Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Problems In Protihex

Characters: Optimus Prime, Deathsaurus, Starlock, Sideswipe, Blast Off, Elementia

Location: Protihex

Date: 03/04/2021

TP: Non-TP?

Summary: Deathsaurus in all his wisdom, decides its a good idea to pick a fight 
with Optimus Prime.

As logged by Starlock

Protihex - Eastern Equatorial Cybertron

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "people of Protihex"

It looks like any regular building. That's been bombed out. And graffiti painted. But like many of the others in this city, it is 'More than meets the eye.'

There's a shifting of something in the carefully constructed 'rubble' and from an underground tunnel, out steps Optimus Prime.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Polyhex has offered you protection under its wing. As it has been denied, we will be annexing the territory. Clearing out the buildings to make way for Destron ones. Gentrifying."

Starlock frowns at the sound of the broadband, her optics settling into a half-lidded position as she works on the small sensor box in front of her. ".....Oh you've gotta be fragging m--" Starlock then lets out a startled yelp at the sudden rumbling and surprise Prime! she doesn't recognize him right away, drawing her dual blades before realizing. "Oh.." she says and then looks down to her dropped tools.

<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "Deathsaurus, this isn't necessary. Protihex has existed where it is without the 'need' of any protextion from the Decepticons. I advise standing down and reconsidering your actions."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "This is not a Decepticon conquest. It is a Destron one. They have denied our protection and thus will be cleared out for Destron rebuilding. I give ample warning to the citizens to clear the land."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "Again, I advise you reconsider. Protihex has no need for Decepticon, nor Destron protection. As for your statement that you've given warning, why is this the -first- I am hearing of your offer, Deathsaurus."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "This is not an Autobot concern, Optimus Prime. I would suggest staying out of it."
<<Broadband>> Sideswipe says, "Slag off Deathsaurus."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "And I would advise you get your facts straight. Protihex -IS- an Autobot concern, an Autobot city."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "well not any longer."
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "... En route."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I will see to the cyberforming of Protihex...personally."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "I've given advise on this matter thrice now, Deathsaurus. So if you continue to push this matter, you will not enjoy the consequences."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "you can't stop me if you wanted to."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "I'd agree with you but then we would both be wrong."
<<Broadband>> Sideswipe says, "Dunno, we've done it a few times."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I've given the people of Protihex more tehn enough warning. Protihex first, then uraya."

Optimus Prime watches the hatch-rubble shift to cover that entry point then attention turns to, "Starlock. My intention wasn't to startle you." Optics a bright, almost icy hue of blue as he listes.. and responds to what might be an attack on Protihex. "I may have missed womthing traveling here. How are you?" Polite yet somewhat distracted tone. "Not what I'd planned at all on this visit but Primus must be smiling."

Sideswipe was on his way to Ibex when he'd picked up the broadcast. So of his own initiative he's headed off in that direction, transforming once he's at the gates, his weapon out. "This is gonna be -fun-. Doublecross was pretty nasty with him last time."

<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "As per my last missive Deathsaurus, you have been advised. And warned. Steer clear of Protihex, we have no quarrel with the Destrons. Or have you changed that once again?"
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "our contract is still with Megatron of course. And Polyhex must expand. You understand."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Its business."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "Very well. Decepticon."

Starlock looks more stressed and panicked the anything, she can't exactly get out of here quickly, and she didn't want to fight Deathsaurus, but here she was.. She lets out a weak laugh. "H-hey Prime.. was still here after Hot Rod and Magnus left.. just.." she lightly pokes a the box she was working on. "Working." She'd smile weakly. "Not. .what I was planning ether." She'd then activate her battle mask.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Far stronger then that."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "If you say so."
<<Autobot>> Imager says, "I am not looking forward to more of that big glitch in battle....*sigh*"
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "... Good luck."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll prove it if you want me to."

Deathsaurus flies in overhead. The Wyrm starts to circle, giving locals time to run at least. Its something.

Sideswipe is going to raise his weapon up and over into the air, going to quickly start running an analysis through his battle computer using data from the scrap or two with Deathsaurus he'd been in. The whole 'using a shuttle as blast charge' bit didn't seem particularly viable here. Even as Sideswipe would keep his weapon up and through the air. Evaluating distance, combat range.. Circling around so he wasn't in the same arc as the others if the big Destron came in to dive.

