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He takes his energon shaken, AND stirred.

On the surface, Punch is a stoic individual that can take charge and keep others calm in a crisis. However, this is an act that hides how paranoid he's become. His responsibilities as a spy, in addition to the things he's seen among the Quintessons, have made him a mess internally. Punch is armed with a twin mortar launcher.


Quintesson World

In the Quintesson World universe, Prowl announced that Haven was running low on energon and would need to stage a raid for energy in the near future.  Punch volunteered for the operation.

Later, Arcee, Boff & Punch began their journey toward the surface. Punch informed them that he was going to disarm the security circuitry that would alert the Quintessons to their presence once they reached topside. To do that, he shimmied into a pipe and disappeared into an entire gridwork of underwater power conduits and such. Arcee & Boff went inside to try and locate him, but so far they haven't been able to. They discussed just moving on with the mission, since there's a chance that Punch just did what he had to do and exited into the water.


11 million years ago

  • "A safe Haven" - It turns out times are changing. Prowl calls for people to help do something the rebels haven't done before.


Truth. As terrible as death, but harder to find.
  • Punch sports a considerably different prototype face during his first commercial. Counterpunch is the same, however.
  • The Doublespy concept seems to have been kicking around for a while before actually being executed:
    • A concept sketch exists that depicts Punch/Counterpunch as a hi-tech jet more in line with the 1986+ aesthetic which transforms in a way somewhat similar to the final car version.[1]
    • Not one but two early patents were filed for a car Doublespy. The first patent depicts the car that can turn into a large robot or split straight across the middle, with the front and back ends of the car each transforming into a separate robot. It uses a car model identical to the final Punch/Counterpunch.[2]
    • The second patent keeps the car as a single unit, however the car now folds along the center from the front bumper to the rear windshield. One robot mode is formed when the car is transformed normally, the other is formed when the car is transformed and folded to reveal a new head, chest, and arms. This model has an identical leg transformation to the final version.[3]
  • At the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, a Punch/Counterpunch miniseries known as "Legacy of Rust" was announced.[4] As of 2015, it has yet to come out, but it's been stated that Stuart Moore wrote all four issues.[5]

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Doublespy (ダブルスパイ Daburusupai), Spacepunch (スペースパンチ Supēsupanchi), Counterpunch (カウンターパンチ Kauntāpanchi)
  • French: Pugilil, Contrecoup (Canada)
  • Italian: Spy, Ultraspy
  • Mandarin: Shuāng Miàn Rén (双面人, "Double-faced Man")
  • Russian: Punch (Панч), Vyshibala (Вышибала, "Bouncer")


Punch is played by Matt-Bat.

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