Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Outward Bound: Shelter

Characters: Hawk Greenshirt Mike, Sci-Fi, Sinatra Timothy Stanley, Temera WhiteEagle Wisp Scarlett

Location: Nebulos - Rural areas

Date: Sept 2021

TP: Outward Bound TP

Summary: The Joes are on Nebulos, and there's already problems brewing.

As logged by The out of her element Imager

Folassian Forest - Nebulos

The Folassian Forest is but one part of the paradise that is Nebulos. It is a lush, green forest adorned with waterfalls. The arborials here are much different than Earth trees, though they have a beauty to them, only half of them seem to be lush with organic material, the others seem to just form intricate branches. There's also a large, constantly rippling lake of some thick, pearlescent liquid, that reflects the moons of Nebulos brilliantly.


LAST TIME ON GI JOE: The GI JOE forces commenced an intersystem visit to the far off planet of Nebulos. Upon entering the atmosphere, and gathering some initial readings from the double ringed planet, General Hawk wisely ordered the earth-created Crusader to stay in orbit due to strange energy fluctuations on the planet. The Veracity, having landed in a remote region with a small population center nearby, immediately started to disperse with troops, intent on fortifying the area.

Of particular note, within minutes of the Veracity landing, there was motion in the high grass. Someone was watching them.

Wisp chose to investigate, and found herself at the edge of a tiny village, not too different from Earth construction, homes made of thatch and stone. Unfortunately, the locals were not pleased by these outside forces, and chastened Wisp to leave, 'before the HIVE shows up'.

From JSF #639, Wisp takes control of F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp>. She handles the controls expertly.


Scarlett is currently coordinating quick sweeps amongst those that are on foot patrol and getting basic defenses setup. They consist of zig zagging trenchs (where available) setting up infantry support weapons with overlapping fields of firepower, and the use of some small drones for scouting as other vehicles are readied. A couple of small utility drones are up in the air, rigged to controllers to give them better wide angle views while the field teams are busy hurriedly getting things into place.

From JSF #639, Wisp is making sure everything has been loaded on her jet, and checking systems and gauges to ensure she can launch when and if she needs to.

Sci's been setting up Greenshirts and allocating commands. He's in his full Picard vs the Borg state of mind. That clearly worked well, right... He's not sure what this Hive is but he hopes to be ready for it.

Sinatra has been looking after his rats, and patrolling the outskirts of the camp (with said rats). Currently he's doing the latter, smoking a cigarette as he leads the full Squeaking Horde round the temporary base. Joy currently sits on top of his helmet, sniffing the air for signs of trouble.

Temera helps with general setup and foot patrols, making sure everything is where it should be, and that they aren't being ambushed.

General Hawk meanwhile has been coordinating with the shuttle remaining in orbit, while prioritizing detection equipment to get set up in case this 'Hive' as Wisp reported decides to make a not so friendly visit.

Greenshirt Timothy Stanley digs in the light foreign rain, hip-deep in what will eventually be latrines if they stay at this camp. In the time since they've landed, he's helped unload equipment, set up local communications, and fawned over Spike Witwicky... all apparently in the space of an hour. He's pulled camouflage tarps over the larger vehicles and gear, both to protect them from rain and aerial detection. Of course, the Veracity sticks out like a store thumb, but there's not a lot that Timmy can do about that.

With the Joes setting up their camp, and doing patrols, the immediate area is under proper surveillance, and good timing for it too. For it first shows up in those that can detect scent, then on the drone footage, that an armed military patrol of some sort is approaching the tiny hamlet. Armed with strangely designed weapons, they bear enough resemblance to ranged weapons to make the assumption they are rifles or pistols of some sort. The patrol is a good fifteen members deep...

Scarlett would go to quickly tap up her comm to speak to Hawk << En route Sir. >> Then going to tap a chin to Wisp << Do these individuals differ from the ones in the village for attire, equipment, and attitude? >> It could be a patrol from the village making a proactive sweep towards a possible attack to give the civilians time to escape if the Joes were mistaken for the 'Hive'. On the other hand, it could be a patrol of the Hive itself coming to check on the shuttle.

