. New Polyhex still has open doors."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Indeed. I'm still waiting on my battle fortress. We can use that against Altihex if needed."

Goth nods slowly, looking shell shocked still. "Warn your Conjux... I... I'm going.. If.." Goth looks to be fumbling over his words. "...I will, protect him."

Deathsaurus nods "Hes planned for this. She's planned for this." he says. "Tell him..

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Is there a time constraint, particular style, obviously a take down with love letter sending kind imperial regards, or quick and quiet?"

Deathsaurus pauses. "Tell him good luck. I'll ask him for forgiveness later." he turns to his radio.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I will let the Destrons in the nebula know it is time."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Be...creative Ghost. I want this taken care of as quickly as possible."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "... That you require such eccentric specifics over an assassination is somewhat... worrying."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost chuckles softly, "I live to meet expectations."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "And my /Decepticons/, Deathsaurus. You and them and all of Cybertron. Belong to me. I will have no more of this separatist slaggery. Perhaps if the others fail. Razorclaw will succeed."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Exceed them. I accept nothing less than excellence."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Always."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "The Predacons, and if need arises PredaKing, will stand at ready Lord Megatron."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I know."

<<Decepticon>> Goth muttering in Eukarian, he sounds violently stressed

Deathsaurus 's fists clench tight enough they draw energon. He is silent, full of a rage that is usually only seen when Star Saber is mentioned.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll. Let them know. Sir."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "The Combaticons... are at your command, Megatron. *mumbles*"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I know Blast Off. Predaking, Bruticus, Devastator, Menasor, Abominus. Do I need to list my entire complaints department?"

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex cackles. "VIOLENCE! Hail Megatron and the dumpsterfire we're creat..ahem. I mean. HAIL VIOLENCE. I mean. Hail Megatron."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...Yes. That."

<> <DaChoppa> I see. A huge fire a burning. I smell dumpster rolling down the street... don't come out tonight. He's bound to take your life. There's a mad gun on the rise. Sing with me all.

<> <Gardener> Someone gave the rotary high grade.

<> <Orion> :sighs

<> <<Underwood>> I'm going to need High-grade after this!

<> <<Underwood>> I-I..

<> <DaChoppa> Why are you guys sober?

<> <Orion> Me too.

<> <DaChoppa> thi is HILARIOUS though.

<> <<Underwood>> No it's not! This is... This is horrible..

<> <<Underwood>> I do not say this often, but I am going to be /ill/ from the stress

<> <DaChoppa> do you feel it? that little tingle in the bottom of your spark

<> <DaChoppa> that feeling is WAR! and its AWESOME

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex says, "I love you Megatron."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "ugh"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, ".. Um. Yes."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "..."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "As long as it gets done."

<> <<Underwood>> I need to find him

<> <Gardener> Be calm.

<> <Gardener> He should be expecting this.

<> <Orion> Yes. ...Totally awesome.

<> <Gardener> He knows where he can find safety.

<> <<Underwood>> I CAN'T BE CALM I.. I..

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Vortex. Remember what Onslaught was saying about silence sometimes being the price we pay for success in all its forms? ....This is one of those times."

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex says, "But this is so the opposite of succ...SHUTTING UP NOW"

<> <DaChoppa> Great now my brainbox hurts. This is no longer fun.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "is it out of your system yet?"

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Being that this is Vortex, most likely not."

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex sighs "No. Give me a minute. Okay I'm done."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "I am SO not asking."

<<Decepticon>> Air Commander Starscream says, "Hmm~ well now we wait."


<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex says, "Better now."

<<Decepticon>> Smeltdown says, "FIRES TO CLEANSE FOR THE GLORIOUS EMPIRE"

Deathsaurus just calmly walks away for a moment. He's oddly calm.

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex says, "heeheeheehee Fire. See he gets me."

