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Rack'n'Ruin are two Autobots fused together into one.

You win a matched washer and dryer.

Loud, enthusiastic, self-congratulatory, and more than a bit dim, it's a good thing that the two Cybertronians known as Rack and Ruin are pretty much the same in both personality and temperament, because these two conjoined Autobots make up the composite warrior known as RACK'N'RUIN. Together, these two 'bots make up the muscle of the Wreckers, eager warriors always ready to flatten Decepticons with their hammers and save the day — and although teamwork is their strong suite, it's probably a better idea to leave the actual battle plan to someone else, because concepts like "subtlety" or "tactical thinking" are skills that are definitely not in their wheelhouse. Rack is a skilled mechanic, while Ruin is a hand-to-hand combat specialist.


Canon continuity

Rack'n'Ruin are two Transformers who were surgically combined in a desperate attempt to save their lives. Previously, they turned into "Cybertronian mini-jets", but the operation rendered this impossible.

MUX continuity

In 2020, Rack'n'Ruin were partially rebuilt to give them a Cybertronian vehicle mode and energon armour, although they still retain their boot jets.


  • In their first appearance during "Target: 2006", they are referred to as "Rack and Ruin" but subsequent appearances pep this up to Rack'n'Ruin. Their name was parsed in Last Stand of the Wreckers #4 as "Rack 'n' Ruin." Oy!
  • Their "origin" and their original alt-modes were given in "Transformers: The Facts", a booklet that came with UK issue #200.
  • According to the Transformers: Mosaic story Dead Men's Boots, Rack 'n' Ruin were killed at some point during IDW continuity. This was made canon when the Mosaic was included in the Last Stand of the Wreckers TPB without the typical Mosaic disclaimer.
  • Until "Rules of Disengagement", neither Rack nor Ruin had appeared without the other. This solo appearance for Rack (identified in the script[1]) was the first time either had been individually referred to by name. For the record, Rack is the one with the anvil.

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  1. James Roberts, IDW forum: A while back I was PM'd by Ironhide/Paul, who asked me for some information on the Wreckers who showed up in the flashback on Page 1 of issue 7. I promised to post something on this forum. Here's the relevant extract from the script: 2 / Flashback. BLACK SHADOW fights the Wreckers (an old version of the team) at close quarters: tight, dirty and violent. He rips CREST’s head off and blasts PISTON through the chest, killing him. Also in shot are VALVE, HYPERION, IMPACTOR and RACK, all trying to get a piece of him. But it’s clear that Black Shadow owns this fight. Crest has been mentioned but not seen before, but should be readily identifiable by a big old crest on his chest. Valve is a spark brother to Springarm and Wheelarch, so should look like them. Piston is all-new. Hyperion was glimpsed in MTMTE issue 2.
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