<<Autobot>> Optimus Prime says, "Well, it would seem he's chosen..."
<<Autobot>> Optimus Prime says, "Poorly."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "...He does that"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Like.. Alot"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Could be worse."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Don't say that!"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Nah, if this is off the cuff then it's not an organized attack and the Cons will be throwing in any backup if any far off. So hopefully we won't have to worry about a concentrated assault."
<<Autobot>> Starlock facepalms. "You do realize you've jinxed us, right?"
<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Man I wish Grimlock was on site"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Aware. It was gonna be inevitable so might as well get it through with."
<<Autobot>> City Commander Ultra Magnus says, "Any chance of just smacking him hard and chasing him off? I wonder what has him in the destructive mood."

Optimus Prime gives a shake of his head, "You can pull back to one of the shelters, Starlock. I've just."pause as the report about the work here hits his inbox. A brief moemnt to review as he /had/ been traveling. "You've done well to come here to focus. It is.." he reaches into subspace, pulling out his very own pathfinder righel, "Appreciated. I can speak to you more later." Turning to look up at the sky as the city proper shifts into a more ready mode. "I seem to have some trash to take out."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Who knows, he'll likely be apologizing in an hour"

Deathsaurus lands only moments later. He spreads his wings, making a big display before attacking anything. Maybe there is some 'good' in him. Gives any civilians a chance to hide. He doesnt seem to be going near the shelters.

Starlock look up seeing Des. "I think its a bit late for pulling back." She chuckles weakly, and instead gets into a combat position beside Optimus, her dual blades glowing brightly against the ruin landscape.

<<Autobot>> Optimus Prime says, "The degree of smack-down depends on him."

And then Sideswipe is moving along to the other side of Optimus, in a position where he can get a clear shot at the big guy. His weapon is out, and he's got it aimed over at Deathsaurus, even as eh's running through all of his combat simulations.

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Any tips on him Starlock for where we can hit if we have to?"

Deathsaurus nods "If we can keep the innocents from getting killed. Just so they know I mean business when I threaten them." he says. "This is indeed an honor. I get to meet the great Optimus Prime, face to face. And show him the defeat Megatron never could."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "You know I have oaths regarding that!"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Noted, not asking you to violate them."

Optimus Prime's optics narrow as the kaiju lands.. and proceeds to make a nuisance of himself to begin with. He looks left, one medic, he looks right, one frontliner, then he looks back at Deathsaurus, signaling to the town's systems proper to go into lock and load. Granted, there's nothing to -see- as things begin to go into defense readiness. But all the same.

"Your words are at opposition with your actions, Deathsaurus. Espousing protection in the face of full violence to take what is not offered. And now to bring in a desire to accomplish something even megatron has not done..." he shakes his head, tone low, "Your inferiority complex is fully justified if you insist upon comparing yourself to Megatron."

Switching to the side, Sideswipe has his laser rifle up and out. Darting a few dozen meters away from Deathsaurus, he has his weapon up and out. While he's running simulations through his battle computer and doing a tally of taunts, he's being quiet for once. He's just focusing on if this does come to shots, where he can attack. Or at the very least be a distraction.

His weapon is clenched in one hand, his shoulder launcher armed, and he's darting around to be in a position where he's not int he same field of fire.

Deathsaurus snarls, showing fangs. "I am /nothing/ like Megatron. I am a nightmare compared to him. Perhaps I need to show yoou. I am every bit a combatatant he is. If not more."

Starlock is cringing behind her battlemask, yep, Des is in a mood alright and deciding to take it out on others then think.. She'd glance up at Prime, then back to Deathsaurus.. Right.. Right she'd known the dragon for a while now, maybe she could calm this down before it got to out of hand? Would need to be mid fight though, once he gets whatever it is out of his system.. needed to keep megs from getting to badly hurt too so..

Starlock's pede's dig into the ground as she readies to launch forward to attempt to at least start disabling him.

Optimus Prime shakes his head, taking a step closer, then another, "Leave, Deathsaurus. In doing this, you are nothing more than another puppet on a meglomaniacs string, dancing to his desires. You have repeatedly stated that you are -simply- a contractor yet time and time again, you use what modicum of goodwill you build up to the detriment of the Autobots."

He settles his stance, optics narrowed, tone low, pitched to cary outwards, a low rumble rising and falling, "No more. Leave, with your delusions of adequacy. You are as much a tyrant and a villain as the one in who's footsteps you mimic time and time again." He cocks that rifle, settling it with both hands.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I AM NOTHING LIKE HIM"
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "Prove it. Leave."
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "this is for my empire not his."