Fine is ready for anything. His laser equipment hums and glows with the anticipation of being used. He cracks open a can of energy drink and quickly finishes as he keeps his eyes on the view in front of him. He then wipes his mouth off with his right wrist while still keeping the laser rifle humming. He whispers, "Let's get this Willy's Wonderland shit going. I am not about to be Zerg rushed on some planet." He looks over to where Mailman is set up and he gives him a nod, "Might want to take cover, Kid. We've stepped in it this time."

Sinatra pauses when Joy sniffs the air and squeaks. "Something is approaching. Joy smells weapons." He radios to the others, stepping into the long grass and crouching down to hide. His rats just seem to vanish.

From JSF #639, Wisp tries to see if she can zoom in on them and see. "If they're armed with more than sticks, they sure as heck aren't the villagers."

From JSF #639, Wisp radios that back even.

Greenshirt Timothy looks up from his latrine pit as he hears the warnings from Sci-Fi and the others. Sticking his shovel in the wet ground, he grabs his rifle and forms up with Greenshirt unit, ready for orders. He glances at Chuck next to him. "Those locals sound pretty scared. Any idea of what we're up against?"

"You're the comm guy," Chuck replies. "What have you heard?"

"Nothing good," Timmy admits.

General Hawk curses slightly. "Sounds like we've got visitors, and not the kind bringing housewarming gifts." he says, grabbing his own weapons. "Defensive positions, be ready to board the shuttle and take off if necessary. Hold fire until given the command, I'd rather not start shooting if we can avoid it."

From JSF #639, Wisp nods quickly. "Acknowledged." She closes her cockpit fully, and switches for immediate vertical takeoff, ready to power up totally if needed.

"Alright you louts, Come to order!"

The call goes across the hamlet as the armed and armored militants bristle and look thuggish.

"Come on now, out with you! Its time for inspection!"

Doors open up, and slowly the twenty-odd inhabitants of the village are brought out, with the troops spreading out to keep watch on them. One rather tubby sort gestures to a clearing, "Where are Lord Zarak's food supplies?"

After several seconds of hesitation, one older man responds, "But...That's scheduled for in three weeks." A rifle butt goes across his face, and knocks him down. The villagers refrain from looking at him, or helping him, and remain facing forward.

"Lord Zarak's demands have increased. Your duty to the HIVE grows!" He swaggers up and down the line, "And here I come, at the behest of our planet's protector, only to find nothing ready for delivery? NOTHING!? Are you merely grossly incompetent, or are you thieves? Stealing food for yourselves?"

"OK, men and women - spread out," Greenshirt Timothy directs his fellow Greenshirts, deploying with his squad in response to Hawk's orders to take defensive positions. As Chuck and Jimmy take flanking positions, Timmy brings up the middle, moving towards the 'gate' of the simple defenses they've been able to erect with materials brought, since the local 'trees' don't seem to be a good source of sturdy materials. Timmy toggles his radio, making sure he can stay in short-range contact with his fellow Greenshirts to pass on orders from the brass.

Sci-Fi imagines that an alien Garfield watches those rats and purrs that he hates Mondays and goes back to sleep. God, it would be great if those aliens all went back to sleep. Seymour hates Mondays too and today is definitely turning into one. The energy drink now kicks in as Seymour imagines that Sinatra's ability for combat stems from a rat doing "Weekend at Bernie's" on top of that Joe's head. Tugging and tussling. He then looks back at Wisp and ponders why did she have to cause this on Hobbit Day. This is a holiday for Seymour aka Sci-Fi. He wanted to be having second breakfast while celebrating the lifes of both Frodo and Bilbo on this September 22nd... but Wisp, the Hobbit of the GI Joe world, had to ruin that by upsetting the locals. Sci-Fi locks in his crosshairs on a fixed target in the distance. " ring to rule..."

Sinatra unslings his AK-47, peering through the grass towards the incoming folks. He creeps through the grass until he's close enough to get a decent view, scowling at what he's seeing.

Temera checks her rifle quickly, confirming it's got a full clip. She checked when she put it in, but well, double checking it always helps. She slips into the grass as well as she hears the shouting, frowning.

