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The R.A.M. is a G.I. Joe vehicle.
Machine information
Machine type



Rapid Fire Motorcycle

Weapon feature(s)

Side-mounted Gatling gun

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Rock 'n Roll, Specialist Sandstorm; Any qualified

Organizational information

If ever there was a G.I. Joe land vehicle that could be appreciated for its inherent simplicity, it would have to be the R.A.M. ([Rapid Fire Motorcycle]) These lightning-fast, rapid-fire motorcycles have gatling guns mounted on their sidecars for ground attacks that are swift and serious. A turbocharged engine gives them their incredible speed, and they have ultra-quick response time, so it takes a highly experienced and really daring driver to operate them at top speed in the middle of a chaotic battle. In the hands of a capable G.I. Joe driver, the RAM is a truly dangerous weapon.


The R.A.M.'s motorcycle unit has a weight of 390 lbs. while the gun pod takes a whopping 870 lbs. full load. The 1000cc twin cam engine with turbo fuel injector enables it to reach speeds up to 95mph on full load and a range of 450 miles. Not to be outdone by the unknown, the driver is provided with an electronic radar unit built in to the front chassis. The 20mm Gatling gun is a Vulcan series provided with 1,200 rounds of ammunition.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel Comics

The R.A.M. was deployed as part of the original lineup of G.I. Joe vehicles in 1982.
A R.A.M. was used by Rock 'n Roll to deal with the Cobra forces in a Caribbean island where a nuclear scientist was being held against her will. He had to leave it upon escaping the exploding island when Cobra lost. He was issued a replacement in a mission in the Middle East to retrieve an object they dubbed a "Hot Potato".

In 1986 the Dreadnoks used stolen RAMs to create Dreadnok Ground Assault vehicles.

MUX History

RAMs are often deployed to defend G.I. JOE base perimeters.



  • RAM (1982 - 2008) - original
  • RAM Cycle (2010) - redesigned for desert climates; piloted by Specialist Sandstorm


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