The Quintesson Journal is a piece of storage technology.

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Quintesson Journals are used by the Quintessons. They use these cylindrical data storage devices to hold information regarding their scientific operations and for consultation of the information for analysis.


The Transformers cartoon

One such journal was lost on the Junkion homeworld. This particular journal contains a subliminal message that makes its receivers become more aggressive and xenophobic.

Marvel UK Generation 1 comics

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The Quintesson Journal was basically a report by Quintesson explorers as to the viability of colonisation of a number of machine worlds across the galaxy. Invariably these machine worlds were already occupied by sentient species (such as Cybertron). The report was created in response to the threat of Quintesson's destruction as its orbit faltered and it began to fall into its sun. Time Wars

Accidentally jettisoned on the planet of Junk, Wreck-Gar recovered the journal and secreted it in a remote asteroid belt.


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Kiroku Capsule (記録カプセル Kiroku Kapuseru, "Record Capsule")
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