The Praxus-Delta Massacre (SG)

Known as one of the darkest days in Decepticon lore, the Praxus-Delta massacre resulted in the loss of almost two-and-a-half million Decepticons, mostly unarmed innocents. Following orders from Emperor Prime, Jetfire commanded a massive squadron of Autobots to destroy the military stronghold the Decepticons established in Praxus-Delta. The victory was swift and easy for the Autobots. While this was a major victory for Emperor Prime, the massive number of Autobot troops and the lack of a military challenge spelled doom for the other Decepticon inhabitants. Frustrated at the lack of military action, Autobots soon began targeting and terminating the other inhabitants of Praxus-Delta. Jetfire, preoccupied with declaring victory, took a "hands off" approach to discipline within the units. Because of this, the situation soon turned to anarchy as Autobot troops began targeting any opposition in sight. In three days, more than two million Decepticons had their sparks extinguished. Another half-million were sent to the smelting pools. Jetfire received a minor infraction for not following Emperor Prime's order to a 't'. For Megatron, bringing the Autobots responsible for this deadly massacre is a focal driving force in ending the civil war and eventually bringing those who caused this massacre to justice.

Years later, the Praxus-Delta masscare remains a painful memory in the collective Decepticon conscious. Almost every Decepticon knew of someone whose spark was exterminated in the Praxus-Delta Massacre. Some, including Deathsaurus, lost far more.

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