Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Quintesson Escalation 

Quintesson Judge Acerbitas

Characters: Acerbitas, Blast Off, Nightingale, Plunder, Rhino, Scourge, Seawing, Snaptrap, Snarl, Windshear, Wrath

Locations: Los Angeles, Pacific Ocean, Moscow, and Shanghai

Date: 8/11/2013

TP: Quintesson Invasion

Summary: The Joes rendezvous with Snarl to launch a rescue attempt for a group of civilian survivors. When they reach the city, two Quintesson Warships leave the Bellum and head out over the Pacific Ocean. A squadron of Decepticons follows the Warships.


California/Nevada - North America

Beautiful and warm, California and Nevada are the western most states. California is known as the entertainment center of the United States, as most movies, television programs, and record albums are recorded there. It's also known for some of the worst traffic, smog, and riots in the world, especially in Los Angeles.

Hammer #3934 rumbles along with a convoy of military vehicles. The Hammer has four occupants: the driver, a medic, and two Greenshirts. They were ordered to link up with an Autobot escort before entering the Los Angeles perimeter.

Dr. Michel Miller is seated in the front seat of the Hammer, looking out as the approach LA, a mix of nervousness and excitement on her face. This was her first deployment being attached to the Joes, and it's a doozy of a mission. No one expects an alien invasion when they sign up. "What are we expecting, Corporal?" she asks the driver.

Windshear is heading toward the Quintessons. He can't stop the Dweller in his head. He's fighting it but its only going so far this time. The Quintessons have to have something to do with this. It makes sense since legend has it the Quintessons built the Dweller. Perhaps the Dweller can sense them through his ex herald. Either way, the Vampire Seeker is heading to the Quintessons. He's not sure what he's going to do when he gets there, he will figure that out when he get there. If nothing else he's away from the Empire and everyone there is safe at least.

Snarl arrives at the meeting point, looking for the people he's supposed to meet. He's strangely in his bot mode, having been told to do that instead of being in his preferred mode.

Keeping a respectful distance from Windshear, the Sweep known as Plunder follows the Seeker, moving to the shadows and cover when it looks like he might be detected. He isn't sure what Windshear is up to, but he is concerned for the Seeker.

Scourge also follows Windshear, with Plunder on his wing. He too is curious. He's got the other Sweeps ready to back him up at a moment's notice, if necessary.

The Hammer pulls up to Snarl, the convoy behind it slowing to a stop. The driver rolls down the window and pulls himself up, sitting up so he can look across the roof of the vehicle at the Dinobot, "You must be Snarl. I'm Rhino. We were told you'd be escorting us into the city." A call comes over the vehicle's radio operator. One of the Greenshirts leans forward and says to Nightingale, "Ma'am, Decepticon air units have been spotted overhead."

Nightingale turns to the Greenshirt, her expression carefully neutral. "So far, the Decepticons have been attacking the invaders, not Autobots and humans. I think we'll be alright." She fidgets a bit, looking at the large DInobot that would be their escort. "Frankly, we need all the help we can get if we're to liberate the city."

Windshear notices a human vehicle below as well as a Dinobot. With force of habit, the Dark Seeker runs a scan around him to see if he can pick up any other entities. His radar pings off Plunder some way back. Yea he'd know that signature anywhere. He picks up another Decepticon and assumes its Scourge but he doesn't slow down. Instead he keeps on toward the besieged city of Los Angeles. The Dweller again tries to assert dominance over him as he closes in and again he resists.

Snarl looks down at the vehicle as it pulls up next to him, and the human inside addresses him, "Yes, me Snarl. Me 'scorting you into the city, though, me not sure why." He brightens a little as he hears the words Decepticon Air units, "If 'septicons try attacking, me Snarl will fight them off, along with any sharkicons!"

Sensing that he has been detected, Plunder continues to press onward after Windshear, after a pause, Plunder calls out towards the Seeker. "Windshear...stop..."

Windshear hears his friend but doesn't slow down. "No..." is all he says.

Rhino looks overhead to spot the Seeker, watching its flight path for a few moments. He then offers the Autobot a salute, "Much appreciated." He cuts the salute and looks back at the convoy, signing them to get ready to move. He ducks back inside the Hammer, pops the e-break, shifts it into gear, and starts it rolling again. To the occupants he says, "I guess some air support couldn't hurt..."

The dinobot nods, then notices the Hammer start to move. He growls, before performing the complex origami that transformers are known for and starts to walk with the Hammer

"Listen to reason Windshear..." Plunder calls out again as he flies closer, "There is no profit in this action..."

"What action?" Scourge interjects, as he matches Plunder's speed and moves.

Windshear isn't the only Seeker in the air. Pushing his engines harder than any terrestrial A-10 ever has, Wrath speeds through the skies to catch up with the other Decepticons.

Looking back at Scourge, "I am not sure m'Lord. But it is the Dweller...I can feel it M'Lord." Plunder speaks back to his boss.

In the distance, the Bellum still towers above the ruined city of Los Angeles, its silver surfaces glittering like a far-off treasure. Far up, a black line appears on one of the saucers, slowly stretching across until it becomes apparent that a large door has opened.

Nightingale sighs sighly as the Hammer starts moving again. She double checks her medical equipment for about the twentieth time since they left the Pit. She looks ahead, a squints a bit. "Look, the Quintesson Spiral!" she says, pointing. "Something's happening..."

Snarl hasn't been here, so the squiddies' spiral does something, he isn't sure what it means, "Let us keep going! Maybe it not threat!"

Two Warships exit the Bellum, moving into a circling path around the tower for a few moments. Then, without further notice, they break off their pattern and head out over the ocean in formation. The hangar door on the Bellum slides shut.

Windshear notices the two warships head out over the water and debates on going after them or continuing toward the main ship in LA. He doesn't bother to check and see if the two Sweeps are closing in or not.

Plunder continues to trail after Windshear, unconcerned about the Quintessons...I mean, who cares if a bunch of humans get killed.

"Uh-oh," Scourge says, as the Quintesson warships seem to be doing...something. Whatever it is, it can't be good. However, he also pursues Windshear after Plunder. Just in case either of them get hit by Quintesson nastiness. Then he'd have to pick up the pieces.

Wrath receives his orders and lays on the throttle. There's a sonic boom as afterburners (on an A-10?) ignite, propelling the red jet around the city and out after the Warships.

Rhino frowns as he sees the Warships leave the LA airspace. That can't be good. On the other hand, it might just be the opening they need to get into the city. He looks at Nightingale, "How fast can robot dinosaurs travel, do you think?" That being said, he pushes down on the gas pedal.

Nightingale manages a small smile. "I wonder where those ships are headed." she says to no one in particular. "Hopefully the Quintessons will be too distracted by launching their ships to take note of us."

Snarl runs faster as Hammer speeds up. It's not likely he can keep up

Rhino notes the Autobot start to fall back and adjusts the convoy's speed to match. It's not like he's going to leave the big guns behind and go blazing in on his own. There's a time for bravery and a time for smarts. And this is one of those times.

Snarl keeps running, noticing the human slowing to keep up with him, "Human know where want go?"

Nightingale looks back at Snarl. She shrugs a bit, not actually knowing herself where the target area was. "Rhino knows where we're going." she says confidently.

Windshear decides to follow the warships and kicks in his afterburners to pursue.


Southwest United States - North America

The Desert Southwest is exactly what it sounds like: Desert.. The arid regions of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico predominate, with their rocky peaks. The major vegetation in these areas consists of desert scrub and cacti. Rainfall in this region is sporadic, limited to annual downpours that lead to flash floods. Habitation is sparse and centers around water and/or major highways. Some towns are little more than wider parts in the road with gas stations. A quarter tank of gas can mean the difference between life and death here. Only appropriate in this area that a road listed as 'Route 666' runs through this, from New Mexico into Utah, crossing the corner of Colorado to get there. Utah and Colorado are anomalies in the northern part of this region, with their more forested areas. Along the western section of this region is California with a paradox of climates. The southern half of the state is similar to the more arid areas of Utah and Arizona, while the Northern and coastal regions are more lush and green, like Colorado.

Windshear runs a scan on the ships as he follows. One is picking up Decepticon, the other, undetermined. And that's the one the Vampire Seeker veers toward.

