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Autobots within the territory are watchful for Decepticon activity, Decepticons within the territory are watchful for Autobot activity, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are protected by a mutual ceasefire.
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Praxus is one of Cybertron's city-states, located in the northern hemisphere. It borders the following city-states: Altihex, Iacon, Kalis, Tyger Pax, and Nova Cronum, making it one of the city-states on the Tri-Torus Loop. Praxus is Cybertron's technological and cultural center and occupies a prominent position in Cybertron's political arena. This tends to put the citizens at odds with the Decepticons, who seek to forcefully reimagine Cybertronian society. For this reason, Praxus often is targeted during the war.



Praxus is a progressive state, its Helix Gardens a symbol of the Golden Age, and its Assembly where scientists of Crystal City and Nova Cronum presented their findings. Many of its citizens approved of Megatron's anti-caste system beliefs, but were disappointed by his militant direction. Megatron felt betrayed by this reaction, and so he sent Seekers and Constructicons to attack. The Praxians threw in their support with the Autobots. With Praxus far from primary Decepticon territory, Megatron ran into the same supply problems as the Autobots normally did, and Praxus became the war's first stalemate. With thousands dead and the city razed, Megatron conceded defeat and his soldiers left.

It was at Praxus that Optimus Prime gained two indispensable allies in Ironhide and Prowl. It was also the place where Ratchet made his name as medic and soldier. Transformers: Exodus

In 2016, Sky High negotiated a deal with Starscream in which the Decepticons would return the Praxus mines and withdraw all but a token force from Praxus in exchange for Praxus not allying further with the Autobots.

In 2017, after the activation of the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, new energon reserves were discovered beneath Praxus.



Shattered Glass

When Astrotrain had attached himself to the hull of the Ark and was destroying the ship's guns along with his Tape-Con squad, Rodimus compared them to Praxian mech-ticks and suggested they'd deal with them the same way; by burning them off. Do Over There's also a place called Praxus-Delta, but the nature of its supposed connection to Praxus is unknown. Rodimus's toy bio


  • Bluestreak's toy bio and Universe profile state that his home city was destroyed by Decepticons, with Universe adding that Bluestreak was the lone survivor, but neither give the city a name. The same is true for the Dreamwave Generation One continuity, including the More Than Meets The Eye books. It was Scott Ciencin who established in Hardwired that Bluestreak's home city is Praxus. This likely was because at the time "Hardwired" was written, only a few locations on Cybertron had been given names and of them only Praxus had the properties to be Bluestreak's home city. The fact Bluestreak's moldsake Prowl was already established to be from Praxus may have contributed to the decision. In any case, whether future continuities will keep to this or reassign Bluestreak's home to another location is yet to be seen.
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