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex says, "LUGNUT WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED BACKUP"

Goth is silent, mostly, he's keeping his mouth covered, stuffing down sobs and wales..

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Vortex says, "Sir he's a lost cause. I think he went so far up Megatron's aft hes lost now."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw mock asides "Blast Off, I sometimes wonder how you and Onslaught can stand combining with that one."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "... It has been some time since I've had a mission. Some target practice might not be out of the question."

Deathsaurus then quite suddenly, with his all of his almost gestalt levels of strength hits the wall hard enough it leaves a crater. Deathsaurus pauses and starts to head for the door. He is dead silent.

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off just... sighs. A long-suffering sigh.

Goth looks over hearing that, he's still trembling, keeping silent, his ears droop.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Destrons."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Prepare the Thunder Arrow. I'm bringing the fortress..."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "To Altihex."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "y..You have a plan, right?" to Deathsaurus.

Blast Off didn't think he'd be back here so soon, not after discovering Goth and Des's DARK DARK SECRET!!! ...Ok, he *thinks* he knows their secret, at least. Who's to tell Blast Off he might be wrong? The shuttleformer is sent on an errand in preparation for the soon-to-be-assault on Cybertron, getting things in order- possibly GIVING orders too. In fact he has some instructions for the Destron leader and comes flying in, trying not to think too hard about what this all means- or the fact that Altihex, his old hometown, was mentioned in all this. He lands and hones in on Des' location, striding purposefully towards him.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Don't start that again. I tire of smacking you into the ground, Kaiju. I don't think you want me to humiliate you in front of all of Tarn a third time. Obey me and you will not be replaced by your betters."

<<Decepticon>> Goth growls softly

Deathsaurus sees Blast Off approaching. "Hello, Blast Of. Forgive me if....I am curt. I am dealing with a situation." He is still oddly calm.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, 'You know.'

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I never thought I'd hate anyone more then I hate Star Saber.'

<<Decepticon>> Ghost sighs softly, "Destron, decepticon, stunticon, combaticon. Its simply a subgroup of the empire. Some pride in one's achievements is certainly warranted. Survival being an achievement all of its own."

That situation? Probably has to deal with what's going on behind Des, which was Goth, looking down at the ground, mouth covered, face wet with tears and frame violently trembling, he looks.. Paralyzed.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "(sounding very very calm) Oh yes, Ghost. You are right. Absolutely right. Survival is the most important. We are more then a subgroup but now isn't the time to discuss that, now is it. Megatron gave me an order. And I'm going to obey it. I'm going to bring... him the fortress."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Khamsin!" to Khamsin.

Blast Off stops as the Destron leader speaks to him, then thrusts a datapad in the dragon's face. He looks unimpressed. Then again, that's kind of his default expression. "I have orders from Megatron. Instructions and GPS locations that could be important to know." He notices Goth, and an optic ridge lifts up. Violet optics dart from Goth, to Des, and back again. HMMMM.

(Radio) Goth transmits, "We have a problem, a massive problem, Megatron's ordered for you to be 'silenced' he's also ordered an attack on Altihex, Des is being forced to bring his Fortress though... He's also ordered the combaticons and other Combiners" to Khamsin.

Deathsaurus looks down at the instructions. "So he's made you his messenger boy. How much longer are they going to keep you a slave." he says, that calmness still in his voice. He takes the pad "Thank you, Blast Off." he then does something weird. He smiles.

Goth's optics scan the floor as his ears perk, he's gotten through, through to someone, his optics narrowing, he keeps a hand over his mouth, shuttering.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I am not...surprised. There is a reason I asked Des what I did... Hopefully Des does what is needed on his end. As for my silence? That may be the toughest challenge Megatron's faced. It won't be easy...'

Deathsaurus looks to Goth "You can bring you conjunx if you want to come with us. We'll bring him a present. It will be fun won't it?"

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Nightshade and Ghost are jumping at the chance to.. I can't unhear what I did over the communlink I.." to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'Be calm. It is a hurdle, nothing more. We can persevere.'