Following behind Windshear, "Why are we stopping the Quintessons? Let them have this planet!" Plunder calls. "You need to rest!"

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing looks at his ship's ...dashboard, and smiles. "Master, we are being pursued." he says over the radio, warming up his ships weaponry. "Permission to engage them?"

"They can have this planet but they can't have me." Windshear says suddenly, "I... I have to stop this..."

"Don't you understand, Plunder?" Scourge says, "If we let the Quintessons get a foothold here, it gives them an advantage against us. We must prevent that."

Looking at Windshear then Scourge, "But M'Lord this planet is worthless as long as the humans infest it...." He grunts before looking back at Windshear, "Stop this how?"

The Quintesson Warlord directs the crew of the Proelium. The impassive face of War issues a command to Seawing, "Do not engage until fired upon. We have a task at hand. If they merely wish to bare witness, then so be it." The lead Warship flies on...

Windshear says as he flies onward. "The Dweller -- the Quintessons -- its connected. I can't.. I can't fight this.. much longer." if he can destroy the quintessons somehow maybe he can get some peace.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing bows his head at the Quintesson's orders. "As you command, Master." he intones. The Seacon pilots the large warship, following Acerbitas...


Lower North Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean

Covering the stretch between the western coast of the United States and the western coast of Asia is the Pacific Ocean. While the western portion near America is mostly flat, the eastern region has several deep portions and dotted by a few islands, particularly Japan and the Hawaiian Islands. Japan also lies at the southern end of a long chain of active volcanoes.

Wrath continues on in formation, the land dropping away from beneath him. His weapons are primed, but he awaits orders from the Decepticons in charge before opening fire. He's a good soldier.

As the trail moves over the water, Plunder looks over at Windshear. "Don't you hate water?" Plunder asks towards Windshear.

"Drat, I forgot his water wings," Scourge grumbles.

Windshear then realizes hes over a really large body of water. "I can't deal with that now." is all he says as he closes in on the Proelium and brings his weapons online.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing chuckles as the four Decepticons follow the Quintesson ships. He flicks his radio on, and broadcasts directly at the fliers. <"Have you come to bare witness to the glory of the Quintessons, Cybertronians?">

"Perhaps a bath would help clean the Dweller out of you?" Plunder asks Windshear before looking at the ship. "Pay Glory? I think not. However, we can perhaps reach a deal, yes?"

"Not hardly." Windshear says in reply to the suggestion of a cleansing bath to rid himself of the Dweller. He suddenly fires on the proelium.
>> Windshear strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Thermal-Laser <Medium>. <<

Wrath breaks off from the back, accelerating ahead. He moves in on a firing solution against the Oppugnatio, calling out, "Glory? You know nothing of glory until you have witnessed the might of Decepticon Aerospace!" Laser fire lights up the A-10's nose.
>> Wrath misses Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Laser <Medium>. <<

Scourge himself starts shooting at the same ship Windshear is firing upon. "Whatever it is you are doing, we won't let you!" he snarls in reply to Snaptrap's question.
>> Scourge misses Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Blaster <High>. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing chuckles. <"So, you chose Death. Proceed then on your way to Oblivion."> The Seacon activates his ships targeting systems, locking onto Wrath.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Wrath with Laser <Medium>. <<

Windshear wingovers from the return attack... sees the water beneath him for as far as he can see and rights himself real fast. No he's not looking back down. He speeds up even more and closes in on the proelium more. His wingblades extend and he closes in for a physical attack
>> Windshear strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Wingblades. <<

The Proelium takes a couple shots to the hull, leaving a couple scorches along the silver armor. Turrets open up along its side. The Warlord does not bother with witty retorts or snappy comebacks. He locks onto the Seeker that seems to be the more imminent threat, releasing a pulse blast.
>> Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 misses Windshear with Pulse-Blast <Low>. <<

Wrath manages to pull out some death-defying maneuvers, for a flying titanium bathtub. The laser blast cuts right between the twin tail fins as he circles around for another pass, this time opening fire with his Autocannons.
>> Wrath strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Autocannon <Medium>. <<

Scourge misses! How is that possible? He banks off and tries to get a better bead on the warship, preparing his acid ray in order to eat into the ship's hull. "We'll see who embraces oblivion!" He mutters something about a mutant teenage turtle as he transforms into Sweepcraft mode and fires his acid ray.
Scourge's wings fold around him as he transforms to Sweepcraft mode, his headcannon still visible.
>> Scourge misses Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Acid-Ray <High>. <<

Chuckling as the ship misses Windshear, He smiles as more damage hits the ship, "Come, let us stop this foolishness, and reach an arrangement." Plunder swoops around, firing again!
>> Plunder misses Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Pistol <Medium>. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Wrath's shot burns the hull of the Oppugnatio, and its Seacon pilot frowns. <"There are only two choices. Submission, or Destruction."> Seawing rumbles, optics burning. <"All shall fall before the Quintessons; to their knees, or to death."> He lets off another barrage at Wrath
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Wrath with Pulse-Blast <Medium>. <<

The Proelium's back is sliced, leaving a gouge in the armor. A missile turret pops up in the Seeker's path, firing off a green plasma missile as the Warship continues to race toward its destination.
>> Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 strikes Windshear with Plasma-Missile. <<

Windshear gets hit full on with the green plasma ray. The Tetrajet falters badly and starts loosing altitude.

Blast Off has arrived.
Blast Off happens to be in orbit over the West Coast when he gets a radio signal, calling for reenforcements to help fend off a Quintesson attack. Well, it's about time he got to use his considerable shooting skills on the battlefield! He reduces thrusters and enters the atmosphere, quickly catching up to the location of the battle.

Scourge curses his ineffective shot, wondering what it is that is causing him to miss. Hypno rays from space? Optical sensor illusion? He notices the ship is escaping, and moves to follow it!

Blast Off spots the apparantly retreating Quintesson ship as he nears. Oh no, it's not getting away before he gets a shot... The space shuttle speeds in, thrusters billowing out white icy smoke, and locks on target. He radios: "I have arrived. Locking targets on the ship now....What is the current status here?"  He then fires cannons at the ship.
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Ionic-Blaster <Medium>. <<

Wrath narrowly evades the pulse-blast, his armor reverberating from the strain of the maneuver. There's no way he can maintain speed with the Oppugnatio in his robot form, so instead he circles around for another pass. The wings light up as a pack of rockets streak out of the pods.
>> Wrath misses Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Rocket. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing notes the incoming rockets, and causally shoots them down with the Oppugnatio's defensive lasers. Unfortunately, he fails to notice Blast Off's arrival. The shots scourch the outer hull, and the Seacon frowns slightly. <"Foolish Cybertronian, know your place!"> he rumbles, switching to target the large shuttle.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Blast Off with Laser <Medium>. <<

Blast Off watches the shot hit with satisfaction, then easily evades the Quint's retaliation. <<"Ha! You do not know who you are talking to, do you? My place is above YOU, as I send you to a watery grave, fool!>> He arcs back around, sensors still locked on the ship.

Looking at Windshear, Plunder dives to after his comrade, "Windshear, stop this madness now! You are no use to Unicron dead!"

Windshear sees the water coming up closer and closer and fights to regain altitude. He's damaged badly and he sure doesn't need all the warnings flashing though is internal HUD to remind him of it. Then he hears Plunder behind him. "No... need that... Quintesson." he stammers and then with more will then anything else lifts up a bit and continues after the ship.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing watches Blast Off evade the Oppugnatio's attacks with a frown. <"No matter; all you do here is vanity." the Seacon says, breaking off the attack for now, and pilots the ship westward
Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 has left.


Southeast Russian Block - Asia

Formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, this area of the former Communist superpower is primarily composed of the nation of Russia. Bordering China and Mongolia, this section of the country stretches to the Pacific Ocean.

Flying in after Windshear, Plunder grumbles. "Windshear, THIS IS MADNESS!" The Sweep bellows, "Come, let me take you in search of my Master, so that you may be REBORN! Whole once more!"

