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Paddles is an Autobot Undersea specialist.

No, I am not Magmatron's ass.

Paddles is a simple, gentle giant. Less hostile than his fellow Dinobots, Paddles is willing to befriend both Autobots and humans. However, when stirred to action, Paddles will fight valiantly and furiously to defend others. He's awkward on land, but glides through the oceans with ease in his elasmosaur mode.


Transformers Legends anthology

Paddles was among the Autobots stationed on Earth, where he befriended Bumblebee. He was given his name by Grimlock on Dinobot Island, where he first demonstrated his aquatic prowess. He later defended the island from a Decepticon attack, where he was seriously damaged by Raze, who was then blasted by Snarl. Both Paddles and Raze sunk into the sand, where they lay long after the battle ended. Paddles' mind was still active and undamaged, and he tried counting the time since his entombment, but lost count after twenty-seven years.

Eventually, Paddles was excavated by Randall and Ed, a pair of paleontology students who initially mistook him for a real fossilized creature. Paddles was overjoyed to hear their voices, as they were the first he had heard in decades. As he finally laid eyes on them, his happiness was shattered by Raze, who had been similarly unearthed. The Decepticon attacked his unwitting liberators, knocking Randall and Ed into a crevice. Marshalling the last remnants of his energy supply, Paddles attacked the Decepticon with his flame breath, driving him to tear up the ground with his piledrivers. Paddles and Raze plunged into a chasm, trapping them anew. Raze was killed, but Paddles remained awake. Once more, he tried to count the years, but stopped after thirty-nine. Some time after that, Paddles heard a man digging above him... Paddles


  • Paddles frequently has happy thoughts about Snarl and Grimlock, wanting to see or speak to them again... but never Slag. Heh.


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