Sideswipe would go to keep his weapon up and over on Deathsaurus, even as he's maneuvered over to the side. For once Sideswiep is not belittling, not taunting. Not getting overly aggressive. He's not taking an early shot, not throwing out more things that might get things to escalate. He's not juicing his jet pack as a show of force either. He has Deathsaurus covered, and is circling around wehre he has line of sight with STarlock and Optimus, but far enough out of the way that all of them hopefully can't be hit if the area is shelled.

<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "is it? You're doing exactly what he wants."

Deathsaurus on the other hand is making a gigantic display. He goes to a nearby building and whips his deadly tail into it, leaving a huge dent. "I can do what he cannot. I can defeat you. Easily."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Im a far greater threat then he is."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "then why don't you replace him with yourself and prove to the galaxy that you are not one and the same. Different package, same product."

Starlock knits her ridges, yeep, that was going to set him off and make it harder... Tension, way to much tension in the air, just a matter of who was going to pull the pin. "Des...Calm down, you're.. having one of those moods again." She says uneasily.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "You do not control me!"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "We hold fire unless he shoots first?"
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "No."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "Megatron does."
<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "I believe you think that."
<<Broadband>> Sideswipe says, "Didn't he get better?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll Prove it to you, Optimus Prime. NOW!"

Optimus Prime hmms, glancing at Starlock, "I know you.. and he.. have had a history of befriending one another despite everyuthing he has done to others. But there are lines, Starlock. And he has chosen to attack a city he has no reason to other than to prove to himself he is better than /Megatron/. At what? Mindless warfare and destruction?"

Louder, for those in the back, "If you think that Deathsaurus..." he levels his gun at the beast, "I invite you to -test that assumption at your convienence-."

<<Broadband>> Optimus Prime says, "If you think that Deathsaurus... I invite you to -test that assumption at your convienence-."

Sideswipe would sweep around and finally break his silence. "We have no quarrel with you, Deathsaurus. We've mostly stayed out of one another's way. So now you're doing this for.. What reason exactly?" He goes to cut off the rest of his comment. Probably along the lines of 'For Megatron's Approval'.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "I'm still stuck on the mental image of Optimus havin ta call Deathsaurus Mom like Star Saber if Deathy tries doing what he did to Star Saber."

Deathsaurus launches himself directly at Optimus Prime, optics red with rage. "I AM NOT HIS." whooboy that hit a trigger.

>> Deathsaurus misses Optimus Prime with Smash. <<
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "You think Im a laughing stock?! I will prove otherwise!"
<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "I wasn't laughin, you made so many bots so happy when you did that for us. You practically have a fan club."

"Crap..." Starlock says with knitted ridges as Deathsaurus blows up over the broadband, yeah he's in a rage, no getting through to him now! going to need to get him to let some of that steam out first! She'd glance up at Prime and then back to Deathsaurus and click on her radio.

"<< I know, and when he gets like this, the only thing that can be done is fight... Our friendship doesn't change that, and he knows that, I /will/ defend against him.. So don't worry, I'm not going to hesitate.>>" Starlock radios Optimus, part of her hoping he'll realize whom she is and where her loyalties lie.. and then Des lunges! Oooh Slag its on!

And with movement, Starlock quickly jumps out of the way to the left, her pede-thrusters kicking on and she then lunges forward at Des's side, taking a swipe at a pair of exposed wires!

>> Starlock misses Deathsaurus with Solar Slice. <<

Elementia floats into the area quietly, or as quietly as she can considering lightning crackles across the spherical orb as she almost lazily heads towards where she senses her Queen's consort at. No hostile actions of any kind as she moves into a nearby position where she can see the encounter fully.

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "easy for you to say over there, child."

Optimus Prime had been readied for any movement, activity, action. And as Deathsarus' words rose into that rage across planetary comms, the Autobot leader braced himself, prepared. << Starlock... Another time.. >> The immense kaiju launches himself bodily at Prime and in turn Optimus pivots like a prized bullfighter. "You act just as he did once upon a time, Deathsaurus. Words, entireties, poisoned whispers, luring others in then turning on them when their use is completed. Before snaking back to once more plead for aid."But instead of waving a cape to let the creature pass unmolested, he instead shifts grip on that rifle of his, bringing it down and out, hard and fast in a rifle-butt smash. "I will -not- have a second Megatron destroy Cybertron.. again."