"I like how I am just fine." Windsheaer snaps, "As long as I can destroy the Dweller! And this Quintesson is the key!" and he flies on as best he can right now.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 flies above the land heading westward.
The two Quintesson warships are still in fair proximity to each other, although the lead ship has begun to veer south. As land approaches and begins to pass beneath, two trails of orange flame appear in the sky above. They're small now, just beginning to enter the atmosphere, but they're descending quickly.

Scourge pursues the rapidly moving Proelium, firing rapid blasts from his disintegrator cannon. He hopes he can lock on target this time, as this ship proves rather difficult to help. Its spiral motion must be giving the Sweep vertigo!
>> Scourge strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Disintegrator-Beam <High>. <<

Windshear relaxes just slightly once they get over land. He debates on his next attack as in the shape he's in its not looking good for him to grab a Quintession right now. Instead he dials in his lasers and fires.
>> Windshear strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Thermal-Laser <High>. <<

Firing after the Ship, Plunder matches Windshear's attack vector, "Once we have downed this ship, please stop and talk to me..." Plunder states coldly with a hint of concern on his voice.
>> Plunder misses Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Blast Off pursues the Quint ship with a deadly seriousness. Once locked on his target, the sharpshooter will pursue like a hunter after his prey. However, he knows the Quintesson ship is nothing to trifle with... but he IS confident of his own abilities. (Of course he is, he's Blast Off!) He responds to something the ship radioed earlier: "What I do is put fools like you out of commission. I am the esteemed sniper of the Combaticons, after all..."  With that, he comes in for another attack! The shuttle radios Windshear: "Should we aim to go for the kill, or do you want this ship crippled for further interrogation?"
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with X-Ray-Laser <Medium>. <<

Windshear radios back, <"I want... the Quintesson inside... I don't care.. how we get him...">

Wrath banks off from the group as one of the ships turns south. He keeps his sensors trained on the Oppugnatio, calling out to the Combaticon as he joins in, "Welcome to the fray, brother!" He lets a missile streak off of the wing pylon.
>> Wrath misses Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Missile. <<

The Proelium suddenly comes under a barrage of attacks. Acerbitas shifts around to the face of Wrath, barking out orders to his crew, "Convert power to the engines and prepare the Star Bomb to fire! We must achieve our goal!" The engine pods glow with renewed vigor, weapon pods remaining silent as power is shifted away from them. The lead warship makes a drastic change in course, heading out over China's airspace...
Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 goes to East Asia/China - Asia.

Windshear notices the Quintesson ship suddenly change course and not fire back at anyone. "If we survive, ok, Plunder." he says and changes course to follow the ship.
Windshear goes to East Asia/China - Asia.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing grumbles to himself as the Decepticons buzz around the Oppugnatio like mosquitoes. He registers Blast Off attack with barely a frown, and watches the incoming missle with almost disinterest as the defense lasers detonate the missile before it strikes. He steers the ship westward.

The group heads into South Central Russian Block - Asia.


South Central Russian Block - Asia

Formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, this area of the former Communist superpower is composed primarily of the nations of Russia and Kazakhstan and encompasses the Caspian Sea. The nations of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyztan, Turkmenistan and Tajikstan are also found in this region.

During the world flooding of 2011, this entire area was completely deluged, and all 61 million people were displaced for months. The region has yet to recover.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 is heading westward ignoring the damages caused to it by the Decepticons.

Blast Off comes in from Southeast Russian Block - Asia.
Blast Off moves to attack again, cannons strafing at the Quint ship. <<You think you can evade ME?>>
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Ionic-Blaster <Medium>. <<

Wrath climbs hard, and then suddenly pulls a wing-over, dropping inverted toward the Warship, "Wretched Quintessons! Meet thy doom!" The nose of the A-10 lights up as the rotary cannon opens fire.
>> Wrath critically strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Gauss-Cannon <Low>! <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing utters a curse as he notes that the Decepticons are still following him. And still trying to shoot him out of the air. <"Don't think yourself so important! I am on a mission."> The Seacon frowns as the Combaticon burns off some of the ships armor, and roars as Wrath scores a lucky shot on a vunerable spot of the ship. <"You'll regret that!">
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Wrath with Plasma-Missile. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 goes to Southwest Russian Block - Asia.

The group continues to Southwest Russian Block - Asia.

Southwest Russian Block - Asia

Formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, this area of the former Communist superpower has fragmented into the nations of Armenia, Georgia, and the southwestern tip of the nation of Russia. It is in this region that you can find Chechnya and the beleaguered city of Grozny. The Caucasus Mountains cover most of Armenia and Georgia.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 seems rather damaged now but continues flying. Here its course changes now heading northwards.

Wrath finishes his burst of gauss fire, rolling over. As he bulls away, he drops some ordnance from his wings...
>> Wrath misses Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Bombs. <<

Blast Off continues in his pursuit, radioing the enemy ship, "I hardly believe that we will regret anything, Quintesson... except perhaps not taking care of the likes of you sooner! You will learn regret, however, and a desire to never interfere with Decepticons ever again! ...Well, you WOULD learn that, but I'm afraid you won't be functional enough to learn anything after we are through with you..." He fires again.
Blast Off transforms and heads high up into the air. A blue light erupts from the underside of the space shuttle and he attacks with an orbital bombardment!
>> Blast Off misses Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Bombs <Medium>. <<

The Decepticon shuttle would, at this point, probably notice the large fiery vessel entering the atmosphere.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing chuckles, despite the damage that's already been done to his ship. <<"Regret?">> he asks, as the defensive lasers target the incoming bombs. <<"The only thing -I- regret is that I won't get the pleasure of ripping you apart with my hands, wretched Cybertronian!!"> With that, he sends off a missile towards the Combaticon, the Oopugnation still heading northward, towards Moscow.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Blast Off with Plasma-Missile. <<
Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 goes to Scandinavia/NW Russian Block - Europe/Asia.

Blast Off goes to Scandinavia/NW Russian Block - Europe/Asia.

The group goes to Scandinavia/NW Russian Block - Europe/Asia.

Scandinavia/NW Russian Block - Europe/Asia

Scandinavia: Land of the Vikings. The countries of this region are characterized by long winters, depressing movies and fjords. Includes the nations of Sweden, Norway and Finland as well as the misnamed island nation of Iceland. While Denmark is linguistically and culturally a Scandinavian country, it is located on the European Continent.
Beyond Scandinavia to the Southeast, is the most populous area of the Russia, along with the tiny Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Moscow is the heart of the Russian area, sitting in its towering glory as the Russian capital, as it has been for ages.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 heads straight for the Russian city of Moscow as a orange glow can be seen in the skyt far above.

Blast Off chuckles to himself as the Quint threatens him- and then misses. "I'd like to see you try- oh wait, you already have!!!" The Blast Off notices another shuttle- apparently on fire???- come into the atmosphere and head towards Moscow. He radios the others about it. He receives orders to track the new shuttle (and fire if need be) and does so, starting scans. Since both the Quint ship and the new one appear to be heading to the same place, he continues his attack on the Quint ship, opening fire.
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Ionic-Blaster <Medium>. <<

The other spacecraft is far larger than the Quintesson warship. As the heat of entry disipates, its form becomes clear: another Spiral. Not quite as large as the one in LA, but it easily dwarfs the Oppugnatio.

Wrath banks back around, growling out, "These warships are far stronger than I'd anticipated." His Autocannons blast out a staccato beat as they fire heavy rounds.
>> Wrath strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Autocannon <Medium>. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 positions itself above the heart of Moscow. Below the streets are filled with panic. Blast off and Wrath's attacks find their marks causing smoke to billow from sections of the ship. The Warship begins to glow beneath ignoring the enemy fire. Blue-white energy collects into a roiling ball. The Oppugnatio pulls sharply upward above Moscow as it releases the Star Bomb.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 attacks Wrath, and Blast Off with Star-Bomb, striking Wrath. <<

Blast Off radios to Wrath. <<That must be one of the Spiral ships... Windshear instructed me to fire upon it if it looked like it was ready to attack... keep your senors on it.>> Blast Off arcs up high into the air again, then goes for an area bomb attack! Blue light eminates as he unleashes an orbital bombardment!
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with X-Ray Laser <Medium>. <<

Wrath tries to pull up and away from the roiling blast of the Star Bomb, but alas... He is cooked. The form of the A-10, blackened and trailing smoke from numerous holes, continues to fly. Numerous systems spark as he tries to get his targeting system back online.