Goth's ears shoot up and he looks over, finally spotting Blast Off Goth's face lights up pink with blush and he tries to dry his face. "A-Ah.. Sir, what do you mean?" Goth says, a role, he has a role, he has a role he...

Blast Off blinks at that. "I'm no *slave*. I destroy Autobots by CHOICE, not command." HUFFF. Spoken like it's his motto or something. His hand drops to his side and he continues glancing between the bat and dragon. Now BOTH optic ridges lift up. "Oh, *please*. You don't have to act for *me*. I *know* your little secret."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Des is.. acting strange, he says I can invite you to come with us to get the fortress?" to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I will accept.'

Goth's face pales. "S-Secret?" Goth says, and glances to Des... Oh boy, months of traitorism, leaking information, resource stealing and such are about to be laid bare.

Deathsaurus radios "Leozack if you will kindly ready my shuttle. I'm going to give him what he wants."

Blast Off looks to Goth with smug triumph, then to Des who seems to be ignoring him. "Tsk, don't be coy. I've put it together... it wasn't that hard, you know." He seems to smirk under the faceplate down at Goth. "You *really* ought to hide it better."

Deathsaurus looks to Blast Off. "I don't know what you're talking about." he says to Blast Off as he looks over the files. "Of course you're no slave. You do this all for your own free will. " He nods sagely. "It's no secret Blast Off. No secret at all."

Goth's ears fold back and his optics narrow, the bat looks terrified and further stressed, he starts reaching for his subspace, ready to throw a drone, or something, ready to run.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, ' I'm gonna go home. and bring it back. and target kaon. you can come if you want. Or you can run now.'

(Radio) Goth transmits, "O..Okay.." to Deathsaurus.

Blast Off seems to be grinning under that faceplate now. "Oh, don't worry," he coos, hands coming up, fingers arced in delight. "I have no reason to spill your secrets. What the the two of you do on your own time is your own business, after all...~"

Deathsaurus blinks. "It's not like its a open coup or anything. He started it. I'm just going to finish..wait. What two?"

Wait... What? Goth squints, his hand pausing, now lost on what Blast Off was talking about. "What in the bloody blue hell are you talking about?" Goth asks in a shaky, wail strained voice.

Blast Off blinks again, then just sort of stares at Des. Wait, what? The shuttleformer squints at the dragon a moment, then shakes his head with a *huff*. "Don't try changing the subject! I KNOW!" He crows, triumphantly, pointing at the two of them. "The two of YOU!! I've figured out your little secret!!" Deathsaurus blinks. "Look! I've told her and I'll tell you. I don't want leadership of the Decepticons alright? I just want him to know I will not tolerate dishonor."

Goth takes a stressed vent through his denta. "/what/ secret?" he hisses.

Blast Off staaares at Des, who might as well be speaking a foreign language right now. "....Huh?" His hands drop to his sides, but when Goth speaks, it draws the sniper's attention. he springs forward, flourishing a hand to point at his face. "YOU TWO!" He sidles in closer, now nudging an elbow at the bat, though not close enough to TOUCH him, of course. "The way you're always together, your ferocious defense in full defiance to Megatron himself, bandaging his wounds.... I saw it all, you know. Don't be *shy*...~"

Goth stares at Blast Off for a long, long moment before finally slapping his hand over his optics... This was.. Ironic. "Blast Off.." Goth sighs. "No."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Please.. Please, please be safe." to Khamsin.

Deathsaurus blinks. "What. We're brothers. Sometimes I touch him because he needs reassurance. We're close to each other because we are intimate in our warriors..." He pauses. "Oh you think we're..." his optics brighten in what might be a blush. "oh." he pauses a while, slackjawed. "Oh!"

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, "I will. I've already set out tea for two."

Deathsaurus pauses. "Do you think we're..." he says. "Do you think we're..." He looks at Blast Off. "What do you think we are I'm at a loss."

