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Primax -408.24 Epsilon, the "Shattered Glass universe," is a negative polarity universe in the Primax universal cluster.


Shattered Glass

Blitzwing Bop

After being fed up with Alpha Trion's intrigue, Optimus Prime banished him from Primax -408.24 Epsilon through Trion's stellar spanner.

MUX History

Alpha Trion ended up on Shattered Glass Gobotron, where he was stranded until he could build a new intentionally-multiversal Stellar Spanner.

Alpha Trion, after preparations in the Nexus universe, returned to his native universe using his new Stellar Spanner. However, his trip back and forth punched holes in the Gobot universe, threatening its entire reality with collapse.

Stellar spanner technology was later incorporated with Wheeljack's ship, which allows him to traverse universes.

Ultra Magnus has his own Stellar spanner, and intends to use it to invade both Shattered Glass Earth and the main-TFUniverse as well. He's rather hoping that enough tampering will destroy both universes.


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