Transformers Universe MUX

  • Title: Peace In Our Time TP
  • TP Characters: Khamsin
  • IC Year: 2021
  • Location: Cybertron
  • Run By: Bzero, Calyhex, Scaythe

An unlikely place for peace.

While some time has gone since the peace talks were held, the Neutral responsible has been busy working behind the scenes, including discussions over open comms with the Decepticon leadership. Another summit is in the works, one which Megatron has offered to join.



but Blast Off has other priorities!

and bait the combaticons.


Optimus Prime





Part I:
  • Jan 5 - "A Lucky Reunion" - Sometimes having the worst luck in the world, has its payoffs.
  • Jan 9 - "Fairy tales" - Blast Off meets a mysterious Neutral who offers him tea and conversation.
  • Jan 10 - "Moving Forward" - Starlock finds herself with a possible lucky opportunity thanks to the offering of a Neutral with a similar aligned goal, only time can tell if it's a trick..
  • Jan 11 - "Meeting Planning" - Dust Devil and Spike come to look over Harmonex! Khamsin meets Soundwave after hearing Starlock's troubles, and provides much needed help. Starlock and Star Hauler, then help Soundwave cope with reality.
  • Jan 12 - "Meeting Sandman" - Deathsaurus goes with Goth to meet the person behind the 'Sandman' internet handle.
  • Jan 12 - "Rusted Reality" - Deathsaurus and Starlock find a Turbofox in need of help, which leads them to face a grim reality.
  • Jan 19 - "Peace Preparations" - Goth brings Khamsin information regarding the Decepticon activities, and helps Khamsin in regards to making preparations... They also take the time to merely enjoy their time together.
  • Jan 20 - "Philosophies of Peace" - Khamsin meets one of the Dominicons and asks Delusion's perspective
  • Jan 26 - "New Polyhex Mess" - Deathsaurus shows people around the New, New Polyhex, and a mess ensues that almost ends with Khamsin getting attacked by Lugnut.
Part II:


  • Feb 9 - "Scheming Command" - Megatron and Starscream contact Khamsin, and Starscream plots his schemes...
  • Feb 9 - "A Step" - Khamsin and Goth chat, only for an impromptu talking to from Megatron over Broadband happens.
  • Feb 11 - "A Hypothetical Dance" - Starscream discovers that Khamsin cannot be easily, if not at all, manipulated.
  • Feb 23 - "Decepticons in Altihex" - A gathering of cons crash Goth's plans to tend to Khamsin.
  • Feb 23 - "Megatron Walks Into A Bar" - Megatron walks into a bar, and gets exactly what was advertised.
  • Feb 27 - "Altihex peace talks" - Cybertronians gather to talk of peace.
  • Feb 28 - "New Polyhex Civil War" - Deathsaurus and Megatron have a few words that lead to an uprising.
  • Feb 28 - "Holed Up" - Goth and Deathsaurus continued to be holed up in Darkmount, despite getting the all clear; They also get a visit from Ghost and Drillhorn.
  • Feb 29 - "IRC LOG: The Day After" - Goth and Deathsaurus talk over the Internet as they wait out Megatron's wrath.
  • Feb 29 - "Riot Repairs" - Goth asks Khamsin for help in repairing the stab wound he sustained from Nightshade during the riot before.
  • Mar 3 - "Maintenance for Khamsin" - Goth works to give Khamins's frame a proper maintenance check up, Blast Off also gets the wrong idea about Goth and Deathsaurus.
  • Mar 4 - "A Trade of Trust" - Khamsin now knows, that Deathsaurus knows who he is, and meets with the Kaiju.
  • Mar 7 - "A Brewing Dust Storm - Starlock and Khamsin make a plan to free the Combaticons, and Starlock puts all the pieces together on who Khamsin is...
  • Mar 8 - "Door Tactics" - Khamsin enlists Deathsaurus and Goth in his, and Starlock's plan to free the Combaticons.
  • Mar 10 - "Radio Panic - Darkmount" - An explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link, but Blast Off has other priorities!
  • Mar 10 - "Radio Panic" - Soundwave visits Harmonex, only for an explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link.
  • May 13 - "Altihex Assault: Labs" - Valour leads an assault on Altihex so the Decepticons can seize the research in its labs. Deathsaurus chooses that moment to grandstand.
  • Mar 14 - "Frazzled" - Goth, stressed, tired, and plagued by nightmares, finally meets up with his mate, and passes along information.
  • Mar 17 - "In and Out" - Starlock quickly gets the data on Blast off and leaves, leaving Deathsaurus and Goth to handle Blast off when he wakes...
  • Mar 23 - "Nest Mates" - Knock Out catches Goth sneaking out of the Tan repair bay and approaches the bat regarding the whole situation.
  • 4/16 - "Tonight, Tomorrow, or in the Afterlife" - Deathsaurus meets up with Khamsin to

discuss a strategy plan to save a friend and lover.


Freighter ship Icarus.



finding they have more in common then once thought...

and what possible could be afoot, only to be joined by Ratchet and Cerebros.