"Oh, don't worry," The Combaticon's hands come up again, as if showing he's unarmed. "I won't tell." Something in his expression darkens and his hands drop just a little. "Well... unless it becomes *imperative*, of course." Now one hand comes to rest upon his ample purple chest. "But who am *I* to stand in the way of 'true love'?"

He smirks back at Des then, puffing out his chest triumphantly. "Intimate, I know." He stands there, tilting his head, perring at the back of his hand like it's just *fascinating*. "I can sense these things." Translated: he reads WAY too many romance novels -and Earthling romantic comedies- in secret. "I knew Goth was hiding *something*- or even *someone*. After Goth risked his life for you, Deathsaurus, I *knew* for sure."

Deathsaurus rubs his temples. "Do you think we..goth and I.." between this and his radio he seems to be talked off the murder spree ledge at least. His wings gather around him and he holds his temples. "Do you think we are conjunx?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I..."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm gonna let this sit a while. I need to..."

Goth starts grinding his denta, his nerves are frayed, he can't take this, he's wasting time.... Finally he just.. Snaps and starts /screaming/ in such a way he hadn't since he was a resident on Eukarias... Fact a few windows may shatter as he's not controlling his sonar. "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THESE IGNORANT GAMES! MY /ACTUAL/ CONJUX IS IN MORTAL DANGER AND ALL THIS IS DOING IS WASTING PRECIOUS TIME I CANNOT SPARE!" He shouts in an explosion of stress... No point in hiding his Conjux is actually around, Des let that slip.

Blast Off shrugs. "Well how would *I* know *that*? I wasn't invited to your conjunx ceremony." No, no, there's not even the *slightest* bit of jealousy there at all! None whatsoever! >_> "But I *know* you're an item, at least, and-"

Suddenly Goth lets loose in a most *un*characteristic way, screaming at the sniper, who's taken aback enough to go silent and even step back once or twice, wing elevons clicking. "..." He just stares at the bat. Now *he's* the one who's confused.

Deathsaurus blinks at Goth's explosion, jumping backwards. "Calm yourself, hes safe. Hes prepared for this. If not there will be things to keep him safe. Look. He's not with me. I am happily mated with the most beautiful femme in the galaxy and have created many soldiers with her. His is another who has been threatened. But nothing we can't handle. We're survivors, Goth." he moves to place his hands on the bat's shoulders. "Do you trust me , Goth?" he asks.

Goth looks at Des, his ridges knit, he staring silently. "I..." Goth says shuttered exhale, starting to calm down. "I... Trust you.." Goth mutters, glancing to Blast Off, somberly. "...I apologize for my outburst.. I am...I.." Goth looks terrified.

Blast Off stares at Des and his reaction, too, trying to compute all this. Wait, it's someone *else*? Or are they trying to confuse him deliberately? The shuttleformer *huffs* and crosses his arms. "You can try hiding it, but I *will* Get to the truth sooner or later..." Or is he AT the truth and they're steering him away? "Or...or I mean, you know, whatever that truth *is*. Like *this! Or..." Blink. Uh. "Anything else!" Trying to cover all bases and save face here.

Deathsaurus nods "Of course there is. There is my Empress. If goth wants to share who he is, he can. Otherwise, its his secret and we will respect it." he nods. "And I for mine. We're both alive. That's what matters."

Goth is looking at Blast Off, his ears fall back he opens and closes his mouth, trying to figure what to do... A secret, for a secret.. "Well.. Given I know /yours/ I suppose it's only fair." Goth says with a flare of his hand, trying to save face. "....I can /trust/ you will not speak a word on your spark?" he asks with a raised ridge.

