Transformers Universe MUX

Prism Spark is a Cybertronian journalist.


Prism Spark is black colored mech with bright lavender optics and a number of rainbow patterns on various parts of his frame, his alt-mode is a sleek futuristic speeder, much like that of a futuristic Citroen Survolt, with rainbow L.E.DS,



Jul 31 - Vos Grand ReOpening

>>A familiar rainbow accented black mech appears on screen lavender optics bright, a smile on his face.<<

Hey-hey hey everyone~ this is you Internet news reporter, Prism Spark! and boy do I have something interesting for you today.
It seems the Ruins of Vos are, well, no longer Ruins! It appears Starscream and some mysterious benefactors have been working on the city the past months to the point its moved to where they can reopen...
That note it seems neutrals are no longer being enslaved there, course that doesn't mean they are not on guard being in a decepticon city, and its past history of enslavement! On that note, the city is still hostility to Autobots, (Well no duh!, I just said why) Given Starscream's involvement, there questions if there is something bigger at play, did he do this under Megatron's nose? and more! but we'll have to wait for the answers to those, if we ever get them!
Stay Safe, and This is Prism Spark, Signing out.
>>With a wink and a two fingered salute, the video ends.<<

Dec 24 - Holiday Recap!

>>When the Video plays the screen starts black but soon varying colored shooting stars cross it in a rainbow formation before cutting away to Prism Spark sat in his chair. feet up and a rather colorful charismas hat on. charismas lights in his background and his wearing a rainbow garland around his shoulders like a boa.<<

"Good evening folks, its your favorite internet troll-host, Prism Spark here with a bit of fun with a recap of this month for the holidays, know with all the doom-and-gloom going on, why don't we lighten the mood bit? So lets start off strong with the main story of the day!

>>An Image still of Soundwave and Ghost in the Helix Gardens of Praxus appear on screen. looks like their on a late night picnic!<<

Looks like Soundwave's found himself a partner for a date night, who'd thought he'd of all people have romantic intentions, What's next, going to tell me Shockwave can flirt? Hah! But don't worry folks, this picnic isn't the only proof we have of this con-due-o... That note

>>Another image of Ghost Kissing Soundwave with his mask lifted. Given though the pictures partly cut off obscuring most of Soundwave's face<<

This has to be the most well placed crystal, or some comedic attempt at bad Photography, but hey, who knew Soundwave had a mouth. But, that aside, seems these two have been a thing for a number of months now, as there seems to be some rather amusing tales about a drinking night out at the roll out dating back to sometime before October that leaked out onto the the radio-communlinks... And Whom is this lucky femme? Well sources say her name is Ghost, fitting huh? spooks with spooks.

Moving on from that, seems Altihex is planning on holding something of a charismas party, hmm ever since that place was attacked by decepticons, they've been awful quite, but they look to have quickly recovered as well, and then some.

Moving over to the Next natural city on our list, New Harmonex looks to be lighting up, literally, seems they've started the growth of new singing crystals there, and are starting to complete a lot of their construction.

Oh Yeah, and you all heard about Deathsaurus, right? apparently something called the 'dark spark' miight have swallowed him up! Or, least, that's what I've been reading on the internet and hearing over panicked broadbands.

Sadly I got nothing to report regarding Valvolux and Tyger Pax just yet, but when I know, you'll know~ and On that last note, seems that little tape Autobot, Scales, seems to be doing quite well with that garden she's building of plants, maybe some community's can help out with that, yeah?~

Finely, remember folks, Space bridges are still on lockdown till further notice, and be sure to get your dweller vaccination, this has been Prism Spark, bringing you some news~


Feb 13 - New Roundup~

"Hello everyone~! Its your favorite, colorful internet new host, Prism Spark~ and mech, do we have a number of stories to cover today."
"First up, seems like Cryotek got called out by New Harmonex's leader over the broadband, reports state that Doomfist, and Legbreaker where seen retreating from the area with overall, miner wounds, but New Harmonex's leader looked worse for where, despite repelling the two goons, on that note..."
"Destrons! That's right /Destrons/ where seen responding to help aid the leader, there's also reports of a number of Decepticons seen responding to the Autobot's aid.. Now there's an interesting development.... Wonder how that is going to go over, specially now that the New Harmonex Crystals are as big as a small Cybertronian building, and are starting to produce their own song."
"Reports of a ruckus in Vos with a lot of big decepticon names appearing in something that apparently involved Starscream, and a throw-down between Cyclonus and Starscream ensued, Starscream coming out the victor, his prize? A cannoning from Megatron! Can anyone say their surprised?"
"Reports that the space bridges are clear and functional have been leaking out over comes and the internet, and by the sounds, the Dweller has finely been vanquished thanks to a team effort, so travel can once more begin."
"And Lastly, Evacuation orders for those in the area of Ibex have been ordered, given Starscream's recent reveal of Trypticon being moved, (likely what that cannoning was about.) most are prepping for a worse case scenario, given the past destruction of Harmonex... Everyone's keeping their optics and audiles open for information on the situation, and we will bring you more once we know more."
"For now, this has been Prism Spark, with the news~"

Nov 06 - Live Coverage: Ultrix Leveled

>>When the Video plays the screen starts black but soon varying colored shooting stars cross it in a rainbow formation before cutting away to Prism Spark sat in his chair, looking lost for words, tired and horrified, a rainbow scarf around his pauldrons.<<
"This is Prism Spark, reporting with live footage of the crater where Ultrix once lay, and held a concert just a mere few days ago, reports are still coming in of the missing, and presumed dead, Autobot, Decepticon, and Unaligned alike, as to what happened? We're unsure.
According to Autobot and Decepticon witnesses, the city was attacked by an unknown space fairing assailant during a weather event that took place the night before, and that the attackers likely using the weather as a cover.
Some sort of tachyon or Iaonic laser to raise the city in only a few shots, and causing Decepticon Titan Trypticon to flee to Polyhex, and leave it the molten, burning creator we see today, there still reports of it being hot, and officials and security are warning to stay away till it cools as the molten mercury and its fumes could cause ventilation issues...
The planet wide alert that was sent out the night before by the Autobot, Starlock, is still in effect and most places are on high alert. Lastly, what is known by the public about the situation, is that this attack was foreign, not Autobot, Decepticon, Destron, or other, nor was it neutral.. Currently, by all reports, the factions are working together to find out what happened, and who is attacking us...
This has been Prism Spark, and I can only hope you hearing this, are safe, and well.. Know you're not alone...
>>The live footage shows, Where once wide, expansive open spaces were, adorned with performance venues, a city coming back to life now lies destroyed. An immense crater forms from where once a tower, only recently redesigned once stood, backfilled by debris and the Mithril Sea itself. Gouges of burnt and melted metal ripple across the former sleepy town, nothing over a single story remains, and what does remain is shattered, a showcase of burnt out frames of what once was.
The broken arch of the Amphitheater juts forlornly out of the sea itself, waves crashing against its pillars, covering the ancient seats and rippling across what is now another cove, debris and skeletal building remnants poking out here and there through the silvery surface.<<