The Oppugnatio lowers itself  flying low as the Loquella starts to land in the heart of Russia. Blast Off's lazer runs straight through the ship's hull. Seawing snarls. <<"Insolent pest!! The Quintessons shall conquer all!">> He jabs at the controls in anger  sending yet another missile at the highly annoying Combaticon
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Blast Off with Plasma-Missile. <<

Blast Off swerves to the left again, using his speed and agility to miss yet another attack. He chuckles smugly. <<It appears to me that you're not conquering much at all... unless you simply enjoy putting on a light show for the fleshlings below. Perhaps you're impressing them?>> Blast Off decides to go for his highest attack now, targeting the ship with a powerful X-ray attack.
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with X-Ray Laser <High>. <<

The Loquella descends, spinning slowly as the green tip touches down. The ship grinds through stone and earth, drilling its anchor in before extending the four stabilizing claws. Doors at the base slide open and legions of Sharkticons begin marching out.
Sharkticon Horde - Moscow has arrived.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing scowls. The Oppugnatio is smoking and starting to list, but the stubborn Seacon is more worried about swatting that annoying Cybertronian. <<"Just shut up and die!">> he snarls, sending the Warships remaining missles at Blast Off.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Blast Off with Plasma-Missile. <<

Wrath circles above the city, just watching the other Decepticon pick the Oppugnatio apart. He radios to Blast off, "If the power of the Spiral in Los Angeles is any indicator, we may wish for reinforcements..."

Blast Off would be smirking if he had a visable mouth. The arrogant Combaticon KNOWS he's good, and things like this just feed that ego. He radios his enemy, "Ha ha! Is that TRULY the best you can do? I'm beginning to wonder why everyone else fears the Quintessons.... This is just... sad, really!" He circles back around for another attack. He radios back to Wrath, "I'm almost beginning to wonder WHY we would need reinforcements... this opponent is pathetic! ...However, I suppose you have a point. It would probably be wise to do so." He thinks to himself: ...If for no other reason than for the rest of the Cons to see my glorious victory over this buffoon!
>> Blast Off misses Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Bombs <High>. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing grumbles to himself. How could one Cybertronian be so annoying?! He manages to activate the defense lasers in time, rendering the bombs harmless to his ship. <<"DIE!!!"> Yup, he's mad.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Blast Off with Laser <Medium>. <<

Blast Off MISSES! How did THAT happen? The shuttle humphs to himself. He feels slightly annoyed... but then he can hear how the Quintesson in the other ship is losing his cool- and (HA!) misses again. <<Die? Is that *IT*? What kind of retort is that supposed to be? How about: When we pull your Quintesson body out of the smoking wreckage of your ship, we will find all kinds of ways to make you regret ever having run into our kind- or having the gall to think you are better than US!>> With that, he attacks again.
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with Bombs <High>. <<

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing snarls as the Oppugnatio rocks from the impact, acidic black smoke bellowing from the rents in its armor. The Seacon is far too angry to simply give of the battle; he was going to kill this Con no matter what. <<"Why waste words?">> he snarls.
>> Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 misses Blast Off with Pulse-Blast <Medium>. <<

Blast Off receives an order from Starscream to leave the area and deal with some other fools who cannot apparently handle themselves with a Quintesson ship. He asks the Air Commander for permission to stay... but it's clear that he had better follow through and destroy the ship... or else. Well, no matter. Blast off WILL destroy it! He arcs in again for another attack- and evades one from the enemy. <<Bah, I agree.... you're CLEARLY not even worth the time it would take to come up with further insults!>> He fires again!
>> Blast Off strikes Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 with X-Ray Laser <High>. <<
Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857 is overcome by injuries, losing altitude.

Quintesson Warship <Oppugnatio> #3857> Seawing snarls curses in some odd language as the Decepticon's lasers strike true, punching a hole in the Oppugnatio. The ship's taken too much abuse, and grashes into the city, demolishing several buildings in its 'death'. The Seacon doesn't bother retorting, instead leaving the crippled ship to go hunt down some defenseless humans.

Blast Off just... gloats. he is quick to radio everyone to brag on his accomplishments, of course. The shuttle then circles down, keeping sensors on the Sharkticon hordes, and transforms. He walks up the downed ship. He studies the wreckage with satisfaction, taking sensor sweeps and images, and picks up a piece of the twisted fuselage. It has the name "Oppugnatio" written in Quintesson. Taking it, he transforms back into a shuttle and heads off to find Windshear and Scourge elsewhere...

================================================================================== Meanwhile, as the others pursue the Proelium...

East Asia/China - Asia

Southeast Asia has long been a region shrouded in mystery and exotic allure. Even to this day, this area of the world is better known by misconceptions and romantic notions than by facts and hard truths. Countries like China were civilized long before their European counterparts had worked out that bathing really was a good idea. From this region came gunpowder, noodles, and the Mongol hordes.

The Great Wall of China streaks past as the fight continues. The Proelium shifts power to the energy collector beneath it. Lights begin to appear ahead  a sprawling city with millions of people: Shanghai.

Outside, Scourge streaks towards the ship, having scored a hit on it even as it presses on until it's over Shanghai. Just what the ship is planning to do, Scourge isn't sure. All he knows, is, the Quintessons can't be allowed to gain the upper hand. He fires at it again.
Outside, >> Scourge strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Incendiary-Cannon <High>. <<

Outside, Windshear continues following the ship though not quite as fast as before. Slagging green lasers... He cycles though his weapons and then fires again.
Outside, >> Windshear misses Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Seeker-Laser <High>. <<

Outside, Grumbling as he targets the Warship, "Protecting the Organics for free does not sit well with me..." He pauses a moment to steady his shot, his leg thrusters holding Plunder in place. "Still, I would like some answers..." Plunder fires at the Ship. "From a bunch of people."
Outside, >> Plunder strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Laser <Medium>. <<

Outside, Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 begins to glow beneath ignoring the enemy fire. Blue-white energy collects into a roiling ball. The Proelium pulls sharply upward above Shanghai as it releases the Star Bomb. As the glow of the bomb descends an orange glow begins to fill the sky above...
Outside, >> Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 attacks Plunder, Scourge, and Windshear with Star-Bomb, striking nobody. <<

Outside, Windshear pulls up and back and starts running what scanners he's got still working to record what that energy is.

Outside, Pointing at the Star Bomb, "I want that." Plunder states plainly as he watches transfixed by the new and deadly looking bomb.

Outside, Windshear closes in on the ship and then suddenly transforms. He manages to land on one of the loops on the ship and extending an arm blade attempts to slice his way inside.
Black and gray Cybertronian Tetrajet folds in to become pretty boy Decepticon, Windshear
Outside, >> Windshear strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Armblades. <<

Outside, Scourge notices that Windshear is going in closer, to enter the ship and accost its Quintesson master. He too gets into close quarters, using his claws to tear his way into the ship after he transforms.
The Sweepcraft splits apart, wings unfurl, and the Sweep Leader emerges forth, in all his beardy, pink-clawed glory.
Outside, >> Scourge strikes Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Slice. <<

Outside, Calculating the optimal distance to survive a blast large enough to level the city, Plunder loops backwards, the warmth of the blast licking at his armor but causing no real damage. Torn for a minute, Plunder stares at the destruction, "There is a fragment of the bomb down there...I can feel it...." He starts to move there, but he alters his course to follow the others. "I gave up treasure for this Windshear, IT...HAD...BETTER...BE...WORTH...IT!" With that Plunder follows after Scourge's lead and starts to try and claw his way inside!
Outside, >> Plunder misses Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 with Claw. <<

Outside, Quintesson Warship <Proelium> #3858 swings back around as the energy of the Star Bomb disipates leaving buildings crumbling in its wake. Swooping low over the city doors along the side begin to open. The sphereical silouhettes of Sharkticons appear leaping out and descending on Shanghai. Of course this also gives the Decepticons an ideal chance to enter the vessel. The fireball in the sky above disipates from the incoming craft revealing the silver sheen and odd form of another Quintesson Spiral looming above.
Outside, Quintesson Spiral <Praesidium> #3935 has arrived.

