Rad is an Autobot.
G1Rad boxart

"No, I don't want to tell you about the Traaaaaaaaaaansformers!"

Rad is a two-fisted 'bot of science. Equally at home on the battlefield and in the laboratory, Rad's inherent level-headedness keeps his quick-tempered partner Lionizer from atomizing everything in their path. It also makes him incredibly popular amongst his teammates because of his sheer amount of skill, though he never lets it get to his head, nor does he let those few who hate him for his skills get him down.


Rad was base commander of the Kimia Facility until it crashed in 2015. He's since worked on making the remains of the crashed into a working research facility once more. He was largely successful until the remaining facility was destroyed in 2017.




  • According to deco artist Joe Kyde, the deluxe Smokescreen figure in the Cybertron toyline is intended as more of an homage to Rad than the original Smokescreen himself.
  • In the first, coloring-error-laden printing of The Wreckers #2, Rad and Quickmix were in entirely made-up color schemes, though "color scheme" is clearly being generous to Rad's solid-gray appearance. They were given their correct colors in the Director's Cut edition of the book.


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