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The Quintesson Warship is a starship class.

Are those engine pods at the bottom, or feet? Don't know, don't care

The Quintesson Warship is a small heavily-armed Quintesson assault craft. They're fast enough to insert a whole brigade of Sharkticon shock troops behind enemy defenses and then withdraw before fired upon. They excel at high-speed formation maneuvers and their small size combined with their powerful engines and armament means that Quintesson Warships are robust enough to serve autonomous duty, or as a small combat unit for the larger Quintesson Cruiser.

A Quintesson Warship is equipped with a single powerful Starbomb, which is used to clear resistance on the initial approach.


MUX History

A fleet of Quintesson Warships were recently being built aboard the Fabrica. During the initial assault on Earth, Quintesson warships were used to lay waste to Los Angeles.

On 02 August 2013 Cobra forces, led by Interrogator, made a daring rescue of numerous civilians and a severely wounded Angel from the Quintesson-Occupied Los Angeles. Supported from the ground by Reverb, Nightlash managed to hold off the actions of a Quintesson Warship, The Oppugnatio, long enough for the evac to take place before succumbing to hostile fire. Fortunately, Sit-Com was on station to pull her out.

Known Quintesson Warships

  • The Proelium
  • The Oppugnatio


  • The ship is called a "Quintesson warship" by Rodimus Prime in "Forever Is a Long Time Coming" and is capitalized as a proper noun in "Wreckers: Finale Part II".

"Science ship"

Just pull over and ask for directions all ready!

The Quinesson science ship features a unique forward-mounted engine design and can be equipped with a mirage sequence for disguise. The research ship is equipped to crew nine (with nine escape pods) though it can be manned with a crew of 1, providing he has an assistant familiar with its functions.

This "Research ship" seems to be the same size as the Quintesson Warship. It serves a similar function as a auxiliary craft docking within the Quintesson Cruiser.

Note: This type of ship appeared in "The Killing Jar". Another one (with a dark blue front section) appears in "Webworld".

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