Quake is a Decepticon pit fighter.

Is killed a lot, but never dies.

Quake is a berserker. When he enters a battlefield, he will not rest until anything and everything within sight is in smoldering ruins, including his own comrades. It will often take cries of protest from fellow Decepticons to "point the other way, you idiot!" to remind him to pick his targets more selectively. This, he claims, is just part of one of his unconventional "battle techniques."

Quake transforms into a Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank. In tank mode, Quake is capable of leveling an entire Class 5 Autobot defensive installation in minutes. He has a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour and a range of 250 miles. His titanium-alloy treads are coated with a special adhesive that enables him to climb up sheer cliff surfaces. He is equipped with a powerful plasma cannon which has a range of 40 miles. His gyroscopic destabilizer destroys the balance of any target it hits. In robot mode he carries a double photon pistol.

Quake can become so caught up in the battle frenzy that his systems can overheat and shut him down. His endurance is second-to-none, however, and he has pulled through even the most seemingly final of defeats.


Marvel Comics continuity

UK213 Quake Grinning

This is easily the most awesome he's ever looked.

Quake of Helex is one of the Triumverate's gladiators on Cybertron.


  • Vehicon Quake's body is Tankor's toy form in Quake's colors. A toy of this was never produced, and seemingly not even proposed as a convention exclusive, though it would be moderately easy to personally paint one. Quake had tank drones that looked exactly like Tankor's Mega-size toy, colors and all. (In the Wreckers comics, Tankor's Tank Drones were drawn to look like their CGI model from the television series, which was visually distinct.)
  • The Blitzwing card from the 3D Battle-Card Game "Energon Wars" expansion is clearly designed to be Quake.

Tank mode

Foreign names

  • French: Séisme (Canada)
  • Hungarian: Rengés

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