This article is about the heroic Autobot who masquerades as an evil Decepticon - for his mirror universe counterpart, see Punch (SG).
Counterpunch is a Decepticon. His Autobot counterpart, Punch, is nearby. Really nearby.
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He takes his energon shaken, AND stirred.

PUNCH is as calm, cool and well-adjusted as one would expect of an Autobot, although also stoic and generally a mech of few words. From the Autobots' perspective, he seems far more at home tucked away in data archives for Autobot Intelligence than being on the battlefield. Ironically, this is exactly the way he likes it. Punch possesses a rare mutation of his transformation cog, allowing him to assume a second robot mode. With it, this consummate actor from Harmonex assumes the role of COUNTERPUNCH, infiltrating the Decepticons as a deep-cover operative. Punch's entire personality changes when he becomes Counterpunch, courtesy of a personality-shell matrix that provides a means of disguising his true allegiance as an Autobot. Despite it all, Punch is constantly suspicious that there could be a double-agent operating within the Autobots, much as he operates within the Decepticon ranks. Despite knowing just how much he has to lose from taking too many risks, Punch willingly does so regardless – a testimony to his courage, convictions and the rightness of his cause. Armed with a twin mortar launcher as Punch, and with a photon cannon as Counterpunch. Transforms into a bright blue Pontiac Solstice with a top speed of 160 mph. Interestingly, all Autobots are outfitted with energy dampers that mitigate the effects of Counterpunch's photon cannon, though generating sufficient pyrotechnics to fool the Decepticons, but very few know these are installed, much less why.[1]


Generation 1 cartoon continuity


Pontiac Fiero mode

In 1987, Punch was rebuilt into a blue Pontiac Fiero.

MUX History

In 2017, Counterpunch, Dust Devil, Seaspray, and Shockwave traveled down to the Cybertron Underworld to seek out the knowledge of Vector Sigma. In spite of clever diversionary efforts by Counterpunch, the Decepticons were almost overwhelmed by Centurion Droids... until they were suddenly called off by Dust Devil.


Pontiac Solstice mode

In 2020, Punch was rebuilt into a bright blue Pontiac Solstice. Counterpunch returned from spending several months assessing loyalty to Megatron and the Empire in several outlying outposts and such -- he didn't even have to shoot many of them. Punch... is probably buried deep in Iacon's data archives doing his data collation thing, though he's probably due to poke his head out sooner or later.







Truth. As terrible as death, but harder to find.
  • Punch sports a considerably different prototype face during his first commercial. Counterpunch is the same, however.
  • The Doublespy concept seems to have been kicking around for a while before actually being executed:
    • A concept sketch exists that depicts Punch/Counterpunch as a hi-tech jet more in line with the 1986+ aesthetic which transforms in a way somewhat similar to the final car version.[2]
    • Not one but two early patents were filed for a car Doublespy. The first patent depicts the car that can turn into a large robot or split straight across the middle, with the front and back ends of the car each transforming into a separate robot. It uses a car model identical to the final Punch/Counterpunch.[3]
    • The second patent keeps the car as a single unit, however the car now folds along the center from the front bumper to the rear windshield. One robot mode is formed when the car is transformed normally, the other is formed when the car is transformed and folded to reveal a new head, chest, and arms. This model has an identical leg transformation to the final version.[4]
  • At the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, a Punch/Counterpunch miniseries known as "Legacy of Rust" was announced.[5] As of 2015, it has yet to come out, but it's been stated that Stuart Moore wrote all four issues.[6]

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Doublespy (ダブルスパイ Daburusupai), Spacepunch (スペースパンチ Supēsupanchi), Counterpunch (カウンターパンチ Kauntāpanchi)
  • French: Pugilil, Contrecoup (Canada)
  • Italian: Spy, Ultraspy
  • Mandarin: Shuāng Miàn Rén (双面人, "Double-faced Man")
  • Russian: Punch (Панч), Vyshibala (Вышибала, "Bouncer")


Punch is played by Matt-Bat.

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