General Hawk narrows his eyes as he gets a glimpse and hears the shouting of the soldiers. "So we're dealing with your typical 'starve for your homeland' bullshit... great. Soviet Union all over again." he snarls. "Remain still, stay silent, continue to observe. We may have to step in if this gets out of control."

With that bit of info coming in, Scarlett would go to take out a large rifle. Moving to make adjustments over to it and set it up over into a position. Moving to brace herself against a nearby tree, the sniper rifle pressed to a branch. Her going to take out a scope and rub a little bit of grease onto it to minimize any sort of reflection. Speaking along the comm << I believe we've identified hostiles. >> She's not happy if they're going to let the Hive loot the village.. But also she's aware that they just can't jump right into a fight here and now and risk exposing themselves. So she awaits for orders.. But in the meanwhile, draws a bead from her position on what in her best estimation is the equivalent of the NCO that's leading the looting team. And calling out along the comm << You heard the general. Maneuver around and get in position. >>

Sinatra puts a finger to his lips in a 'shhh' motion, and then pulls his head back, deeper into the grass. << It's... it's a shakedown. >> he whispers into the comm. << Not just Soviet Union. I... saw some of this, back home. >>

"Search the homes."

The thugs were waiting for that order, and promptly start kicking open doors, and raiding pantries.

One of the villagers, she looks over to those high stalked plants, right where the Joes are. Villagers protest the theft of their food, and another is dropped to his knees in pain. The bulky one looms over the injured man, "Silence! Any contribution given today will surely bring Lord Zarak's favor tomorrow." The man mutters and groans. The HIVE leader stoops down and pulls his hair back, "That doesn't sound like compliance. Where did your foodstuffs go?......To the Rebels!??"

Sinatra frowns, meeting the woman's eyes. << Ah shit she saw me and I don' like the look she's givin' me! >> Sinatra radios. << I think this is about to go bad... >>

From JSF #639, Wisp frowns and puts her hands on the controls. << Ready to power up and lift off the moment it goes bad. >>

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "If we deal with the patrol the Hive will notice it going missing and come down on this place like a hammer."
[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "And level the area."


The woman that Wisp had seen earlier puts her hands up, She looks around frantically, "There are outsiders! Outsiders here, across the fields! They're the ones taking the food!"

[Nebulos] Wisp says, "We might not have a choice, if we don't, we'll have to relocate after."

General Hawk cocks his rifle. "Ahhhhhh shit. Get ready to rumble, folks, as I think we just got painted as a target."

Always eager to vent their frustrations, the HIVE troops start to search the area, distracted. One of them points at...well its comical that they could've missed the Veracity's upward fins, but they just now notice, "Moros, Look!" Leader Moros snarls, "TECHNOLOGY!? HERE!? You're all under arrest, due to swift trial and execution! Forward, FOR THE HIVE!" The HIVE nebulons press into the farm fields, and villagers promptly scatter like the wind, abandoning their lives, as the HIVE moves to investigate.

"That's our signal, folks, LIGHT THEM UP!!" Hawk snarls, raising his M-16 and squeezing off several bursts into the approaching troops. "Arrest this!"

>> General Hawk misses HIVE troops with M16A1 <Medium>. <<

Well, so much for that. Going to line up her shot over with the sniper rifle at the trooper that had been doing the yelling, she would go to settle her rifle over on Moros, lining up the shot.. Debating whether to go for the torso shot for a higher chance of hit given her lower elevation and angle and better chance of hitting but with the unknown factor of alien body armor.. Or the headshot which would have a higher chance of disabling the target no matter what the armor. But.. Better play it safe than sorry.

So going to line up a shot with the torso of Moros, Scarlett would quickly line up the shot, aim it at the enemy's chest, and go to take a quick breath to make sure her weapon was in sync with the beating of her heart and lungs.. Adjusting for the slightly different air makeup and temperature.. The wind..

Doing all these on the fly, going to brace her weapon and take a shot. Then no matter whether or not it hit she would be moving along to the side. Staying still meant the enemy would get to target her.

       "YO JOE!"