Outside, Windshear runs the blade across rending an opening into the ship. The Vampire Seeker pushes past it and goes inside, ready for a fight.

Outside, AS the Warship twists and turns, Plunder had the misfortune of trying to claw his way into the main Sharkticon Bay Doors. As the doors slide open, Plunder attempts to adjust his position, but the sudden torque is too much for his pink claws and after a moment, they snap. Howling in pain, Plunder attempts to adjust his course, when a horde of Sharkticons start falling out, nearly on top of the Sweep, driving the hapless Plunder deeper towards the ground, anger and rage build in the Sweep as he lets loose a battle cry, but even that is soon drowned out as the Sharkticons continue to appear. After a few more moments, Plunder is lost from sight, swept away in a sea of Sharkticons.

Acerbitas hovers on a raised dais on the bridge of the ship, his face of War checking over the ship's systems. Heavy damage has been sustained, but a path for the Praesidium has been cleared. He's mentally patting himself on the back right now.<~-- Do Quintesson Judges have backs? ;) -->

Windshear makes short work of a few sharkticons that try to stop him as he heads for the Quintesson. When he gets to the bridge he makes no secret of his arrival but pauses for a moment as he takes in the site of the Quintesson Judge. "Disgusting." he seethes and extends his other arm blade. "You..." he says as he stalks toward the Quintesson. "Are coming with me..."

Acerbitas pivots on his beam of energy, the orange optics taking in the sight of the seemingly deceased Cybertronian. He shifts to the face of Wisdom, almost jovially intoning, "You are hardly in a position to make such a demand..." The Quintesson's tentacles writhe around him, and begin crackling with electricity as the Sharkticons start to close in.

Windshear sneers revealing what is now a very functional fang. "You don't know me..." he notices more sharkticons closing in and pivots slightly to fight them back.
>> Windshear misses Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Armblades. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai strikes Windshear with Bite. <<

Scourge tears his way into the ship, following Windshear's lead, slicing through Sharkticons with his claws, or blasting them from a distance.
>> Scourge strikes Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Claw. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai misses Scourge with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Scourge notices some Sharkticons munching on Windshear, and hears his wingsib's howl, but can do nothing for Plunder at the moment. No, the best way to help his minion now would be to hold the Quintesson of this ship hostage and demand that Plunder be released unharmed. He roars angrily and non-verbally as he aims his headcannon at them, ducking out of the way of some blasts by the mindless remorseless eating machines.
>> Scourge misses Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Blaster <High>. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai misses Scourge with Kick. <<

Windshear staggers back under the massive attack and feels parts of his armor rendered and teeth puncturing into his systems. Energon is now flowing quite freely from various new damage to his form and the Dark Seeker falls to his knees. His forked optics flicker and then flare and he retracts his blades firing his laters instantly into the horde.
>> Windshear strikes Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Seeker-Laser <Medium>. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai strikes Windshear with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Scourge smirks as an intrepid Sharkticon thinks it can give him the boot. The Sweep evades and counterattacks! "How are you faring, Windshear?" he bellows out.
>> Scourge strikes Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Slash. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai misses Scourge with Claw. <<

"Not...." is all Windshear gets out as a new wave of sharkticons come at him. They say when in rome do as the romans and he suddenly grabs the closest one and attack as only an Energy Vampire can.
>> Windshear misses Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Vampire-Bite. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai strikes Windshear with Claw. <<

Acerbitas shifts to the face of Judgement.
Acerbitas shifts to the face of Judgement, the pharaonic mask rasping out, "These creatures dare to tread on sovereign Quintesson metal. The penalty for tresspassing..." With a ratcheting sound, the green skull mask appears, "DEATH!" A crackling tentacle lashes out toward Windshear...
Acerbitas shifts to the face of Death.
>> Acerbitas strikes Windshear with Shock-Whip. <<
Windshear is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.
>> Windshear temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

Windshear gets rushed by more sharkticons and then is hit by a whip. He feels his systems shutting down from all the damage and he collapses offline. His normally dead black and gray colors lighten up just a bit (not a good sign for him) and then he slips into stasis lock.

Scourge reaches Windshear just as the Seeker is felled by the lash of tentacle that seems charged with electricity. "Quintesson! Cease all your attacks, or I will carve you into xeno-calamari!" he roars, flexing his talons.

Acerbitas shifts to the face of Wisdom.
Acerbitas shifts around to the pudgy face of Wisdom, chortling quietly, "You are hopelessly overwhelmed." His tentacles continue to twitch and writhe around the energy beam, "You will be carving nothing. Observe..." The monitor on the screen shows an exterior view. The Quintesson Spiral touches down, boring into the scorched earth below it, the support claws drilling into the city. The doors at the Spiral's base slide open, Sharkticon troops spilling out into Shanghai.

"Then DIE!" Scourge roars, lunging forward, attempting to slash at the Quintesson, hoping to sever some tentacles or gash that goofy cirus sideshow face.
>> Scourge strikes Acerbitas with Slash. <<

Acerbitas shifts to the face of Judgement.
Acerbitas shifts to the face of Wrath.
Acerbitas cycles through a few of the faces as the Sweep lunges, hissing as he settles on the face of Wrath. The vampiric face screeches, "You dare attack a member of the Grand Tribunal!" The tentacles lash wildly, attempting to grip Scourge's foot and hurl him back into the Sharkticon horde. For a floating egg, those tentacles are surprisingly powerful.
>> Acerbitas strikes Scourge with Lash. <<

The Sweep snarls as the tentacles deal him a glancing blow. It doesn't hurt much, but it does make Scourge madder. He slashes again. "You dare attack a creation of Unicron?!" he counters.
>> Scourge misses Acerbitas with Claw. <<

Acerbitas shifts to the face of War.
Acerbitas chuckles quietly, "The Quintessons created your entire misbegotten race." A tentacle flicks against a panel on the side of the dais, and several ports in the ceiling open up. Turrets pop down, unleashing a torrent of plasma fire on the Sweep.
>> Acerbitas misses Scourge with Plasma-Cannon <Medium>. <<

"Be that as it may, Unicron perfected your creation!" Scourge retorts. He's quicker on his feet this time, evading the turrets that aim at him, roling out of the way. Once he does, he fires his headcannon at the Quintesson from cover.
>> Scourge strikes Acerbitas with Blaster <Medium>. <<

Acerbitas is jostled by the shot, shifting around to the face of Judgement, "And yet your race dies so easily..." One of the tentacles snakes around Scourge's cover. There's a snap of electricity as it lashes at Scourge.
>> Acerbitas strikes Scourge with Shock-Whip. <<
>> Scourge temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

"AAAAARGH!" Scourge howls, as the sneaky tentacle zaps him! Electricity flows through him, disrupting his systems and knocking him out. He falls flat on his face.

Acerbitas's tentacles fly over the controls as he spins around back to the face of War, "Initiate docking procedures. Sharkticons, you may dispose of them." He hovers away on his beam of energy, as the yawning docking bay of the Praesidium begins to grow larger in the viewscreen.

The Sweep Commander is still out cold, unresponsive. Unable to reply to the radio shrieks that would be assaulting his audios, were he sensible.

The Sharkticons, at the Master's command, move in and lunge on Scourge.
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai strikes Scourge with Laser <Medium>. <<

Scourge comes to his senses after a laser blast hits him. He snarls at the Sharkticons, since they're practically dumb beasts and understand that 'language' best, lashing out at them to drive them back.
>> Scourge strikes Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Slash. <<
>> Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai misses Scourge with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Windshear is laying there looking dead but then again he always looks dead. the only way to tell that hes not really dead right now even though his colors look a bit bleached is the two small amber lights flashying on the lip of his helm above his forehead. A couple of Sharkticons are sitting on his legs like hes some fancy table watching their master and the sweep.

A few other Sharktions are lapping up the energon pooling around the Vampire Seeker right now while others are gnawing on sharkticon bits laying around from the few Windy managed to take down.

The Warship has nearly reached the Spiral. If the Decepticons are going to make their escape, now would be the time.

Scourge notices that the engine's been shut off. That...can't be good. He rushes to Windshear, shooing the Sharkticons off him, grabbing him, and dragging him towards the exit. "We'll finish this another time, space-squid!"