The arms drop down and now a frown replaces the oh-so-confident smirk Blast off had under his faceplate before. He stands there, unsure now, watching Des and then Goth. "Ah." He listens to the bat, wincing slightly at the mention of Goth knowing his secret, then waves a hand. "Of *course* I wouldn't! That would be quite... uncouth of me, don't you think?" He certainly believes he wouldn't- right now. Of course, he hasn't heard who it is, yet.

"Do you remember Dustoff?" Goth asks him, knowing the /box/ had quite an effect on the Combaticons.

Blast Off hears the name, which rings some vaguely familiar bells. The shuttle's fists clench... it was a long time ago, wasn't it? But... "...Yes, I believe so. He disappeared ...quite a long time ago, did he not?"

Goth nods. "...He was.. a medic, one of our main medics for quite some time, always kept engex in the medical bay.." Goth chuckles lightly. "Had /quite/ the accent.. Was always so /hard/ to anger or irritate, but when one did, they would find graffiti in the underside of their armor, months after such." He'd chuckle, the memories starting to calm the bat. "Search and Rescue.."

Deathsaurus lets the two talk a moment. He stands by himself quietly, mostly burying himself in his wings.

"Hmmm." Blast Off nods, "I remember him, vaguely. It... wasn't wine, it was... something else, wasn't it?" Of course that WOULD be the detail he remembers.

"Mmmm Whisky, and Bourbons." Goth says, and then huffs out. "....Khamsin's.. changed, hasn't he?" he asks simply.

Blast Off freezes, optics widening. "KHAMSIN??!!" The shuttleformer stares in shock, the truth finally hitting him. A wing elevon even twitches in reaction as he processes this... and things do start to fall into place. He'd noticed they were often together, but it wasn't anything condemning, and yet still... "I KNEW IT!!" The shuttle exclaimed excitedly, his aloof demeanor evaporating momentarily as he seems almost giddy with the joy of such discovery. "I KNEW it!"

He points at Goth again, but this time it's more bouncy, as if he can hardly contain the excitement. "You and he *seemed* close, and there was awhile I thought it WAS you two, possibly, and ...OH!!" His hands clasp together, the secret romantic in him overriding his usual aloofness. "What a tale that must be, a love across time, still holding stron-" He suddenly stops, remembering himself.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Us? We're brothers. Those two are..." he chuckles. "I see you're a romantic. Thats interesting." he smirks.

Goth huffs up, Theeeres the Blast Off he knows, closeted dork and all... There's a tired smile from Goth, and some relaxation, but he's still rather... tense. "Suppose his reasoning now makes sense?"

"I am NOT!" Blast off hisses at Des immediately, almost panicked at the idea. DENIAL, it ain't just a river in Egypt. He steps back, wing elevon flicking again. Focusing on Goth again, there's another "Oh." Yes, there's so many things clicking into place now... "It does." he tilts his head, staring at Goth as if *seeing* him for the first time. "It makes a LOT of sense now."

Then, slowly, there's a subtle change as he continues thinking, processing, and perhaps a certain coding rears its ugly head. Thoughts of Megatron's orders... to destroy Khamsin. Does that include revealing his secret, as well? Or... well... there's no direct order from Megatron to reveal Khamsin's secret identity, either, so.... His expression grows thoughtful, more somber.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Lets...not kill anyones conjunx. Megatron will calm down and he'll forget his orders." he says. "Khamsin is perfectly safe I assure you. I would appreciate if you didn't share this secret. Its important to him." he says "In any case tonight...has caused me a massive processor ache. I'm getting drunk. If you want me to buy you drinks, speak up now."

Goth nods as he watches Blast Off's demeanor and body language, and wraps his arms around himself. "....And you understand the dangerous in his identity being found out?" Goth asks, ensuring Blast Off understands the gravity of everything.. Blast Off has far more to hold over Goth, then Goth can hold over Blast Off.

Goth looks to Des. "...You're starting to make this a habit." Goth says to Des, noting the drinking. "I... I Don't know if he honestly will forget Des, he's given /assassination/ orders.." Goth says, trembling.

