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Those who desire total conquest of Cybertron rarely want to stop there, instead envisioning the creation of a vast intergalactic imperium with Cybertron as its throne. To further this conquest and enslave the rest of the heavens, many a would-be dictator has attempted to either create or use Cybertron's unfathomably powerful planetary engines that can actually repurpose the world as an unstoppable mobile dreadnaught.

In theory.


This is the main engine at the epicenter of the Decepticon plot which destroyed Kalis and helped push Cybertron hundreds of thousands of kilometers from its original position sits at the far end of the exposed cavern. Resembling something close to the shape of a bell, the engine itself is contained within a smooth black housing which protects and conceals its thousands of much smaller working parts. The engine, which works by accelerating a field of semi-gaseous Caesium-137 with electricity, has a singular exhaust port from which an eerie blue haze of suspended ionic radiation still emanates, making it extremely hazardous even in its resting state. A small, circular, lead-lined tank is connected to the engine by a thin lead-lined metallic hose, and an electronic gauge on the tank indicates that it is nearly empty. Both the engine and the tank are anchored thoroughly to the floor by a system of brackets held in place by deep bolts that are several meters long which would make any attempt to remove them a tricky proposition at best.[1]


Marvel The Transformers comics

Megatron's plans to create the planetary engines The Transformers were seen as so radical and extreme that most of Cybertronian intellectual society dismissed him as a meaningless kook.

MUX continuity

In 2017, Megatron finally completed his engines, and used them to move Cybertron into orbit around Citctus Minor. Later that year three teams of Autobots destroyed those planetary engines.

See also

  • Unicron, the evil Transformer who usually transforms into a planet with interstellar propulsion capabilities.


  1. Description written by Dreadtread.
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