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Paradron is a planet in the TFU and "Shattered Glass" universes.

Hidden paradise

Paradron is an Autobot colony hidden away from the wars that plagued Cybertron.


Mainstream Universe

Paradron was a lost Autobot colony accessible through a space vortex. The Autobots who inhabited the planet are complete pacifists.

One of Paradron's Autobots, Sandstorm, became bored with the eternal tranquility of Paradron, and left the colony, seeking adventure. Returning to Cybertron, he found action a-plenty, and was quickly recruited by the Wreckers.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Paradron is a barren rock, devoid of energy, usual materials, or technology. When Emperor Prime launched his attack across Cybertron, many Autobots, Decepticons, and neutrals fled the planet. Some hid on Paradron, thinking its strategic uselessness would allow them to escape Prime's attention. They were wrong.

Neutral Settlement on Paradron, prior to its destruction by Prime

After being led to Paradron by Hound and Ultra Magnus, Prime launched an attack, predominantly to prove that no one was beyond his grasp. Arriving on Paradron, he ordered an immediate, unconditional surrender to all hiding their. The cowardly Sandstorm immediately surrendered, begging Prime for forgiveness. Prime made Sandstorm find and identify each of his friends on Paradron, and to beg Prime to execute each one individually in exchange for Sandstorm's life. After several weeks in the Agonizing Rehabilitation Chamber, Sandstorm's life was spared; every resident of Paradron who didn't surrender was slain, and their tiny colony razed to the ground.

It was during this mission that Ultra Magnus attempted his coup against Emperor Prime. It was foiled thanks to the intervention of Jetfire, and Prime marooned Magnus on Paradron, turning it into a prison ward and locking Wreck-Gar's Junkions away with him, figuring most likely they'd just eat him -- problem solved.

Magnus however rallied the Junkions to his cause against Emperor Prime, and when Tracks and Wheeljack arrived in Sky Lynx to free him, Magnus offered the Junkions a place at his side. They joined willingly, and Magnus took his new troops on a massive invasion of Cybertron, targetting Earth next.


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