Deathsaurus murmurs "What? I haven't touched my wings all day." he says.

Blast Off looks up at Des. "...Right." He sounds a little bit lost, but only for a moment, then he's pulling himself back together. Ahem. The shuttleformer straightens, looking to both of them now. "I..." There's a delay there, "I won't reveal his secret. I... gave my word, after all." But Goth's right... he still has to kill him.

Deathsaurus nods "Words of honor are very important. Don't give them unless you know you can keep them. I trust you on yours. Don't make me regret it." he says.

"You're drinking.." Goth says tiredly. "...I need to get to Khamsin before Nightbird or Nightshade or someone else gets to him... I.." Goth then starts pulling at his ears and just grits his denta. "...Thank you.. Blast Off.."

Blast Off looks at the floor as Des speaks. "Yes..." He agrees, but he can't look the dragon in the eye right now. The Loyalty Coding... as long as *that*'s present, his word can be overridden by Megatron any time, once the warlord catches on....

He then looks to Goth. There's another pause and then he nods. "Any time. I would go... quickly." Say your last goodbyes before I have to hunt him down and kill him. The shuttleformer waves off drinks, glancing towards the door. He can... slow down his hunt, just for a while, right? Give Goth that time before he must kill? Yes... yes, that won't be disobedient to the program, just... delay it a bit.

Deathsaurus nods "Or Arachnid. Or any of the others. He here if he needs it." he sounds tired. "Its not a habit is it?" Deathsaurus then looks over at Blast Off. "Didn't you just give me your word you wouldnt?" he asks dangerously.

"I can't lose him..." Goth says weakly before looking to Des. "It's starting too.. Will you.. be safe? With me not around tonight." he'd ask.

Deathsaurus nods "Go to him." he says simply.

Blast Off blinks and looks up at Des. "I *keep* my word!! I will not betray his identity." Even after he kills him. He looks at Goth- a bit sadly now, though it's masked behind that usual aloof attitude. The mask is returning. "Yes. That would be wise." he looks between the two, then steps towards the door. "There's no danger from me here tonight, certainly. I... should just be... going."

Deathsaurus pauses. 'Try not to kill him either lets not..." He holds his temples. "I'll be in my office." yep. Hes gone straight to lock himself away mode.

Goth then does the typical Dad-bat thing to do and calls. "Talk to your /wife/ Des!" Goth calls as he starts heading for the door.

Deathsaurus apauses. "She don't need to see this. She doesn't need to know I almost killed everyone on the fortress." whatever that means. "I need to think about what I've done."

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, "Well, that was a pleasant conversation... remind me to make sure to sit down with Ghost again in the near future."

Blast Off frowns under the faceplate. Yes, he'll give Goth a head start, let him say his goodbyes... but the loyalty program imbedded in his core won't let him wait too long. He lifts an optic ridge at Des, then turns to leave.

Deathsaurus heads straight back to his office. He hopes Blast Off doesn't follow Goth and kill both him and Khamsin from orbit.

Goth is quickly off the find KHamsin, the bat is running.. well, like a bat out of hell.

<> <Gardener> what a night.

<> <Guardian> You seem calmer.

<> <Sandman> I'll say.

<> <Gardener> Whatever guardian. and yeah. you okay sand?

<> <Sandman> Oh, quite. Conversation over tea never hurt a soul.

<> <<Underwood>> I'm glad to hear

<> <Sandman> Nothing unexpected has happened yet.

<> <<Underwood>> Good.. Good.. my spark can't take any more of this today..

<> <Gardener> I thought as much. Calm him down, he's afraid.

<> <Sandman> Indeed, indeed...

<> <Gardener> I'm glad I didn't do anything.

<> <Guardian> He's like containing a low grade nuke sometimes.

<> <Guardian> sorry. Thought aloud.

<> <<Underwood>> i-its fine..

