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The Plague Troopers are a Cobra sub-division.

Recognizing that perhaps throwing huge waves of of faceless troopers at his enemies was not the way to finally defeat the G.I. Joe Team, Cobra Commander instead tried to duplicate their success by forming his own equivalent team of specialists, drawn from the various Cobra forces. The Plague comprises:

The Plague introduces themselves to the G.I. Joe team

Additionally, Sky Creeper and Rip It were under consideration for the group, but failed the evaluation.


Cobra Commander

The Plague was formed by Cobra Commander himself in 2007. GUILLOTINE was hand-selected by Cobra Commander to design the training program for the Plague Trooper force, and was their original leader.

When Cobra Commander disappeared, Dr. Mindbender put Interrogator in charge of the group instead. Once Cobra Commander returned, the Baroness activated the team and sent them into action in the Middle East. After an incident put Interrogator's loyalty in question, Cobra Commander transferred leadership of the team to Incision.

However, when Incision's "lead from hiding" approach failed to impress Cobra Commander, the Commander placed Guillotine back in charge of Plague, making Incision Guillotine's XO. Not coincidentally, this freed Interrogator up for other missions the Commander had in mind...

In 2022, Cobra Commander once again placed Plague under Interrogator's command.


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