From JSF #639, Wisp smashes the switches for the engines and lifts off vertically as far as she needs to, to fire her guns at the approaching enemy

F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp> targets HIVE troops with its weapons. From JSF #639, The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

From JSF #639, Wisp smashes the switches for the engines and lifts off vertically as far as she needs to, to fire her guns at the approaching enemy. She swears very softly as she does. "Figures. I'm curious to how they'll react to this." Then pulls the trigger quickly.

>> F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp> strikes HIVE troops with Machine-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Timmy and the other Greenshirts hunker down behind the tall grass and weird trees, holding position in silence. They don't move forward yet - even with their gear secured, a squad of Greenshirts on the move isn't exactly stealthy.

Still, the Joe recruits ease off their safeties and prepare to back up Hawk and his team if push comes to shove. Timmy breathes a silent prayer, hoping he doesn't die on some foreign planet and never get to see his fiancé again. As the woman yells, Timmy tenses, ready to move, all thoughts back on his mission and his team. As soon as Hawk gives the order to fire, Timmy and his fellows pop up over the grass, opening fire in unison.

>> Timmy strikes HIVE troops with Rifle <Medium>. <<

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "Try and jam whatever comms they have."
[Nebulos] Greenshirt Timmy says, "On it!"

Sinatra grins and remains in cover, looking down at his rats and barking quick orders in Swahili. Three of the rodents break off from the pack and dart forwards, hidden in the grass. They leap out from cover up onto the nearest Hive trooper, swarming him, biting and clawing for several seconds before they leap away, carrying whatever souvenirs they can get their grubby little paws on. No grenade pins, though - not this close to innocent folks.
>> Sinatra strikes HIVE troops with Angry Rats. <<

Temera grumbles very quietly as they come this way, switching her own safety off and sighting down the rifle, ready to open up with her assault rifle to 'educate' the unfriendlies of the error of their ways. If she can hit them at least.
>> Temera strikes HIVE troops with XM-8 Assault Rifle <High>. <<


A rain of gunfire immediately hits the HIVE troops, Moros with his thin mustache calls out, "NYAA! An ambush! Battle Suits!" Helmets come down and generate around the troops as they raise short barreled weapons against suppressive fire. Scarlett's shot pierces the armor, but judging by the bolt, it's not too deep within. Wisp, armed fully in her Lightning, ratchets a spray of bullets that tear down a ton of the foliage behind them. Stalks crash down, as as bullets ping against the heavy armor. Its not quite as deadly against the HIVE as it might've been earth-side. Team Green and Temera joins in with their tactical issue, scarring the armor more than the Nebulans inside. Rats try to find weak points in the armor, with little luck. One of them literally shrugs at Sinatra, and points at a chipped tooth.

Molos snarls and points forward. "Destroy the outsiders!"

Energy seems to gather in concentric rings at the muzzle of their rifles, then fires forward in a dazzling display, and fire out to the amassed Joes, as well as striking the Veracity...

>> HIVE troops attacks F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp>, Timmy, and General Hawk with Swarm, striking General Hawk, and F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp>. <<

"Time’s up, let's do this!" mutters Sci-Fi as he readies the Laser Rifle at the HIVE. He summons his inner 'WoW' moment and clicks his laser rifle into an attack mode before he whispers, "At least I have chicken." He doesn't dare say it. He does not dare utter the words, "Leeroy Jenkins." No, he's matured a little since that incident. He bites his lower lip and begins to chew on to it; almost to the point of bleeding. He looks back at Timmy, "I promise, we'll get you back home." His mind is fully aware of a promise he just made that he can't deliver but he's not about to let his friend die on an alien planet. He sees Hawk and Wisp bear the brunt of volley from the Hive. "Effing A." He mutters that to himself before he pops open another can and then readies for this to go south.
>> Sci-Fi strikes HIVE troops with Laser Rifle <Medium>. <<

General Hawk is hit by the energy, getting thrown backward, almost scorching off his clothing. "Hit them with everything you've got!" he says somewhat weakly, pulling a missile from a nearby ammo box. With the buzz of lockon, he fires...
>> General Hawk strikes HIVE troops with Missile <Medium>. <<

