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Primacron is a fish-monkey an alien from the Quintesson World universe.

There are some things man just wasn't meant to know!

Primacron is an absolutely ancient scientist. He's supposedly hyper-intelligent with an infinity of intricate plans nested within plans, but he sometimes over-thinks things to the point of coming off as rather dim.

His major claim to fame is being responsible for building Unicron near the beginning of the galaxy. Thanks for nothing.


Quintesson World

The Transformers cartoon

Primacron's assistant claims that they built some of the "primitive" Transformers way back then. As he grew more ambitious, Primacron eventually constructed Unicron, who rebelled against him. Unicron's attack appeared to destroy the assistant and badly injured Primacron.


  • When first telling their story, the assistant calls him "the being we will refer to as Primacron" and later calls himself "the Primacron's assistant". These seem to suggest that "Primacron" may actually be some sort of title and not this creature's actual name.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Primacron (プリマクロン Purimakuron)
  • Mandarin: Zhìzūn Tàijūn (China, 至尊太君, "Supreme Great Lord")
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