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Optical Technician


Combat hovercycle

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G.I. Joe


Pit R&D

Woo hoo! Looks like our heroine's in trouble this time!

A strange alien from a strange world known as Nebulos, Poise is an adventurous Nebulan who has chosen to throw in her lot with Earth for the time being. Being as Earth is starting to become more of a presence in the galactic community, she’s taken it upon herself to lend a hand. As an optical technician, she’s studied and calibrated very powerful telescopes and imaging systems… items she puts to good use in her combat hovercycle. Ever eager for the next adventure, Poise’s daredevil antics are a skill of great use in combat.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Poise was an optical engineer on Nebulos for an eon or two. While she wasn’t much of a pioneer in the field, she was steadfast and efficient. As turmoil spread along the planet, she was one of many that fled. In that exodus, she was scared, but soon that became wanderlust, as she saw more and more of the galaxy, and had more and more experiences that she never thought she could ever have as a desk-bound engineer.

MUX History:

Poise ended up on Cybertron as her introduction when the Roll-Out Bar was being christened. She met Spike there, who helped out her vehicle. From there, she went to Earth to explore his homeworld, and started livestreaming across the planet, which is her favorite activity. She also warned the Autobots against going to Nebulos, but they wouldn't listen. So any day now she expects the Hive to show up and get into some sort of arrangement with Cobra or the Decepticons, and form a trifecta of evil civil wars that will never end.

Poise has reluctantly helped out the GI JOE forces, as they need assistance, and she has started to realize that she can't just let people die if she can do something. That's something she's had to try to cope with after leaving her own home planet eons ago to avoid exactly that sort of situation.

In 2021, Poise returned to Nebulos.

In 2022, Poise returned to Earth, and Flint assigned her to Pit R&D.

OOC Notes


Poise is played/ voiced by Melissa Rauch, aka Bernadette from BBT, except green.



  • October 4 - "Taking Philly Back" - A team of Joes sneak into Philadelphia to liberate the city.



Aug 30 - AAR: Potatoes?

Poise appears on screen, the green skinned Nebulan is wearing these really big sunglasses and trying to match them with her goggles, and its just not working. "Hey Earthers. So those tubers that were running around before. Well we found them again in Planetary Quadrant two....seriously what is up with naming every little place its own thing? Anyway, so Captain Jaye and I and some of your guys, we shot a bunch? But like, it turns out they were stealing tubers from the tuber stockpile that you guys seem to like? So that was weird. I jammed a tracker into one of the non-sentient ones, and let them take it. So long story short, right? They ended up going into a space ship!" She gets a bit fumed by this, " Why do they have a space ship?! I'm stuck on this rock, and tubers have local system access?! I don't get it!" She throws her hands up in the air, when the report ends.

  • November 10 - "Attack at Sea!" - Something stalks the deep, and it will rise and attack the Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho>.


  • May 31 - "Memorial Day 2021" - Evac hosts a small gathering of Joes at his parents' farm.
  • June 4 - "Baja Rally" - The Joes have a lead on who killed Private Martinez: The Chupacabras, a powerful Mexican cartel. Armed with this knowledge, they are headed into Baja California to attempt to gather intelligence that could lead them to the murderers.

Jul 29 - Gotta go!

A very hurried Poise is going through her beat up old spaceship, flicking buttons and getting suited up. "Guys, I'm sorry. I gotta go. Its been fun hanging with you all, but things are....well, I've gotta go! Considering how long your lifespans are, you'll probably be all dead before I swing by this area again, so miss you, thank you!" The pained sound of an uncalibrated engine revs up as the craft takes flight. "You all were really nice, I'll put in a good word for the planet."

The feed cuts off.

The feed cuts back on, showing the glasses-wearing Poise looking at the camera. "Yo, Joe." before the feed cuts off again.

Aug 18 - Yo Joe! New Orders!

The first transmission, grainy and fuzzy shows motion mainly. Vague shadows that could be people. there's a light spot, and then dark figures move. The transmission ends.

The second transmission shows a much clearer picture. There's no sound, and static is still plentiful. There's several people in full armor, with weapons. One of them points, and the group moves. The camera shows signs of strange architecture, of buildings made of spun glass and light. The people reconnoiter with a few others. Just as they approach, there's a streak of light and an explosion.

The camera gets knocked over in transit, and then gets back up. Some of the people lay on the ground, others spray weapons fire. The camera pans off to the direction of the fight to reveal shadowy large figures.

Robots. The right size for Cybertronians, but they are missing their heads. The robots fire lasers as they approach. The camera turns and runs.

The third transmission has garbled sound to it. Its of a cave. People are recuperating within it.

Many are wounded. There's some sort of holoprojector in front of the camera. The sound is indecipherable. The camera shakes. Rocks fall from above, people grab weapons, pointing to an entrance of some sort. They'd been found by an enemy.

Who will save us?

The fourth transmission has better quality, and sound. There's color finally. Three vehicles in a small caravan, One of which has some sort of rocket launcher attached to it. "Get the....South SOUTH SOUTH!"

You reach the battle lines Racing inside your mind

More of these shapes, headless robots appear to the south, and open fire. Missiles fire and engage one of the robots, dealing only light damage. One of the transports just explodes effortlessly.

A question for all time is it you?

"I can't get to them!" A hover drone emerges from the second vehicle and takes to the air. The robots prioritize shooting at it over the people.

So gravity defy and storm the darkest night

The fifth transmission shows Poise sitting, her knees curled up beneath her. She looks pretty bad. "don't even know if this will reach you. But its bad here. Its worse then its ever been."

Is it you?

She takes her helmet off, and those earth glasses she had acquired. Her hands go into her hair. The unflappable Poise is stressed out finally. In the distance, bombs or mortars cause a muted noise that causes the camera to rattle.

Is it you who will save us?

"I...I have tried to avoid home. I left. I know, I know. but...I didn't think it'd ever get this bad." Who will save us?

She actually starts to weep, a hand on her head. "I wanted the Cybertronians to stay away. I didn't want them bringing their war to my planet. Making it worse...." She wipes her eyes, a look of anguish on her face. "Well something's here. And we can't fight this.”

Who will save us?

The camera zooms in closer to her, “Eight astroweeks before I got here, the rebellion had close to eight to ten thousand members…” A shudder runs through the area from above as another artillery strike hits, “We think there might be eight hundred or so left.”

Who will save us?“We...We are dying here."

Who will save us?

The camera zooms in on her, a grimace on her face as tears trickle down her cheek. " General."

"Help me."

Who will save us?



Poise was created and is played by User:Zerombr.

Preferred Vehicle

  • Combat hovercycle