<> <<Underwood>> everything is fine

<> <Sandman> Well, things have been...predictable thus far, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

<> <<Underwood>> mm..

<> <<Underwood>> I..

<> <<Underwood>> I'm terrified..

<> <Guardian> No need to be.

<> <Guardian> he is containable. In nine million years this isn't the first time he's reacted this way.

<> <Gardener> I will keep my word of honor to Harmonex.

<> <<Voidwalker>> Thank you...

<> <Gardener> Sorry. Mind's all over the place tonight.

<> <Gardener> I remember the promise I made.

<> <Sandman> Gardner, we'll talk soon.

<> <Sandman> I've a guest I need to attend to.

<> <Gardener> My doors as always are open. That never changed.

<> <Gardener> Farewell.

<> <Gardener> I am. A total. Shameful. Creature.

<> <<Underwood>> you are fine..

<> <Gardener> Oh you don't know.

<> <<Underwood>> ....We'll be okay..

<> <Gardener> Have fun with him. Don't worry about this. I got it.

<> <Gardener> I gotta tell Zak what the slag just happened.

Decepticon Broadcast

Megatron: "Response to the peace talks"

Megatron glowers at the screen. " Decepticons, I have thought of a proper response to the ones out there demanding peace or a new golden age of Cybertron. There will be no revitalization of Cybertron unless it is under my rule." he says. He leans in. "As a fellow member of the most elite force on the planet, Cybertron and all the wealth of a returned age would be yours as well. However, I am not ready to give in to the demands of the Autobots and the neutral.
Megatron brings up a map of Altihex "The rot of these peace talks is located in Altihex itself, spearheaded by a scraplet of a neutral named Khamsin. Silence him immediately. If this causes an uprising, we will be there to put it down, and rebuild the city from its ashes into a new Decepticon territory. Decepticons, now is not the time for laying down your arms. Now is the time to fight for your primus given right to rule Cybertron. As always, those who are with me will reap the rewards. Those who stand against me will fall before our empire." Megatron brandishes his gun arm with his last words. "Decepticons...forever!"

<> <Gardener> Primus what did he do to deserve..

<> <<Underwood>> I don't know.. I don't know..

<> <<Underwood>> >>hics<<

<> <Gardener> Nothing. He did nothing.

<> <Gardener> This is dishonorable beyond words.

<> <Guardian> Relax. Your friend will be fine. I'll talk him down.

<> <Gardener> You keep saying that and he keeps getting worse. Hes not listening to you. He never has and never will.

<> <Guardian> He's not going to hurt you. Hes over that by now, Underwood.

<> <Guardian> ANd watch yourself Gardener or I will ensure you are next.

<> <Gardener> Underwood. where are you?

<> <Gardener> Its ok. I will keep him safe. Guardian. You have no idea what you're talking about.

<> <Gardener> I do wonder something

<> <Gardener> I mean. I've only been. On this side of the galaxy for a few months now.

<> <Gardener> Is this normal behavior for Megatron?

(Radio) Goth transmits his coordinates to Deathsaurus.

<> <<Underwood>> check the reports..

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, 'Dont move im on my way.'

<> <Gardener> I know. He knows. Stay calm. We'll survive this.

(Radio) Goth transmits, "O..okay..." *There is the sound of sobs* To Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, 'talk to me on the way. talk to me okay? It's all good. It's all good (Starts to hum a song in some weird alien language. Sounds almost like a lullaby)'

(Radio) Goth transmits, 'I don't want to lose him.. I just found him.. I can't lose another mate.. I can't.. I..' To Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, 'Goth. you wont lose him. I swear to you. On my own spark. I will keep him alive.'

Deathsaurus tracks the signal, following Goth as quickly as the dragon can. Hes not about to leave Goth out here all alone, not now.

Goth is out in the open, mostly outside of him and Khamsin's hiding spot.. He's sobbing and he's not hiding it, Goth is terrified, and not sure what to do.. everything is falling apart, he can't do this again..