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This article is about the Generation 1 alien race - for their home planet which is called "Quintesson" in the Marvel Comic UK continuity, see Quintessa.

Prosecutors are a type of Quintesson.

The Quintesson PROSECUTOR is supported by a propulsion beam of pure energy. The Prosecutor is distinguished by a curving, elongated cranial housing and a fairly vicious-looking countenance. The Prosecutor is equipped with side-mounted, squid-like tentacles.

Prosecutor and the seldom-seen "wizened" variant.

This variety of Quintesson is the second-most common type, often seen in positions of authority. They have also been called "Inquisitors". In court, they are the ones who ask for the Judges' verdicts and occasionally let the defendants say something in their defense, for all it matters.

The Quintessons are a bizarre and ancient race of mechanoids, whose dark history and shadowy machinations are bound up with the history of the Transformers, and connections with Primus and Unicron. They prefer subtle manipulation, scheming, and advanced technology over brute force, but if those don't work, they can fall back on the legion of deadly Sharkticons and Allicons at their command and a fleet of battle-ready spaceships as well. However, the Quintessons themselves have zero fighting abilities and are absolute cowards if they have nothing to hide behind. For example, they are seen to be powerless against a Sharkticon revolt.

Quintessons are also known by the adorable racial slur 'squids'.[1]

[We] are Quintessons! Arrogance is our life’s blood, ambition is our food and drink, but most of all, hubris is the air we breathe!!

Al-Badur dissin' his peeps, "Wreckers: Finale Part II"

Deceivers! Betrayers! Five-faced slime of the nebula!

Galvatron on the Quintessons, "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5"

Named prosecutors include:


Generation 1 cartoon continuity

In ages long past, a cold and emotionless race of aliens called the Quintessons created two lines of sentient robots on a planet-sized factory known as Cybertron. One was a line of robots designed for domestic duties and labor (known as Autobots), and the other was a line designed for military use (known as Decepticons). The Quintessons were exceptionally cruel to their creations, eventually leading to wide-spread rebellion, a rebellion started by the Autobot A3. Forced to flee the planet, the Quintessons eventually settled on the small, twisted planet of Quintessa, but fostered an undying hatred of all Transformers for millions of years. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4

MUX Continuity

In 2013, the Quintessons launched an invasion of Earth, beginning with Los Angeles. They were eventually driven off the planet by a combined force of humans and Transformers.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Quintessa-seijin (クインテッサ星人, "Planet Quintessa People")
  • Italian: Quintessenziali


  1. "Wreckers: Finale Part II"
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