Scourge is dragging Windshear while trying to navigate through a sea of Sharkticons!

Blast off has arrived.
Blast Off gets the coordinates from Scourge and heads at full speed to them. Spotting the ship, he transforms into root mode and finds a way to sneak in, ionic blaster ready to ward off attacks. The Combaticon just put down a Quintesson ship, so he's feeling pretty darn smug. Using the coordinates, he makes his through to where Scourge is. "I am here to get you out of here."

"Ah, excellent," Scourge says, with Windshear slung over him like a sack of potatoes. "Let's go!" He turns to fire shots at any pursuing Sharkticons.
>> Scourge strikes Sharkticon Horde - Shanghai with Laser <Medium>. <<

Blast Off motions to the others to follow him and the speedy Combaticon heads to the large exit. He transforms back to shuttle mode, opening the cargo bay so that the others can enter, then engages thrusters to head out.
Blast Off falls vertically, his arms folding over his head. His legs join together, his wings come forward and Blast Off becomes a shuttle.

Scourge scurries inside Blast Off and deposits Windshear on the cargo floor. "Depart with all haste! GO!"

Blast Off takes off, blasting into the sky.


..and back in Los Angeles...

Outside, Snarl isn't stealthy, as his stride is causing soft thuds as he follows the Hammer, "Me glad. Me Snarl hope we get there soon!"

Rhino nods to Nightingale, keeping his eyes on the road, "The Autobots said that there was a camp of survivors. Force recon confirmed it. We're gonna move in and try to extract them." Sure enough, there are a couple of APCs in the convoy. The medical vehicles break off as they pass the Refugee Camp, holding off to wait for the wounded.

Nightingale nods, looking at the road ahead. "Any reports on wounded?" she asks, making sure her medical bag is secure.

Outside, Snarl keeps his eyes moving, watching for any trouble, before he transforms, rising up into his bot mode

Rhino slows down as they move into the designated perimeter. He glances over at the passenger to his right, "Confirmed several wounded, nothing critical." The convoy rolls through the streets, debris crunching beneath tires. Definitely nothing stealthy about this trip. He checks the onboard computer, "Survivors should be around the next corner..."

Nightingale nods quickly, getting ready to treat the most serious of wounds. "I... Don't see anyone. Are they hiding somewhere?" she wonders, sounding uneasy.

Outside, Snarl notices a distinct lack of squishies, er, humans. He draws his rifle out of subspace, and starts looking harder for them, "Me Snarl not squidhead! Me Snarl Autobot! Come out to get fixed and get out of evil squidhead place!"

Outside, The convoy rounds the corner. The only evidence of any human presence is a yellow piece of fabric tied to a streetlight pole, billowing in the wind. It's just outside a small restaraunt. Rhino pulls the Hammer up along the curb, checking his weapons. He looks over his shoulder, "Jenkins, check it out. Stanley, man the top gun."

Outside, Snarl growls, turning around, "Me Snarl no like this! Me think this is trap!"

Nightingale looks around, staying seated in the Hammer. "...It's too quiet." she says. She turns to look at Snarl. "I think he's right." She draws her pistol, finger off of the trigger. She's not sure how a pistol can help against giant machines, but it's all she has.

Outside, As much as the dinobot likes fighting as a robot, he has a mode he is SO much more comfortable fighting in, and twists about, his rifle disappearing into subspace as he returns to Stego mode, roaring <cutely of course>, his thagomizer swishing. Snarl twists and lies down, transforming into his dino mode.

Outside, One Greenshirt, presumably Jenkins, hops out of the Hammer. He keeps his M-4 at a tactical carry as he moves up to the door of the restaraunt. Inside, he sees about nine people crowded toward the back, wide eyes riveted on the front windows. Jenkins frowns, "Something's very wrong..." Stanley sweeps the Hammer's roof turret around the area, checking both up and down the street. Suddenly, something catches his eye, a glint of silver on top of one of the buildings. It's then that he notices dozens of green eyes peering over the rooftops. The Greenshirt shouts, before opening fire, "CONTACT HIGH!" Sharkticons begin leaping down onto the street from above.

Outside, Snarl sees the sharkicons, rahring <cutely>, when the turtle con rises up! NO! Snarl wanted sushi-cons and turtle tastes funny!

Nightingale lets out a small startled cry as the calm is shattered and replaced with the sounds of war. She looks up at the raining Sharkticons, and swallows. "What should I do?" she asks Rhino, sounding more calm then she looks.

Outside, Snarl roars at the turtle con! "You GO WAY! Me NO WANT FIGHT TURTLECON!" His thagomizer is swishing a lot, making it hazardous to be behind the dinobot
Outside, >> Snarl misses Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Optic Lasers <Medium>. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles strikes Snarl with Bite. <<

Outside, Jenkins throws the door open, calling to the civilians inside, "C'mon, we gotta move!" A couple of them need to lean on others for support. Stanley opens fire on the Sharkticons nearest APCs. Rhino turns to Nightingale, "Help Jenkins get the civilians inside the APC's."
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 misses Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Machinegun <Medium>. <<

Nightingale nods, and quickly slips out of the Hammer, racing to the civilians. "C'mon!" she says, holstering her pistol so she has both hands free. She helps a badly limping civilian make his way to the waiting APC, staying calm despite the insanity around her.

Outside, Snarl rahrs as he's hit from two directions! He targets the 'bigger threat', "ME NO ROLL OVER FOR SEPTICON TURTLE!" His mouth glows a moment before FWOOOSH!
Outside, >> Snarl misses Snaptrap with Fire Breath <Medium>. <<

Outside, As Nightingale jumps out, Rhino shifts it into reverse, backing it up and moving it into a position to block the street and provide cover for the escaping civilians. He hops onto one of the side-mounted cannons, opening fire on the encroaching Sharkticons.
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 misses Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Cannons <Medium>. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles strikes Hammer #3934 with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Outside, Snaptrap hunkers down as the steggo unleashes a blast of flames, the fire licking over his hardened armor. Amid the conflagration, two cannons pop out on the front of the shell, unleashing a pair of sonic artillery shells.
Outside, >> Snaptrap misses Snarl with Shell Cannons. <<

Outside, The Stegobot does something impressive. As Snaptrap shoots at the autobot, Snarl thinks thin, and the cannon shells scream past him. He then uses the shock of his maneuver to run in and get close to the turtlecon!
Outside, Snarl gets closer, dips low and goes to flip the turtlebot over, growling loudly
Outside, >> Snarl strikes Snaptrap with Smash. <<

Outside, Nightingale continues to aid the civilians, making sure everyone is safe inside the APC. "We're almost done loading the civilians!" she reports, yelling over the din of battle.

Outside, Snaptrap's feet scrabble at the ground as the Dinobot's wedge-shaped body gets underneath him. The pink underbelly shows itself as the machine is toppled over. The stubby legs kick in the air for a moment, before the shell opens up and shifts around, "You're going to pay for that." Shifting into robot mode and summoning his sword, Snaptrap rolls over, swinging the weapon at Snarl's legs.
The turtle shifts and stands up into the imposing form of Snaptrap.
Outside, >> Snaptrap strikes Snarl with Sword. <<

Rhino bangs on the ceiling, "Suppressing fire!" He reaches over for the computer, typing in a command. One of the missile turrets attempts to lock onto a Sharkticon...
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 strikes Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with HS-Missile. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles strikes Hammer #3934 with Bite. <<

Outside, The Sharkticons roar as the Hammer shoots a missile into their ranks, hitting home and destroying one of their own. Another one lunges forward, and bites down hard on the rear of Hammer. sinking its teeth into the metal and attempting to tear off some of the vehicle for lunch!

Outside, The dinobot bites Snaptrap in the junk! <just kidding!> As the sword smacks him, he slides sideways, raising up in his bot mode and reaching out to grab at Snaptrap, perhaps going for a wrestling throw!
The stegosaurus flips backwards, shifting into his robot mode.
Outside, >> Snarl misses Snaptrap with Piledriver. <<

Outside, Nightingale sighs in obviously relief as she hurries the last civilian into the APC. "We're loaded, let's go!" she calls. She enters the APC herself, and unslings her medical bag. "Don;t worry, you'll be fine." she tells a frightened and injured civilian. "Hold still now..."