>> Optimus Prime strikes Deathsaurus with Smash. <<

So much for any sort of parley. But the Destron started it. And so even as Deathsaurus goes to attack, Sideswipe goes to fire his rocket launcher off. He's boosting himself up and over into the air. A quick halfa second burst which sends him flying up twenty meters. A half second more for another thirty. Then he's going to launch a grappler over to Deathsaurus. A low quality one, meant for just helping to pull cargo. But it would flick through the air with just enough of a 'nab' to reel him in.

Then he's going to use it as a 'guideline' as he would boost his rocket pack and fly in towards the big Con! The line would break, and Sideswipe's fist is going and aimed over at a plate near the back of his neck! If he can, going to strike over in a spot where he could hopefully do a bit of damage or chip away at the armor. Then whether or not he would make more than a deant (in Deahtsaurus or his fist) he's going to rapidly rocket boost away. While seeing the ligtning bursts in the distance and calling out along inter-Autobot radio frequencies <<Another Destron at range>> Giving an identity-tag over on Elementia as a warning.

Then a call at Deathsaurus, "And the only deal you're ever going to get from Megatron is his fusion cannon at you and the bright light at the end of the tunnel."

>> Sideswipe misses Deathsaurus with Bash. <<

Deathsaurus takes the smash and transforms to give himself more agility. "You question my honor now. I am nothing like him!" he says, both sets of optics glowing. "NOTHING!" he sitesteps Sideswipe. "Here. " he tries to pick up the Lambo and throw him at Prime. "Catch!"

>> Deathsaurus succeeds with his generic combat roll on Sideswipe. <<

Starlock hisses as she misses, that pit of anxiety in her tanks isn't doing her any favors, as it made her miscalculate... That twisting knot of hot anxiety in her tanks wasn't regarding the fight regarding Des... It was now regarding how Prime was perceiving her at this moment regarding Deathsaurus... She hated it, but she needed to push those thoughts aside.

Course no one could hear her thoughts. Instead what they Starlock gripping her dual blades tightly and swings back around for another strike in her piddly bid to harass Deathsaurus.

>> Starlock misses Deathsaurus with Crescent Cut. <<

Elementia simply floats in the air a safe distance away, observing and recording the battle.

Optimus Prime's rifle-stock smacks into the kaiju and Optimus sidesteps again, bounce-hopping backwards as the rifle returns to the ready. "Honor? Facts, Deathsaurus, Facts. You aren't stupid, you're simply blind. You -are- as bad as Megatron. If not something -worse-. Offering friendship with one hand, seeking to destroy what those friends work to protect with the other."

Optics widening as Starlock and Sideswipe hoth leap into the fray, swinging, strincing out. Even though there are misses, the additional effort seems to be keeping Deathsaurus on his proverbial toes. And as the kaiju transforms, grabbing Sideswipe, Optimus surges forward, transforming down, full Peter-built diesel engine rumbling to life with a roar. Smoke streams from pipes as he shifts, and shifts again, driving -straight- for Deathsaurus with intent to meet-n-greet.

>> Optimus Prime rams Deathsaurus! <<

And then as Sideswipe would just hit the armor and do nothing, he's once again caught by surprise as Deathsaurus would go to yank him out of midair ever so deftly to grapple him. Straining, Sideswipe would go to grunt out at Deathsaurus, "Yeah, you're nothing like Megatron.."

Going to heave over and struggle. "You have some. Megatron doesn't. He keeps no oaths." Going to try and get free but likely not. "Early on in the conflict on Earth, Megatron challenged Optimus to an honor battle for the planet under Cybertronian law. Megatron cheated in the battle and violated the rules of the honor duel. On top of that he lost the battle after he cheated. he didn't abandon the planet either when Optimus permitted the Decepticons to withdraw so they could go back to Cybertron. So he violated his oath for the battle and the consequences of it. You're supposed to have honor. Megatron doesn't."

And then the Lambo's world is going to be rocked as Optimus goes to ram down on Deathsaurus hard!

Deathsaurus places Sideswipe down, only moments before Optimus rams him. He doesnt throw him or anything. Perhaps hes more focused on the Autobot leader. But then the Prime rams into him sending him hurling to his big kaiju aft. "No. You heard your commander. I am Deathsaurus. I am.. a beast. No more. No less." with that he stands and moves towards prime, trying to literally kick him into submission.

>> Deathsaurus misses Optimus Prime with Kick. <<

"You know that's bullshit Des!" Starlock snaps at Deathsaurus as she takes another swing at him with her blades trying her best to get through to him, while at the same time, treating him as a real threat. "You don't /have/ to do this!" she adds as she starts gritting her denta hard in frustration at just how nimble the Kaiju is.

