Transformers Universe MUX
Pipeline is an Autobot Defense specialist from Altihex.

Pipes on the line.

Pipeline is defensive, both emotionally and in his battle strategies. A shy, retiring sort, Pipeline hates inflicting harm of any kind. Unfortunately, this also means he doesn't like interacting with others, in case they might cause him harm, or suggesting plans on the possibility they might get someone hurt. The wild antics of his combiner partner, Gusher, have begun to force him out of his shell, to the extent that Pipeline's even started getting angry.[1]


In 2016, Pipeline tried to escape Cybertron with his partner, Gusher. They were stopped by Decepticons Shockwave and Slugfest.

By 2017, he had joined the Autobots and was participating in missions in Toraxxis.

In 2018, Gusher and Pipeline were bringing emergency fuel to the Neutral Territories when they were attacked by Skyquake. Before they could be injured, however, they were saved by the prompt appearance of the Dominicons, who dealt harshly with Skyquake, to say the least, before sending Gusher and Pipeline on their way.


On the MUX, Pipeline is an Autobot.


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