The Priests of Primus were robotic minions of Luminous.

Priest of Primus

Priest of Primus


In the Citadel of Primus, robotic minions dressed as monks and priests attended to Luminous. Those familiar with Cobra technology would have recognized them as gold-plated, and presumably upgraded, Battle Android Troopers.


When Luminous came to Earth in her goal to purge it of organic life and make it into a New Cybertron, one of her brief allies was Over Kill. From Over Kill she acquired several Battle Android Troopers, which she upgraded to act as her minions on Earth. Upon Luminous's defeat, most of her Priests were destroyed, although a few were recovered by Cobra and reintegrated into the BAT network.



Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe the Priests of Primus are a group of group of religious Autobots led by Aegis.

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