Pseudo is a Decepticon super-spy.

Comes with his own shadow to be wreathed in!

It goes without saying that the Decepticon super-spy Pseudo is more than meets the eye, even more so than a typical Cybertronian. As a Shifter, he employs his talents in order to infiltrate Cybertron's most secure installations in order to plunder their secrets, whereupon he then sells them to the highest bidder. A wily, insidious sort, Pseudo never hesitates to use his abilities to sow confusion among any would-be captors. After all, the only secrets Pseudo will never part with are his own.


2015 Robots in Disguise cartoon

Pseudo was imprisoned on the Alchemor for selling secrets to Cybertron's off-world enemies. When Hubcap took over the Alchemor, however, Pseudo saw his chance. By the time the Autobots came for Hubcap, Pseudo had broken free of his modelock and shifted his appearance to resemble the Autobot warrior Drift. Fooling Sideswipe (although Hound was suspicious), Pseudo got a ride back inside Jetfire, and disappeared into Iacon as soon as the Autobots made it back to the city.


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Pseudo (スード Sūdo)
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