>> Starlock misses Deathsaurus with Crescent Cut. <<

Elementia continues to float as she watches, a soft giggle escaping at the sheer audacity of some of these comments.

Optimus Prime's trukk self slams into Deathsaurus, knocking the Destron down. And he speeds past, he brakes, one of those slide-jack-knife turns that seems to have the semi teetering on the edge of roll-over before he regains traction and transforms once more. "I didn't say you were a -beast- Deathsaurus." That rifle is in hand, pulsing a rapid-fire sequence of heavy lasers out at the Destron Leader. He's a big mech, there's a lot of real estate Optimus can aim for. "Falling back on 'If you think I'm a beast, I'll act like one?'. That sounds a great deal like 'You made me do it, it's your fault I'm being violent'. Last I checked.." -fwoom-, "We weren't in that kind of relationship."

>> Optimus Prime misses Deathsaurus with Rapid-Fire <Medium>. <<

Even as he would be flung to the side and hit the ground, Sideswipe is giong to get up again. Going to stabilize himself, and then he's going to shake off some of the daze. He's going to boost himself up once more, going to fire off his jetpack. "Megatron just wants power for Megatron's sake. If you're going to be better.. Then just remember Megatron makes everything ashes. The smelting pits, Crystal City.. You want to work for the guy, then you know what he is, what he does. And do you think he's going to faithfully render any sort of bargain? And a monster.. I don't know."

Sideswipe would boost up into the air once more, rocketing in towards Deathsaurus' from the opposite side from the ram. Musing. "I've done horrible things. I've seen them. I've paid the price for what I did 'cuz it was justified. Do you see yourself as one? Or better than it?" And Sideswipe is going in for a sudden attack from the side, another boost of his rocket pack. And he's going in to transform one of his fists over to a piel driver, aiming it at just one of thsoe heavy armored neck panels. Then he's going to boost away again, trying to keep Deathsaurus off balance while engaging in hit and run tactics. Using the Autobot tightbeam <<We just let the observer stay up there for now?>>

>> Sideswipe strikes Deathsaurus with Hammer-Punch. <<
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Starlock, does he have any weak points that you can share -without- it breaching confidentiality?"

Deathsaurus doesn't stand up as quickly after that ram. He snarls his mace...a mace like a certain someone's forms in his hand. He leaks energon from several wounds already, his left wing held at an unnatural angle. "If you want to do this, then lets do it up close." he says. "Stop psychoanalyzing me and start fighting. Megatron provides for my people. We have a city, our fortress. He might not be the best ally but hes the best right now. I do not expect you to understand the Destron way, Autobot. You are just like Star Saber." he says as if thats some sort of insult.

>> Deathsaurus strikes Optimus Prime with Flail. <<

There is further agitation growing in Starlock's strikes... He's way to focused on Prime... She'd snort out in anger, right, time to /really/ hit a soft spot. "Seriously how are your kids supposed to look up to someone that lashes out the second he gets agitated?!"

Yeah no, if anyone was going to poke /that/ it was going to be her... Aaand knowing what bear she just poked, she takes a quick swipe and starts running.

>> Starlock strikes Deathsaurus with Solar Slice. <<

Elementia simply rotates and float, little crackles of energy and various elements dancing along her rounded form.

Optimus Prime's rifle blows wisps of coolant after the rapid fire pattern bursts forth. And the crimson mech braces, turning as Deathsarus comes after him with that mace, so like another's, in hand. there's a brief widening of optics as first Sideswipe, then Starlock close the distance to melee range and the prime braces, shifting in the much more occupied space so as not to interfere in the others space, that mace digging gouges out of his frame. Rifle dissipates into subspace, fingers flex, and an energy axe forms, working to keep the Destron Leader's attention on himself, "Does he provide? Or is he using you until he's ready to consume you, destroy you, absorb you and yours into his own. It's.." SWING upwards into that closed space, "Only a matter of time before he turns on you. Like he has done to so many others."

