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The Mobile Command Center is a G.I. Joe vehicle.
Rolling Operations Command Center
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US Army

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Long Range

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The Rolling Operations Command Center, or ROCC for short, is the mobile land base of the G.I. Joe Team.

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Unlike previous command center-type vehicles (the MCC and the General, being the other two), the R.O.C.C. is smaller but is far more mobile and maneuverable and, while not as heavily armed, packs more features. The ROCC resembles more of an extra-large freighter truck with trailer in tow. It features cutting edge holographic technology, which can disguise the ROCC as a trailer truck or even a large camper, thus allowing for surprise attacks.

The ROCC has a hidden launcher for eight missiles on the cab. The cab section can separate from the trailer for reconnaissance or assault purposes. The cab can fit six Joes in seated positions, with a seventh standing on a platform near the missile launcher. The trailer features a radar antenna and a gunner's station that can be moved to the front or back. The trailer opens to form a command center. The top lifts to reveal an elevator and mini-jet as well as an escape tube. In the center is a command station with four chairs (only one can rotate) and computer consoles. The repair bay features two ramps and a movable claw.

The R.O.C.C. Rolling Operations Command Center has the following features:

  • Moveable Robotic Arm with Grabber Claw
  • Hidden Launcher Fires 8 Missiles
  • Fold Down Driver's Windscreen
  • Cab Separates from Trailer
  • Fold Down Ramps
  • Open Trailer to Reveal Command Center
  • Jet with Opening Canopy
  • Jet Attaches to Launch Platform
  • Moveable Gun Turret
  • Escape Tube
  • Sliding Elevator


MUX continuity

The Rolling Operations Command Center is driven by Long Range.

The ROCC has served as a mobile base since 2005. The ROCC was capable of housing a Six-person team, plus gear and vehicles such as Snake-Eyes' Ninja Bike and the R.H.I.N.O. (Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offense).

However, In 2009, a Pit Mobile Headquarters was also constructed as a mobile base for operations outside the range of the main Pit. Larger than the ROCC, the Pit Mobile Headquarters can support a much larger troop base, at the expense of mobility and stealth.

In 2013, a ROCC was assigned as a command center at the interdimensional rift in the American southwest.


The R.O.C.C. was revamped in 2006, with an upgrade in weapons and technology.

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