Transformers Universe MUX


The GI Joe force expands their footprint as they move to an alien world to save a single soul.. or a whole planet.

Joe Personnel on Nebulos

Crusader Crew

O-3 - Captain

Captain Countdown

E-7 - Sergeant First Class
E-6 - Staff Sergeant
E-5 - Sergeant (SGT)

Heavy Duty, Ozone, Red Spot

Ground Team

O-9 - Army – Lieutenant General (LTG)
O-3 - Captain
E-9 - Sergeant Major (SGM) - Command
E-8 - Master Sergeant
E-5 - Sergeant (SGT)
E-4 - Specialist (SPC)
  • Timmy (Greenshirt Communications, SPC Timothy H. Stanley)
  • Bobby (Greenshirt Medic 12621, SPC Robert A. De Lorenzo)
  • Chuck (Greenshirt Combat-Diver 11869, SPC Charles J. Aumerle)
  • Jimmy (Greenshirt Marksman 162, SPC James Y. Turner)
  • Mike (Greenshirt Counter-Intel 12159, SPC Michael V. Byrd)
E-1 - Private (PVT)
Civilian Consultant




Oct 07 - Joes On Nebulos Intel


So far the GI Joe team have learned such things about the alien planet. These items may come in handy for future tactics.

- Lord Zarak leads the HIVE which is a fascist despot faction that rules Nebulos.

- The Nebulos Resistance has supposedly been utterly ruined, with mention of a cave network collapse in the swamps. Something in this style was shown in Poise's video.

- The upper HIVE members have cyberkinesis, which apparently can control machines. The machinery still needs to be able to work (ie a gun with no bullets still cannot fire), but this means they don't need things like keyfobs, or elevator buttons. They simply will the machine to work for them. This also means any harvesting machine on the planet is a dangerous weapon. The HIVE has yet to take control of any machines of the Joes, so there may be a reason why.

- The headless robots are known as Deadmasters. Exceptionally tough and fierce, there appeared to be a Nebulan inside who spoke to the Joes. This may lead people to envision this as power armor. Also the robots are clearly dead cybertronians.

- Retrofitting Nebulan technology is not as easy as it sounds, though Sci-Fi and any other science team members have learned a lot about it, but its yet to be proven functional in the Joes hands.

- So far, the HIVE has been rather complacent about security. Whether or not that changes now after the assault is unknown.

- Casualty report: Two greenshirts have fallen ill due to mercury poisoning, and are off active rosters. Both Hawk and Temera have received medical.

- Munitions and food are still green for a while longer, but reconnecting with the Crusader will be necessary soon.


Wraith, G.I. Joe pilot