Scarlett would go to click along her comm << Their armor's reinforced against ballistics. We're not going to get penetration. Try and jamm their comms if possible sot hey can't call reinforcements! >> Well aware that her shot seemed to have not gone through, she's moving to pop her weapon up and over to line it up over with the leader once more. Now she's going to line it up for another headshot. With the helmet dome down, she might not get as good penetration even if she does hit. And her target is falling back to cover, giving orders, and in the midst of the melee. But still.. Take out the enemy group leader and the unit will lose cohesion. Particularly if they're a militia used to looting rather than any sort of opposition. As the streaks of energy would go on past, she would call out << And try to take some of those intact if possible for the techs to look over >> Probably meaning guns. and the armored suits would be lovely if not realistic. Going to call out.. << Spread and flank them, don't let them get up heavy firepower. Suppress and engage in fireteams! >>

Those energy weapons look like they'll tear anyone -or- anything hit apart, and massed fire will ruin your day. So split the enemy up and use local fire superiority..

Aka, ganging up. It's good tactics when -you- do it!
>> Scarlett strikes HIVE troops with Cold-Bolt <High>. <<

From JSF #639, Wisp swears as the whatever it is starts pelting her jet and damaging it some, switching over and getting ready to start maneuvering around a little bit. She swings around over the enemy troops and drops a bomb into the middle of them quickly, to educate them further.
>> F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp> strikes HIVE troops with JDAM. <<

An explosion rocks the farm fields, sending HIVE troops flying. Smouldering, most of them stand back up, all save one. That armor's something!

Sinatra nods at the rat thoughtfully. "Plan B" He says in Swahili. "Lure them away from the dwellings, and then Zandar them." The rats understand. Sinatra grins, scritching Joy's ears before she jumps down, and then brings his rifle up to the shoulder. He steps out of cover. "Hey! Ugly! Pick on someone who can fight back, hey?"

And then the sound of countless revolutions on planet Earth, the sound of opressor and liberator alike, graces Nebulos. The rattle of a 7.62mm AK-47, echoing back across nearby buildings. Whether his shots strike home or not, Sinatra makes a run towards some harder cover, a rock or anything vaguely solid. His rats stick to cover, waiting for their moment.
>> Sinatra strikes HIVE troops with AK-47 For-Everyone <Medium>. <<

On Scarlett's orders, Timmy drops back down under the cover of tall grass, stowing his rifle and pulling open his radio pack. He scans for alien transmissions and tries to narrow in on all frequencies locally in use by anyone not G.I. Joe. He nods appreciatively in acknowledgement of Sci-Fi's promise, even knowing Sci-Fi might not have the power to back it up. His mind isn't on his fiancé Luke back on Earth right now, though - it's on isolating his enemy's frequencies.
GAME: Timmy FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

Temera just sighs as the firefight gets crazier, sighting in again and firing her rifle across the group once more, hoping to hit any of them that she can target.

>> Temera strikes HIVE troops with XM-8 Assault Rifle <Medium>. <<

While the HIVE troops recover well enough, they ARE getting flanked, and are showing signs of disorientation. With the tall stalks gone, there's no cover, there's no concealment. >< The Resistance is here! Send reinforcements. ><

Moros stands up, bullets literally pinging off of his armor, "You call yourselves the HIVE! Destroy them! For Lord Zarak!" As Sinatra runs to cover, moving to a flanking position, the HIVE guards match firepower to firepower, those strange cycling energy weapons of them, assault the Joes and their vehicles...

>> HIVE troops attacks Scarlett, Autobot Shuttle <Veracity>, FOE Striker #875, Road Retaliator #4147, and Sci-Fi with Swarm, striking Sci-Fi, and Road Retaliator #4147. <<

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "Joes, status update!"

General Hawk shakily grabs onto the rungs of the Kodiak and climbs up, literally dropping into the seat from above. He wastes no time aiming the main cannons at the hive troops, and they power up to send a full power blast towards them. "HIVE... this..."

Kodiak #10803> General Hawk takes control of Kodiak #10803. He handles the controls expertly.
Kodiak #10803 targets HIVE troops with its weapons.
Kodiak #10803> The computer beeps. "Target acquired."
>> Kodiak #10803 strikes HIVE troops with Twin Cannons <Medium>. <<

The Kodiak incinerates two of the HIVE troops, outright killing them, even Moros recoils at the firepower.

