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Professor Morris

Once, Professor Peter Anthony Morris dreamed of flying. However, he instead ended up first as a robotics professor, then an employee of Roxxon Oil, and finally an engineer working for the government. While he apparently has the ear of the higher-ups at the Intelligence and Information Institute, his unorthodox theories were given short shrift by his former employers. Yet his greatest accomplishment is unmistakably a work of genius; the neural relay link which allows him to control machinery with the power of his mind.


Professor Morris believed that the Transformers rampaging across Oregon were not warring aliens, as they claimed, but rather automatons, controlled by oil tycoon G.B. Blackrock. When he presented his theory at a meeting in Portland, he was shot down by Hemmings. Enraged, he retired to his laboratory where he took out his fury at both Blackrock and Hemmings by destroying dummies with his antiquated robots.

After spending the next several decades working on his theories, in 2014 Morris was given a massive grant from Shawn Berger, Jr, to further his research into Transformer-fighting automatons.

In 2017 Morris was named as the new Director of the Bureau of Transformer Affairs (BTA).

In 2018 he was introduced to Axegrinder and showed off how his neutral link device could control Centurion.


In spite what most members of Concurrence (and the President of the United States) think, Morris actually doesn't hold any particular hatred for Transformers. He developed the neural link for initially altruistic reasons, but now uses Centurion mostly for flight and power fantasies. Concurrence is just a source of money and resources to him.

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