>> Optimus Prime misses Deathsaurus with Energy-Axe. <<

And then with a jump into the air and hitting the ground, Sideswipe would shift over in an array of parts, going to transform over to the form of a lambourghini. "WEll, sorry it has to be that way." Then he's goign to rush along with his tires lighting fires. Going to boost along over towards Deathsaurus, if he can going in over from the side as he' spushing his engine well past it's redline state. Motor revving, burning, him blasting along. Then over with one KICK going to try and spin around to try and do a quick SLAM over to Deathsaurus' lower level, then going to kick past him to boost away with a quick twist. Even while Starlock is going to hit Deathsaurus from the other side, he's going to hem on in to try and make sure that the kaijusaurus-wrecks can't go after her. Intnet on if he can trying to send Deathsaurus to a tumble. Intent on trying to give him a rough and heavy.. SIDESWIPE.

>> Sideswipe rams Deathsaurus! <<

Deathsaurus is /completely/ battlefocused. A creature designed for combat, he knows how to keep his focus. He grunts. "They will proudly see their father defend his territory. As for megatron. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Now... now I msut take what is mine." He says as hes rammed again, a lambo shaped dent sparking in his side to match his big rig dents. Hes slowing down but trying not to show it as he swings that mace.

>> Deathsaurus misses Optimus Prime with Flail. <<
GAME: Starlock PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

"Will they?! Or will they just see you doing what megatron does!? Des you're /not/ him." There is a pause as Starlock realizes something as she rushes at the Kaiju's exposed wires and joints once more.

"Whats going on?! You've not done this in /months/!" She yells.

>> Starlock misses Deathsaurus with Crescent Cut. <<

Elementia transforms and keeps floating in the air, crossing her leg over the other and looking as if she was sitting in in a chair mid-air, a flick of her hands and she is holding a cup of something that gives off steam that can be easily seen even from a distance and sips from it before going aaahhh... "A nice quaint tea.. and a show. A good evening."

Optimus Prime's axe slices mid-air whiffing apparently but that doesn't seem to stop Optimus now that they're engaged. Still, words matter, and even now, embroiled in close quarters, he questions, "You can -still- leave this city alone, go back to Polyhex, leave Protihex alone, Deathsa-.." cutting himself off as Deathsaurus states that the city is already his. "No." Spinning out of the way of the incoming flail, then swinging the flat-head of that axe at Deathsaurus, "You've been warned. You were asked, you are being -used- Deathsaurus. If you won't heed words then.. "

>> Optimus Prime misses Deathsaurus with Smash. <<

With Deathsaurus and Optimus Prime engaged in close quarters, Sideswipe would bounce off from the ram, then as he's going to dance along, looking for an opening. And then as he sees a moment where Optimus isn't in the range, he's going to charge in over with a quick slice aimed over with his fist. Trying to strike Deathsaurus over in one of those heavily dented areas, he's going to try and rapidly disengage whether or not his fist can actually do any damage to the superheavy armor.

>> Sideswipe misses Deathsaurus with Smash. <<

Deathsaurus is extremely fast for a creature his size. He rolls out of the way of both Optimus's axe and Sideswipe's ram "Wait your turn, Sideswipe, Starlock..." he says. "I can only crush one attacker at a time. This one reminds me of Star Saber.." he kicks at Prime. Thats why hes so focused on him. He has star saber focus. "And will die just like he did."

"He's not Star Saber you moron!" Starlock snaps as she slides a crossed the field, sheething her blades, she then draws... A dart gun!? "You need to calm down!" She lets loose one shot!

>> Starlock strikes Deathsaurus with Tranq <Medium>. <<
>> Deathsaurus temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

Elementia hhmss as she sips at her tea and floats, her free hand flicking in the air and making some notes in a random language that fade away before taking another sip.

Elementia is just floating in the air and watching.

Optimus Prime's axe is replaced with his hand as it performs an inspection of the very air near Deathsaurus without causing the other mech any lasting memory. He's working to keep track of the other two Autobots engaged, and in doing so finds himself precariously positioned, when a FOOT slams in, drivign across middle. Optics Blaze and both hands grab Deathsaurus' leg, the convoy jerking at the Destron as fingers sink in and he twists like a discus thrower, working to leverage the rest of deathsaurus momentum against him, a full on grab, JERK-CRUSH into the ground. Yes, Deathsaurus may be bigger.

But this is Optimus Prime. Who may have missed what Starlock hit Deathsaurus with.


>> Optimus Prime strikes Deathsaurus with Crush. <<

And if Sideswipe would have noticed he would have simply gone on that this is a fight, Deathsaurus is trying to conquer the area, and they can defend themselves. And a tranq dart will only slow him. They're fighting to contain him. Not to calm him down. So as Optimus goes to slam onto Deathsaurus, Sideswipe is going in hard from the other side, going to launch in with a series of attacks.