[Nebulos] Greenshirt Timmy says, "Having trouble isolating the Hive transmissions. They don't use the standard bands... having to be a little creative with my equipment."

Seeing the HIVE Troopers spraying with their energy blasts, Scarlett lets out a very unladylike swear, and then goes to line up another shot with Moros. Seeing her general inability to hit him through the armor or inflict damage on it.. She would go to line up her shot not with his head or his armor, but with his gun. Moving to switch over as she would have the energy blast streak past her, she would go to line up her weapon over with his weapon, moving to carefully align the bolt of her rifle.. Then going to switch it up and aim at the center of that glowing sphere.. And moving to take another shot to see what happened if that power pack would explode..
>> Scarlett strikes HIVE troops with Exploding-Bolt <High>. <<

[Nebulos] General Hawk says, "I'm... seriously going to need... a medic after this..."

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "Try and take anything you can intact for weapons and armor. We need to figure out how to protect ourselves from them and break them."
[Nebulos] Greenshirt Timmy says, "Picking up something... too late to jam. Chances are Hive Command knows we're here. Sorry, guys."

From JSF #639, Wisp swears as she sees the energy blasts firing on everything else, and pulls the jet up and around for a heavier duty sweep with the machine guns.

[Nebulos] Wisp says, "that means we really have to move now."

>> F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp> critically strikes HIVE troops with Machine-Cannon <High>! <<

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "We take out the patrol, make sure that the villagers are safe as we can, then withdraw as soon as we can load up and launch."
[Nebulos] Greenshirt Timmy says, ".... I just finished digging the latrines!"

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "And hope that it takes them ta least fifteen to twenty minutes to scramble a response team bigger than a patrol."

A hail of weapons fire from the Lightning strike down all but Moros, whose gun just exploded, and one other subordinate.

[Nebulos] Sinatra says, "When we move, we should head away from the village in a different direction to the one we want to go. Make the turn once we're out of their sight, throw off pursuit."
[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "Defer to the General on that. Now, focus on the fight."

[Nebulos] Greenshirt Timmy says, "Shall I continue to try to jam, or focus on cover fire?"

"That... hurt." winces Sci-Fi as he removes his helmet from his head. The targeting system is fried. The sparks are flying from his gear as the damage is significant enough to his armor. He tosses his helmet behind him; not caring that the LCD view cracks. He readies himself for another shot at the Hive; releases the blast directly at the Hive soldiers in his path. He then harnesses his weapon and reaches for some screwdrivers he carries on him for repairs. He grips them with the shaft between his fingers and works towards the Hive; pretty getting ready to shank anyone getting close to him. "You think it's fun to act like a jerk? This is where we fight; this is where they die."

>> Sci-Fi strikes HIVE troops with Laser Cannon <Medium>. <<

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "Cover fire."

[Nebulos] Scarlett says, "They got thier message out, best thing we can do now is try and win the fight quickly"
[Nebulos] Greenshirt Timmy says, "Got it, ma'am!"

Timmy frowns, finally picking up he proper Hive frequency - AFTER they've radioed back to base. Abandoning his radio efforts for now, Timmy swings his rifle back around, pops back up from cover, and sprays the Hive with his rifle, joining in with his team, who have been firing the whole time. Without looking over, he asks, "Are you OK, Sci-Fi?" He tags his radio and calls for Greenshirt medics for Hawk and Sci-Fi even as he fires.
>> Timmy misses HIVE troops with Rifle <Low>. <<

Sinatra grins and crouches behind his cover, waiting for the moment. "GO!" Sinatra calls in Swahili. As the Nebulons he's targeting move to get a shot on him, they get close enough to the long grass where the rats are hiding- and most importantly, clear of the nearest house. All 20 of the rats announce themselves in a wave of squeaking, scratching brown fur, surging up their legs and looking for a) weakpoints in the armour or b) grenade pins and grenade-pin-like-objects they can make off with. The assault is over in seconds, the rats climbing up to the Nebulons' shoulders and leaping away to join Sinatra in cover.
>> Sinatra strikes HIVE troops with Grenade <Medium>. <<

Temera checks rounds on her rifle and curses slightly, pulling out her service pistol and firing that quickly with one hand while she reloads the rifle.
>> Temera strikes HIVE troops with Handgun <High>. <<

The two HIVE members left standing are hit repeatedly, for minimal damage, but the bomb and the great Kodiak's front weaponry did a number on them. Grenades go off as wildlife of some sort (rats) set off shrapnel attacks over them. Moros and the other look dismayed, looking around. Temera drops the last nameless trooper, leaving Moros alone.