Rhino curses as the Sharkticon grips onto the back of the Hammer, "Stanley, shake it off!" He hops back into the driver's seat, working the clutch and the shift. The gears grind. That Sharkticon is not anxious to let go just yet...
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 strikes Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Machinegun <High>. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles strikes Hammer #3934 with Claw. <<

Outside, There's a clang and a hiss as the two blades connect. The Seacon's sword begins to glow red, "At a loss for words? Not surprising. You aren't very bright, after all." He adjusts the angle of his own blade, metal screeching as he lets Snarl's sword slide off. Spinning around, he swings the three-tipped weapon at the Dinobot's head.
Outside, >> Snaptrap misses Snarl with Incendiary Sword. <<

Outside, Nightingale is busy treating what wounds she can in the APC, all the while acting calm and collected/ The civilians are obviously terrified, but the doctor's calm demeanor seems to be keeping them from panicking.

Outside, Snarl ducks the sword slash, growling more, "NO NEED MOUTH TO FIGHT, YOU TURTLE!" before slipping in to try and punch the Seacon!
Outside, >> Snarl strikes Snaptrap with Hammer-Punch. <<

Rhino floors it as the Sharkticon lets go. Jenkins ducks down, letting out a yelp as a tiny, clawed arm barely misses him, but manages to tear off the roof gun. He immediately hops on one of the side-guns...
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 misses Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Cannons <Medium>. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles misses Hammer #3934 with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Outside, The convoy begins to pull back, waiting for the Hammer to take point and clear the road.

Outside, Snaptrap's head snaps back as the Dinobot's fist connects. He growls, raising his shield, "I'll take that one out of your hide..." Putting his weight behind the shield, he charges forward at Snarl.
Outside, >> Snaptrap strikes Snarl with Shield-Bash. <<

Outside, The Sharkticons scramble out of the way as the Hammer's side gun opens up. The Quintesson beasts snarl and shoot several Plasma shots, scorching the pavement around the vehicle.

Outside, Snarl tries to use the shield bash for energy as his sword snaps out, going for a chunk out of the septicon
Outside, >> Snarl strikes Snaptrap with Dino-Sword. <<

Outside, Snaptrap is struck in the stomach by the weapon as it slips beneath his shield, eliciting a growl as energy leaks out around the blade. Before even letting the blade withdraw, he raises an elbow and brings it down toward Snarl's head.
Outside, >> Snaptrap strikes Snarl with Bash. <<

Rhino pulls ahead of the convoy, swerving the vehicle around a downed Sharkticon. The vehicle jumps as it rolls over part of the ruined pavement that Snaptrap left from his entrance. Tires squeal as the vehicle rounds a corner and comes face-to-face with another Sharkticon. Rhino slams the transmission into reverse, backing away and letting a missile fly.
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 misses Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with HS-Missile. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles strikes Hammer #3934 with Chomp. <<

Outside, The angry Sharkticon drops down as the missile streaks over it, and lets out a fierce roar as it lunges forward, clamping its jaws onto the front of the abused Hammer, yellow optics glaring at those inside!

Outside, At least on some level, he's hoping the humans are getting the slag out of here, as he's getting pretty hammered by the turtle con. Snarl is driven to a knee by Snaptrap's elbow, snapping another cut at the seacon's knees!
Outside, >> Snarl strikes Snaptrap with Dino-Sword. <<

Rhino grabs his own Machine-gun, since the roof-mounted one is gone, and stands up. He pops out the bipod, sets the weapon on the roof, and opens fire on those bulging optics...
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 strikes Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Machinegun <Medium>. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles strikes Hammer #3934 with Claw. <<

Outside, Snaptrap's knee servo is carved into, dropping him to a knee as well. The yellow optics glare at Snarl, "This one I really /will/ take out of your hide!" He grabs his own sword with both hands and tries to cleave the Dinobot's leg clean off.
Outside, >> Snaptrap strikes Snarl with Sword. <<

Outside, The Sharkticon screams in pain as its optics are shattered by the machine-gun fire. It releases the Hammer from its jaws and stumbles back, only to be overrun by its fellows. One Sharkticon steps forward and raises a clawed hand, smashing the Hammer's front!

Outside, Snarl staggers. Growling, he falls back, transforming, and moving to keep the humans, "We got all humans? Let's GO!", firing off a blast of fire at the sharkticons!
Snarl twists and lies down, transforming into his dino mode.
Outside, >> Snarl strikes Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles with Fire Breath <Medium>. <<
Outside, >> Sharkticon Horde - Los Angeles misses Snarl with Claw. <<

Outside, The Steggo's fire breath clears a wide path for the Convoy. Rhino slides back into the driver's seat, dropping his M240 on the passenger seat, and slams the Hammer into gear. He calls out, "We got everyone! Let's roll!"
Outside, >> Hammer #3934 retreats from the area, escaping all attackers. <<

Outside, Nightingale is safely in the APC, with the rescued survivors. She's currently hugging a young woman who's sobbing. "Shh... You're safe, now."

Outside, Snarl follows the Hammer with all his speed, swinging his thagomizer as he runs away... wait, a dinobot running away? WTF? Perhaps he figures he got a winning ballot, though he didn't get to nom on sharkicons!

Outside, Snaptrap moves to stand and give chase, but sparks fly out of the gouge in his knee. He collapses back to the ground, several of the Sharkticons moving in around him. A few transform to assist the Seacon leader, but he pushes them away, plunging his sword into the ground and leaning on it.

Rhino leads the convoy out of the city with the ailing Hammer. A piston rod rattles inside the engine, probably shaken loose from when the Sharkticon... y'know... tried to eat it. The convoy finally pulls to a stop at the Refugee Camp.

Nightingale is still trying to comfort the shaken survivors, having done the best she can in terms of treating injures. As the convoy stops, she helps get the refugees out. She seems calm and collected.

Snarl follows, kinda slowly, only his stego form keeping him 'upright'. His optics dim momentarily, before he flops, energon trickling from where Snaptrap caught him cleanly. "Me Snarl need vacation." He really hopes the survivors don't get scared about him

Rhino hops down from the Hammer, shaking his head. He retrieves his machine-gun from the passenger seat and moves over toward the Dinobot. "Thanks for your help, Snarl. I don't think we would have made it out alive without you."

A couple of civilians who were already at the camp come over to Snarl's side, carrying sheets of metal and tools. Yup, they want to patch Snarl up!

Nightingale helps the last of the rescued survivors get into camp, and then finds a quiet place to sit. She looks around, and, seeing no one looking at her, she sighs wearily, shoulders sagging.

Snarl looks at the civilians, and the plating, then at Rhino, "Me glad help. Me thank humans for trying help, but, Snarl need Autobot doctor." He slowly starts to tilt, giving the humans PLENTY of time to move from under his shadow

Sit-Com has arrived.
Sit-Com appears, barreling down the roadway, weaving through piles of rubble and holes in the road, towards the poor hurting Dinobot. He transforms when he's next to Snarl, and looks over the big Dinobot. "Ten Cents. The Doctor Is In."

The humans back away from Snarl, giving the dinosaur a wide berth as he lays down. "We wanna help!" one of them says. "Yeah, you Autbots are trying to save our world, we want to repay you!" says the other.

Rhino makes sure to step back from the Stegosaurus, to give him room to collapse. He looks over his shoulder, "Get on the radio with the Autobots. We need one of their medics."

Nightingale is still sitting down. This was her first combat deployment, and the shock of adrenaline and everything else has thrown the woman a curveball. With time, she'll recover.

It's lucky that Sit-Com is now here, and as quickly as he can he begins repairs on the mega-stego. "Fear not, I'll have him up and running in tip-top shape," he says, opening up his tool kit and getting out his welder.

Rhino walks over to sit near the doc, setting his machine-gun down. He drops into a seat beside her, leaning back and closing his eyes.

Nightingale turns to Rhino, managing a shaky smile. "...That... Well, that was quite an initiation." she says. "Did I pass the test, you think?"

Snarl sighs, "Me should take nap. Me called Autobots for Medicbot." As Sit-Com shows up, Snarl's head tilts, looking at the Junkion. "Me glad see you. Turtlecon did lots damage..." His optics dim

Rhino grins slightly, "You kept it together nicely." He turns, opening his eyes, "You smoke, doc?"

