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Prepare for oblivion!

PRIMUS PILUS "takes to the skies in disguise" as he attacks his enemies like a tormented tornado of terror! Stealth-armor deflector shields allow for invisible attacks - Autobot radar is rendered obsolete! Converts into tank mode and levels entire cities! Gatling gun provides rapid-fire devastation.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Stealth bomber mode

In 2022, Primus Pilus came through a warp gate and attacked G.I. Joes over Nebulos, before re-entering the warp gate and emerging once more over Earth. Once there, he damaged the Delta station and nearly killed Marissa Faireborn in the process.

Primus Pilus later showed up at the Cybertron peace negotiations, disrupting the event and claiming to be Megatron. He then took over Kolkular and called others to join him.

Tank mode

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Logs / Posts


Feb 11 - My Return

The black and purple features of Primus Pilus appears on the screen. “My Decepticons. I have returned to Cybertron after having been gone only a very short time to find a peace conference, one which I would have never approved of, being held and Starscream giving Optimus Prime first choice of... concessions. This is not something I, or you should stand for. There will be peace. But only when Optimus Prime and his Autobots submit to our authority. Cybertron is ours and ours alone. We do not need to share it with anyone. We are Decepticons. Cybertron is ours to rule.

I see your doubts as to who I am upon my return. Know that I am Megatron, leader of the true Decepticons. Those that choose to follow me. I am in Kaon, as I should be at the place where it all began. Those who will not take a knee and let Optimus Prime dictate how to divide /our/ empire, are free to join me. Those that do not will be... handled appropriately. Doubters may see me in person.

As for my regent, Starscream. You have 48 groons to abdicate the throne. Since you have more or less done what you can to keep the empire from falling to complete shambles, I will give you this chance to return things to status quo. Know that my mercy is limited to this. After that, I will be retaking my throne by force.

Decepticon spinny, transmission ends.

May 15 - Optimus Prime has fallen

The image of Primus Pilus appears on the screen, surrounded by the fires of battle - of the potential fall of Stanix. "Decepticons. Optimus Prime fell by my hands tonight, and currently Ghost is in possession of the Matrix. If she returns it to me, then all shall be fine. She will be safe. As for Stanix... (A wicked half smile appears on his face) Thunderwatch betrayed us this evening. And Stanix will fall. Feel free to participate in the burning and plunder of the city. Its fate is on his hands. None will defy the Decepticon cause. DECEPTICONS FOREVER.

May 30 - RE:Vos

       Primus Pilus appears on the screen
        Decepticons. Stanix has fallen for its treachery. Helex is now dead, both awaiting new governors. So who defies me next? Vos. Starscream, I give you twenty four hours to stop this insurrection and surrender to me. I'd rather see Vos under control then in flames. Your master, Megatron out.

  • June 3 - "Bringing the Kaiju to Heel" - Primus Pilus calls Deathsaurus out for so many things the Destron Commander has done and 'negotiations', Decepticon-Style, happen.

Jun 04 - A Return to the Fold

Pilus's craggy and -grinning- visage comes across the screen. The Emperor and Warlord looks inordinately pleased with himself, despite sporting signs of a recent fight.

It is with great enjoyment that I report that Deathsaurus agreed to /re-negotiate/ terms and conditions of his and his Destrons' employment with my empire. After some choice discussions and terse responses, the negotiations went firmly in my favor. -That grin spreads into a sneering smirk-. 
The Destrons are now fully part and parcel of /my/ empire. All Destrons will be remanded to include my empire's emblem prominently and... as a gesture to their unit's determination and drive, retain their own strike teams' insignia as well. Determination of their command structure is not finalized at this time, but that will be forthcoming in the next few cycles. 
Lady Esmeral, you are to report to me, in Kaon, immediately. We have much to discuss about positions, front lines and your conjunx. Once we have had our little -talk-, Commander Leozak is then to report to me, in Kaon. 
Now... as for Hellbat, who thought it prudent to interrupt our negotiations with attempts at both treachery and overthrowing Deathsaurus, he is to be brought to me or my lieutenants for a brief re-education on what negotiations -are-. If the self-styled 'independent' Goth is located, he, also, is to be brought to me. For yet -again- attempting to interfere in matters of state, it seems he has forgotten more of what it is to be a Decepticon in the face of scavenging on the edges of civilization. He, too, will have his chance to speak his piece. 
As for those who remain against me, know this: Stanix was a -gentle- reminder. Helex will come to heel. Tarn, Kaon, Polyhex are all in line. There is no Empire without -Me-. There are no -Decepticons- save for those that serve -Me-. 
Shockwave, Cyclonus, Soundwave - report to me. We have -much- to discuss. 

--Command Lock (Division XO and up, but only the known 'loyal' Decepticon command by and by)--

Ghost was the last one visibly reported as having the Autobots' Matrix of Leadership. Find her, bring her in. If not possible, the Matrix itself will suffice.

His grinning sneer is the last thing seen on the screen before it fades into the Imperial insignia.

Decepticon logo.jpg

  • July 27 - "My Trusted Spymaster" - Pilus calls Soundwave to task. Is his most loyal still loyal?
  • July 27 - "Vos Assault Voyeurs" - As Pilus sends his forces to assault Vos, Soundwave and he continue to have a discussion. And then Starscream joins the comms with a verbally scathing rhetoric. Is it misdirection, chaos, or are there deeper mysteries?

Jul 27 - Orders

Decepticons. Nothing goes in or out of Vos without my permission. If they try to flee, shoot them down and drag them to the prisons. If they come to surrender, take their weapons, imprison them until further notice. We will end this with as little violence as possible. They -are- Decepticons. They are misled and believing in the silver tonged words of a known traitor and liar, promising them the stars without explaining the costs. And one that would bow to Optimus and the -Autobots- to get what /he/ wants, at the expense of others. Thundercracker and Razorclaw are to be repaired and placed into cells until they can be spoken to by command.



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