The dismay on his protected faceshield is astounding, "Y...You...You can't do that! You're under arrest...and...I'll...I'll see you in chains!" His fat form starts to flee for what its worth, stumbling into the crater of Wisp's bomb, as he huffs it, towards the rest of the high fields....

Scarlett would call out << Try and incapacitate him so we can take him prisoner. >> Her moving to rapidly start sweeping the village methodically looking for any conscious Hive troopers that might still fight back. Failing that, going to start to tend for the injured.

'Frag.' curses Sci-Fi as he pockets his screwdrivers. He then pulls out one of his go-to weapons to take aim at the assigned target. He was hoping for an epic battle of stabbing an alien with a screwdriver for a good story. He packs his lowest of the lowest weapons. It's themed from the MiB Cricket...

>> Sci-Fi strikes HIVE troops with Mini-Laser <Low>. <<

Kodiak #10803> General Hawk relinquishes control of Kodiak #10803.

General Hawk climbs out of the Kodiak, and makes his way back down to the ground. He's in bad shape, covered with burns from the energy blast, but at least still standing.

From a nearby hill, a lone Nebulan watches from a distance, through a rifle scope. As the Joes bind their prisoner and pack up, he, too, packs up his rifle and withdraws, for now....

After the retreat and Looten Plunder is all said and done, the injured Sci-Fi begins to haul over some armor, gear, and gadgets left behind. He casually does this; hoping to not draw too much attention to this. He then eyes Scarlett and worries that while they are on an alien planet that she'll go all Jean Grey Phoenix level. He ponders if he is bothered that by that thought.

From JSF #639, Wisp sets her jet down after the action, to reload the guns and replace the one bomb she used, powering it down and opening the cockpit.

From JSF #639, Wisp relinquishes control of F-35 Lightning II #639 <Wisp>.

Sinatra checks on all his rats, making sure any souvenirs they've taken are rat-safe and giving each one an ear-scritch for a job well done.

Scarlett would go to scan the area, calling out, "Treat the injured and recover anything useful. Take any prisoners the General wants with us. And someone liase with the villager. Let them know that they can pass along we were the ones that stole the food, they all ran and hid when the fighting started."

Sci-Fi hauls away some more random parts and heads to the shuttle. He plans on tinkering and rebuilding his damaged gear even though he packed a few spare sets. He figures he can rebuild Scarlett's Ninja Force gear as well.

Sinatra gives each rat some peanut butter too. They did good today, and everyone got at least a souvenir

Greenshirt Mike lines up where the rats are waits for his peanut butter treat as well.

Sinatra looks up at Mike "Man you've got peanut butter in your MRE." He laughs.

Mike squeaks and smiles. He bats his eyes before he finally pulls out some cheese crackers.

Scarlett would call out, "Grab any comm sets as well. Look for any intact electronics that you can find and take with you quickly. Joes, we want to be ready to clear the area in fifteen minutes."

Sci-Fi has a crate full of salvage already and seems to be figuring out parts. He puts some aside for Timmy. "These look like comm-links."

Sinatra chuckles "I've got limited supplies until I can get the bus down here. I'm keeping the peanut butter just for when they've done good." He explains. " in some ways this place feels like bein' back in Africa. And not in a good way."

Scarlett would nod at Sci-Fi, "Good. Everyone, gather whatever you can. Tend to the injured and get them ready quick. If any of the.. Hive troopers are badly injured, leave them to the villagers. We don't necessarily have the facilities to treat them." And she's being pragmatic.

Mike reaches into his pockets and hands Sinatra some Slim Jims.

Sinatra looks up and takes them "Thank you. When we get the rat bus down here, I'll try and get you something as thanks." He looks at the rats, and smiles. "You've also made friends today."