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Praxus-Delta is a location in the "Shattered Glass" universe. For the similarly named region in the main TFU, see Praxus.

Praxus-Delta was once a beautiful area, where beautiful volcanic lava flows brought visitors from around the globe. However, the heat and lava have since been diverted to power the Autobot smelting pools, and the land itself has been blasted bare by recent battles between the evil Autobots and heroic Decepticons. It is the site of the notorious Praxus-Delta massacre.

Aerial view of Praxus-Delta


Shattered Glass

After successfully preventing a coup against Emperor Prime, Jetfire was quickly assigned positions of leadership, enabling Emperor Prime to tend to other matters (usually involving headquarters-based secret scientific experiments and not in the field of battle). Jetfire relished the adrenaline-like rush of battle and the camaraderie amongst the troops. His charisma in battle was contagious enough to make him one of the more popular commanders in the Autobot fleet. As his popularity grew, he became more interested in maintaining this popularity and less likely to discipline his subordinates. As his supervision for the "day to day" operations waned and his crew became more unruly, his subordinates became more brazen in their attacks on the peace-loving Decepticons. This toxic combination of unruly troops and lax leadership resulted in the massacre at Praxus, regarded by many Decepticons as one of the darkest days in the eons-long war. As the battle started, Emperor Prime ordered Jetfire to destroy the Decepticon military strongholds of Praxus. As this was done with relative ease, the Autobots under Jetfire became restless after few of their systems were taxed in battle. With almost free reign and no reprise for their behavior, they soon started targeting innocents and non-military Decepticons and their sympathizers. As leadership broke down (Jetfire was busy making sure the victory was told in all its glory for all Cybertron to hear), at least two million inhabitants were killed and another half-million were sent to the smelting pit. For many Decepticons, including Megatron, one of the first major tasks to accomplish at the end of the war is to bring Jetfire and Emperor Prime up on war crimes for the massare at Praxus so the deaths of its inhabitants will not be in vain.

When the Decepticons launched a counter-offensive at Praxus-Delta, Optimus Prime hired Rodimus' band of mercenaries, the Wreckers, to fight on the Autobots' side. Unfortunately, every single Wrecker except Rodimus ended up getting killed by the Decepticons. Rodimus continued fighting to honor his contract, helping the Autobots escape without losing any other soldiers. This impressed Prime so much that he offered Rodimus a place with the Autobots and the Seekers, and Rodimus accepted.

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