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Powermasters are a cross-factional subgroup.

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Like the Headmasters and Targetmasters, the Powermasters are binary bonded to a smaller partner, most often an organic Nebulan, who in this case serves as their external power supply.

They got the power to surprise!

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Hi-Q and Hi-Test are currently working on the technology that might one day lead to Powermasters.


Unlike the other binary bonding technologies, the Powermaster procedure would require extensive cybernetic surgery and specially-designed power armor used by the subject. These changes would allow an organic being to transform into a powerful engine and bond themselves to a properly-modified Transformer. The initial advantage to this procedure would be survival: If all the ordinary fuel sources on a planet are unusable, the Powermasters would provide an alternate source of energy.

When non-toxic fuel sources are available, a Powermaster partner can also function as a power booster or turbo accelerator, giving the Transformer they are bonded to a surge of additional power for increased strength or speed in dangerous situations. This benefit would allow a Powermaster to be much faster or stronger than most normal Transformers for brief periods of time.


While serving as an alternate power source, the Powermaster partners would have an extremely high metabolisms, meaning that they need to eat large quantities of food at regular intervals just to keep themselves from starving to death. People Power! [1]

Over time, the bonding procedure for Powermasters seems to be similar to that of some Headmasters, in that there is a risk of both partners being absorbed into a single being with only one mind and identity. End of the Road!

A Powermaster can't transform from alternate mode into robot mode without their partner.[2] Slapdash's toy bio Prime Bomb!


  1. Specifically, if we consider that 1 gallon of gas equates to 31,000 calories ([1]), assume that a Transformer gets relatively poor "gas mileage" (12 mpg), and runs 24 hours a day, that would mean that a Powermaster using only food for energy would need to consume somewhere between 3 and 4 million calories a day! A triple "Whopper" with cheese is 1250 calories, so that would mean that, for example, Hi-Q would have to consume about 3,000 triple Whoppers a day to power Optimus Prime for 24 hours of action. Even at $4 a burger, that would be $12,000 worth of food a day. Assuming someone else was preparing and/or ordering the food, and assuming that it took 3 minutes to wolf down such a burger, Hi-Q would only be able to consume 480 burgers a day if he ate 24/7.
  2. Toy mechanics
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