"Oh no, will he be okay?" one of the civilians asks, worried.

Nightingale shakes her head. "Not at all!" she says. "And you really shouldn't either, Corporal!" She's scolding him, but gently. "It's bad for your health."

It takes a few moments, before the Dinobot starts to snore, very much like a chainsaw, and his front legs shift, almost like a dog dreaming

The civilians look at each other, and then laugh in nervous relief. "They snore?" one asks, amused. "They dream?!" the other exclaims.

Sit-Com pats Snarl as the big stego takes a nap. He puts in a little bit of inhibitor to the Dinobot's systems, to make the slumber more deep so that whatever Sit-Com does to repair him won't wake him up. "Do robots dream of electric sheep? No, but we dream of Jeannie."

Rhino nods slowly to Nightingale, "It's great for the nerves, though..." He refrains from taking out his own pack, though, out of respect.

Snarl shifts a little, a little whimper as the inhibitor is put in place, but, other than that, Snarl keeps sounding like a chainsaw

"Actually, nicotine raises the stress level in your body." Dr. Miller says, chuckling. "It's the act of smoking that calms you down." She fishes in her pocket for something, and pulls out two lollipops. "Want one?" she asks sweetly.

Sit-Com continues the extensive repairs, but looks longingly at the lollipops. But that's like sugar in the gastank for a Junkion...oh wait, sugar in the gastank was debunked by Mythbusters!

Rhino raises an eyebrow, looking skeptically at the lollipop for a moment. Finally, he just chuckles and accepts one, "Thanks, ma'am."

Nightingale chuckles, unwrapping her own lollipop and placing it in her mouth. "The sugar's good after heavy excursion." she mentions.

Rhino follows suit, sticking the treat in his mouth. He rolls it from one side to the other, "So how were the civilians we evacuated, doc?"

"Physically? Broken leg, sprained ankle, fractured wrist, injured knee..." Dr. Miller sighs, taking off her helmet and running a hand through her damp hair. "Mentally? They've been through so much; some of them are in shock."

Rhino nods slowly, "I don't blame them. Don't often get into situations that intense, even in Iran."

"Or War of the Worlds," Sit-Com says, "Where's Orson Welles when you need him?"

Nightingale nods. "No one wakes up expecting an alien invasion. Well, mostly no one." The doctor sighs. "...I hate to admit it, but I was scared for a moment or two."

Rhino nods slowly, starting to feel a little light-headed now that his system is no longer flooded with adrenaline, "That's a good thing. Fear keeps you sharp."

The doctor looks relieved. "Oh, I'm glad that it's normal." Dr. Miller says with a chuckle. "How do you feel, Corporal?" Since they're on a mission, Dr. Miller's being formal with the rank usage.

Rhino shrugs slightly, "Not too bad. Crashing after all the excitement." He leans back again, "It's pretty normal."

Nightingale nods, leaning back as well. "I'm feeling the drop as well." The docotr smiles around her lollipop. "No injuries?"

Rhino shakes his head, "Not a scratch. Stanley and Jenkins are good, too." He looks over at the vehicle, "Can't say the same for the Hammer, though."

From inside the APC, it sounded like the Sharkticons were trying to eat the Hammer." Dr. Miller remarks. "And, from here I'd say that's what happened! But, why would a machine need to eat?"

Rhino shakes his head slowly, "Beyond me, ma'am. Maybe they process it for their repair systems or something."

One who could answer that, is being fixed by the medic... aka Snarl

"And interesting theory." Dr. Miller replies, nodding. "Do you think the Hammer can be repaired?"

Rhino looks back over at the Hammer, "Whole front end will probably need to be replaced."

"We were lucky." Dr. Miller says, nodding. "...The Sharkticons, and that ther robot... They were waiting for us."

Rhino frowns deeply, finally forced to acknowledge something he didn't enjoy thinking about. He nods once, "That was definitely an ambush. They knew the civilians were in there and used them as bait."

Nightingale doesn't look happy about that fact either. "That other robot, the turtle like one; it's intelligent. Not like the Sharkticons." The doctor sighs. "I wonder where those ships went, that the Decepticons followed."

Rhino shakes his head slowly, "Unless those Decepticons are willing to share the information, or it makes the news... That's the only way we'll find out."

At the mention of Snaptrap, Snarl growls, and slams his thagomizer into the ground, causing a few civilians to leave mother earth momentarily

"...It's strange, for me to not consider Decepticons enemies. I've seen the aftermath of their attacks on soldiers." Dr. Miller brushes her hair back again. "But, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Decepticons seem to hate the Quintessons."

Rhino looks off into the distance toward LA, and the tower standing above it, "I can see why..."

Nightingale looks at the spire as well, feeling uneasy about it. Wherever the ships were, they hadn't returned yet. "Such horrible creatures. They said that our planet somehow destroyed theirs; divine justice perhaps?" That thought is a quite musing of the doctor's.

Rhino raises an eyebrow, "Justice on them? I think if it was justice, they wouldn't be here right now."

"You're right." Dr. Miller agrees after a moment. "But, of all the worlds to be accidentally destroyed... well, I won't shed any tears for them." She looks over at the civilians. "...The human will to survive, it's inspiring, isn't it?"

Rhino nods slowly, "You can say that again, ma'am. It's the only saving grace for situations like these. It brings out the best in some people."

Sit-Com does what he can with Snarl's repairs, then pulls out a giant quilted blanket, draping it over the mega stego. He tucks himself under a corner of it, going to sleep.

Nightingale smiles faintly. "...I was in a time when alien life was just fantasy. My, how the world has changed." She looks over at the sleeping machines, her smile widening. "They seem so strange, and yet - they seem at times so very human."

Rhino can't help but chuckle at that, "Well, if the story's to be believed, they were on this planet before we were. They were just asleep."

Nightingale chuckles as well. She seems very relaxed now; tired, but relaxed. "Titans sleeping in the embrace of the Earth; sounds like a myth. Yet, here they are." The good doctor sighs. "Such interesting times we live in, Corporal." She pulls the now used up lollipop stick from her mouth, and sticks it in her pocket, to throw out later.

The dinobot's snores quiet down as he's covered by the blanket, a front paw flexing

Rhino has since finished his own and has assumed chewing on the stick, "Interesting... that's a good word for it, ma'am." He grins slightly, "These guys have been around as long as I can remember."

"They seem friendly enough, the Autobots." Dr. Miller says, smiling at the sleeping dinosaur. "I was a teenager when they awoke on our world. I thought they were frightening at first; and to be truthful Decepticons still scare me. But..." she chuckles, "I have warmed up to the Autobots."

Rhino nods slowly, "They certainly fight for this planet just as hard as we do."

Nightingale nods, and yawns suddenly. "Oh, sorry! I guess today's excitement's catching up to me. I should probably take a short rest, and the see what I can do here in camp."

Rhino is used to functioning when this tired, but he knows that not everyone is accustomed to it. Especially officers. Not that he has anything against officers. He looks around, "I'm sure they've got plenty of cots if you need one, ma'am. I just wouldn't recommend sleeping in the Hammer. A butterfly might make that thing fall apart any second."

Nightingale chuckles. She's used to long boring shifts and metal stress, not surges of adrenaline. "I just need a quick nap, and then I'll be good to go. You should rest too, Corporal." She smiles and stands up. "I have to say, for a first battlefield deployment, that wasn't so bad."

Rhino raises an eyebrow, "Really? You had to say that? You couldn't have gone with, 'what's the worst that could happen?'" He offers a grin to let the doc know that he's kidding.

Nightingale giggles girlishly. "Sorry Corporal, didn't mean to jinx things!" she says with a laugh. "But my dad always said, 'Keep thinkin' positive, Michi!'."

Rhino can't help but smile at the youthful attitude. He's probably not much more than half the woman's age, but there are days he feels twice that. He nods slowly, "I guess he had a good point."

Nightingale nods, the laughter fading but still shining in her eyes. "Well, I should go take my rest. There's a lot ahead of us still."

Rhino stands up from his seat, grabbing the machine-gun, "And I should probably restock and clean this things. Have a good night, ma'am."

Nightingale nods. "You as well, Corporal."