Transformers Universe MUX

Primus: The creator of the Transformers and over-seer of Cybertron while their race was still young. Almost all Cybertronians identify him as their god.

Belief in Primus

Details about Primus himself have been lost to mythos through the millions of years of slavery and war, giving rise to many different interpretations of his appearance and motives in Transformer history.

Many of the more science-minded Transformers believe Primus to be a myth; the faithful believe him a true god. Few suspect the actual truth.

MUX History

The truth is somewhat less spectacular than most religious datastreams would have you believe.

Is this your god?

Primus was an exile from Quintesson society, brilliant even by the standards of his technologically advanced race, but considered a dissident because he had more interest in playing with his experiments than making profit.

When Primus finally settled down from his wanderings, Cybertron became his legacy. There he tinkered away and built the super computer Vector Sigma, and the living, feeling robots who would later become the Transformers.

However, Primus vanished from history over 12 million years ago when the Quintessons found where he had been hiding. They began a military occupation of Cybertron and put Primus on trial for denying technology to the Quintesson empire. During the trial, 5 unknown robots burst into the court and rescued Primus. Neither Primus or his saviors have been seen since that day.

See Also

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Primus is not a Quintesson -- he is a Dark God, known as the First Evil, the root of all chaos and destruction across that universe. Only the truly vile worship him. He is opposed by Unicron, God of Order and Light.