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Pharma is an Autobot from the Apocalypse World universe.

They call me Mr. Pharmaceutical.

Pharma is the chief medical officer at Fortress Maximus, an Autobot base located on the planet Ancilla. Despite being a haughty control freak, he is acknowledged as an excellent doctor. He hates Decepticons with a passion, but seems to be willing to take self-preservation a bit farther than any good Autobot would.

Pharma, we really must sit down some time so I can explain why we all hate you. We'll start with your personality and go from there.

Lockdown, "House of Ambus"


Apocalypse World universe continuity

He worked at Zeta's New Institute
Just another face in red jumpsuit

In the early days of the war, Pharma and Ratchet were friends and colleagues at the Deltaran Medical Facility.

In 2046 Pharma did what he could to make Spike's end as painless as possible.



  • "Hero's End" - The war is approaching an end. Several millennia have passed since the first humans met up with the Autobots. Those humans are now a blip on the timeline of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. But for those who where there during that fateful year (1984), their presence has never gone away. Here's the story of one such human - and how a standard mission suddenly turned into his fateful end.


  • He turns into a jet.[1]
  • Pharma, along with his boss Tyrest and fellow baddie Star Saber, represent three pillars of society (medicine, law, and religion) gone wrong.[2]


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