"You're not dealing with Star Saber. You're dealing with OPTIMUS PRIME." He would go to try and swing his fists from the opposite side, trying to take the hit to Deathsaurus while he was down!

>> Sideswipe critically strikes Deathsaurus with Kick! <<
Deathsaurus is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Deathsaurus is hit with the sedative. He staggers backwards, his vision clearing for a moment. "Star Sa..." he says. "Optimus. Optimus Prime. His Optimus prime. fighting him just like.." he starts to lower his weapons as he realizes what hes doing, before a 18 wheeler rams into him, followed by the lambo kick. He goes flying backwards, rolling over a few times before staying perfectly still.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "<Disconnects>"
[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "<disconnects>"
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> <disconnects>
<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "<disconnects>"

Starlock frowns, part of her wanting to ask the two if that was honestly necessary after she darted him, but she bites her tongued, and instead, goes full medic mode, sliding her gun back into her sub-space and rushes over to stablize him. "You're an idiot." Starlock sighs out.

GAME: Starlock PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Deathsaurus is very still where he collapsed. When Starlock starts to stabilize him, his visible wires and circuitry start to glow dimly. Still unconscious but alive. One of his wings twitches but thats about it.

Optimus Prime steps back and releases as Deathsaurus is made one with the ground. A shake of his head, a frown behind his mask as he waits, tensly before, "Starlock. Only stabilize him. We'll need to move him out of the city. His own can pick him up." A brief pause before, "What.. did you shoot him with, Starlock?" coming to the conclusion that there /was/ something amiss for a brief moment.

Sideswipe would go to cover Deathsaurus with his weapon over as he would keep it aimed over at the semi-conscious Destron. While watching over at Elementia's last position as well. "So, what are we going to do with him, SIr?"

Elementia floats down slowly, making no effort to hide but making it clear she isnt looking for a fight, "I believe you have helped my Queen's Consort enough. I will take him back for my Queen's judgement on his actions." She comes to a stop floating a few feet off the ground next to Deathsaurus, "Or will the three of you attack me as well?" She raises a hand and touches Deathsaurus' side but does nothing... yet.

"Sedative's we use on Quickswitch to calm him down when he starts to uh.. have a episode, while in the medbay." Starlock admits with puffed cheeks. "Not enough to knock him out but calm him down." She says as she's doing just that, stabilizing him, before she looks up at Elementia. "...Okay A, Who the frag are you?, B, No, not unless ya' gonna attack us. and C, he's stable." She finishes.

Elementia keeps her focus on Prime, ignoring the others as she floats there quietly, just lightly touching Deathy.

Deathsaurus hears the familiar voice of one of his destrons, distantly and feels the hand on his side. His top optics light very dimly but he probably doesnt see a thing. Then they go dark again, as if part of him knows Destrons are nearby and hes safe.

Optimus Prime's optics narrow once again as that 'unknown' floats in. A stiff nod of his head, watching Starlock, then Sideswipe before, "Your Queen should address his attempt to storm one of our cities and claim as his own. Despite -repeated- warnings to not attack, he did. And we defended with extreme prejudice." A blink at Starlock before, "We're going to need to have a talk again. Nothing -bad- but... concerns and coordination. Coordinating such a thing is preferred, Starlock."

Peering at Elementia, "He's alive, he's all yours. He tries this again, the same will happen. We will /not/ bend nor allow our lines to be crossed again. Get him out of -our- city."

Starlock flinches and frowns behind her mask, and goes silent as she moves off Des to allow Elementia to do her thing as she sits off to the side.

Sideswipe would keep his weapon up and over but as Eleemtnia is not holding her own up, Sideswipe's isn't pointed over at her. More in an 'at ready' position just in case things escalate. He would glance at Prime, then over at Starlock with a shrug. But his weapon is not pointing over at any-Con in specific and as Prime would speak he would go, "Yes, Sir."

Blast Off is hearing a lot of confusing things on the radio ...something about Deathsaurus being offlined or something? Then it sounds like someone is retreiving him, then he hears nothing... what IS going on over there? The Combaticon is already airborne, so he sends a message to Elementia: "<< So, were you getting Deathsaurus, then? I mean, not that I *care* or anything.... but... you know, just checking. >>"

Elementia simply watches the barbarians that call themselves Autobots, her hand resting still as she maintains her floating position. Her sensors pick-up the approach of another before her focus returns to Prime, "My Queen's Consort is a idiot but he is my Queen's Idiot and therefor it is my duty to protect her property after it cannot do so itself. Whatever he did you can speak to her about, it is not my place to make any decisions... she is the only one who can talk sense into him." She pauses, "Sometimes."

