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The Plait Expanse (also sometimes called the Plait Nebula) is a multi-colored field of stellar debris, newly forming stars and gamma radiation. The nature of the Expanse causes any planet or spaceship within it to suffer problems with communications, Transwarp projections, and anything sensor-related. Its ionizing effects also can cause the atmosphere of a planet to glow with a strange, blue-white radiance.

The Plait Expanse


Shattered Glass

Upon discovering that Cybertron would soon pass close to the Plait Expanse — preventing all space travel for 0.15 vorns and disrupting communications — the Autobots hurried to get the Ark launched beforehand, and the Decepticons hurried the Nemesis's preparations to be able to chase after. The Ark and the Nemesis managed to escape to Earth, but the Transformers there were completely cut off from their brethren on Cybertron.

For years The Stellar Spanner was the only thing besides the Junkions' spacefold drive that can bypass the Plait Expanse. However, by 2015 both sides of the conflict had modified their shuttles to use space-fold technology to bridge the expanse, as well as using the Stellar Spanner for subspace communications between the two worlds.

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