Her gaze shifts as she focuses on the approaching shuttle and sends a quick focused message. <<Brace for additional weight>> Then there is a flash of blackness large enough to cover both her and the Destron leader to which as it fades shows both have disappeared... though a certain shuttle /might/ suddenly wobble as additional weight, a great DEAL of additional weight, is brought into his cargohold, as well as a grunt that can almost be heard outside of the shuttle, "BLOODY SWINDLING SPARKS, CONSORT! YOUR FRAGGING HEAVIER THEN YOU LOOK!" Seems a certian Queen's Guard failed her courtesy roll.

Deathsaurus is fairly heavy, limp and dead weight. Hes completely still, but stable. He doesnt twitch at all. A lot of good he does.

Starlock sighs and looks over everyone there and gets up, going about doing some field patches to those there before they head back.

Optimus Prime blinks.. and heaves a long-suffering sigh. "Well.."He looks around, then up, then around again.

"that happened."

As there was a flash and then Deathsaurus would be gone, Sideswipe would hear up in the air the distance sound of The Emo Shuttle, and go to aim his weapon up in the air.. Then take it down. And he would shrug. "It's over. You need me for any repairs here, Sir?"

"<< Additional weight? What do you mean additional weight...>>" Wait, what? What's she mean by.... Oh. Blast Off suddenly has a HUGE SPACE DRAGON teleported INSIDE HIS CARGO BAY...and while his shuttle mode is sizable, he's not THAT much bigger than Deathsaurus in this mode. The sudden weight knocks him for a loop, almost literally, and the Combaticon finds himself struggling to maintain course and altitude as his sensors and thrusters adjust, causing the shuttle to wobble dangerously for a long moment. "<< EXCUSE ME, YOU CAN'T JUST->>" ...Well, wait, she just did. Somehow. Des's head and neck may be trailing out of the cargo hold, however. "<< NEXT TIME GIVE ME MORE WARNING!>>" The shuttle lets out a big *huffff*....but he somehow manages to remain airborne, and even return to a steady course.

Starlock watches the weird display of Destrons and Decepticons and just.. shakes her helm. "...Yeep.. been a while since it that's happened.." Starlock says, rubbing at her arm, she gives Sideswipe a scan and nods that he's unharmed.. She lets out a tired sigh and walks over to start collecting her tools, maybe to go back to work.

Elementia slumps against Blast Off's walls as smoke flips from a few joints, "I did. I gave you thirty seconds. You claim your the best in the business.. Prove it." As her optics flicker a bit, "I am sure my Queen will reward you for returning him.. promtly. If not... I will see about.. acquiring this.. wine.. you always seem.. to want.." And with that she slips into a sleep-cycle.

Deathsaurus continues to lay still very still very unconscious. If he were awake he'd be pondering his life decisions.

Optimus Prime concerns himself with watching that shuttle depart. "Thank you Starlock." he comments as the mini bot medic tends ot the damage he took while defending the city. "This is troubling, a single mech coming after the city, no matter who it was. I need to speak to magnus and elita about our plans." A nod, a look around the city, decked in post-imperialism debris and rubble form past Decepticon incurions. Optics narrow, he gives a shake of his head, and he heads towards one of the 'rubbled' buildings, "Carry on with the reinforcing of the structures here, I'm needed back in Iacon."

Sideswipe would give a salute to Prime, "Yes, Sir." And then he would go to transform and head out. Then he's going to drive along in the direction of Ibex. Which was his original destination just a dozen or so breems ago before he had gotten sidetraked with this fracas.

Starlock nods in agreement. "Understood, safe steps." she says, as her frame relaxes a little, she's not in trouble.. at least not now, her finials drooping.

Blast Off huffs at Elementia's response...but FINE. "<<FINE. I *am* the best, I'll get him home in no time flat. I just... well, YOU try gaining several metric tons of weight and see how YOU like it...>>" HUFF. The shuttle makes his way to get Des safely home, hwoever, despite all his grumblings. Deathsaurus and company sure OUGHT to be grateful, indeed!

Elementia flickers back online for a moment, long enough to mutter at Blast Off, "Try being the one.. who had to teleport several metric tons. Now.. home, Jeeves." But doesnt stay awake long before slipping asleep again.