Transformers Universe MUX

The mech himself!

As leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime has done quite a bit since waking up on Earth in 1984.


More Than Meets The Eye

Millions of years ago, the Autobots were badly depleted of resources to combat the Decepticons, led by Megatron. In a daring move, Optimus Prime hand-selected a team of elite Autobots to join him in a search for resources on a then-uninhabited (by humans) planet. Megatron receives word of this raid and intercepts and later boards the reconnaissance craft, known as the Ark. Sensing imminent defeat, Optimus Prime chooses to crash-land the craft into Earth. The Ark slammed into Mt. St. Hilary, and the impact instantly deactivated all occupants. For four million years, both Autobot and Decepticon inhabitants remained in stasis until a volcano eruption awakened the Ark's central computer, Teletraan 1 in 1984. Within days, the craft had rebuilt all inhabitants to assume forms of common vehicles on Earth.

Almost immediately, the war between Autobot and Decepticon resumed. As the Decepticons began raiding various energy resources, including an oil rig and a ruby crystal mine, Optimus Prime found himself being on the defensive, and oftentimes on the losing end as the Decepticons successfully began to collect enough energon to pilot their own craft back to Cybertron. In a hand-to-hand combat duel with Megatron atop Sherman Dam, Optimus Prime narrowly lost to Megatron as the Decepticon leader knocked Optimus Prime off the damn and into a wildly-flowing current.

Even methods to trick the Decepticons were met with failure as Megatron successfully predicted Prime's strategy, which included creating a hologram of a full-scale energy facility. Megatron eventually succeeded in building a spacecraft with enough stored fuel to bring back to Cybertron. As the ship took off, Optimus Prime demanded Sideswipe's jetpack, which he futilely tried to peruse the departing craft. Its defenses caught Optimus Prime and was able to blast the Autobot leader, sending him falling back to Earth. Discouraged and angered at himself for his inability to stop the Decepticons, he was comforted by new human ally Sparkplug. However, events seemed to take a miraculous turn when the Decepticon craft suddenly and violently reentered Earth's orbit and crashed into the ocean. It was later discovered that Mirage managed to board the craft and blast a few key terminals.

After many countries heard of the story of the Autobots and how they stopped the Decepticons, several agreed to donate enough fuel to power the Ark back to Cybertron.

Long-Term Impacts

Too numerous to mention. The revival of both Decepticon and Autobot leaders and their elite squads changed the leadership dynamic (not to mention morale) for both sides on Cybertron. Teletraan One created the secondary vehicle modes in which the Autobots and Decepticons still use to this day. The Autobots gained two long-term human allies who still call where the Autobots live their home as well. The Ark remains a secondary craft the Autobots use, primarily for relief efforts. The wounded spacecraft the Decepticons built became their undersea base of operations.

Transport to Oblivion

Months after the events of "More Than Meets The Eye," the Autobots remained on Earth while they repaired their crippled spacecraft and learned more about Earth culture. As more time elapsed, Optimus Prime began to doubt that the vanquished Decepticons (on Earth) were truly dead. Optimus Prime's fears were soon realized when Teletraan 1 received a distress call from an energy plant - with Megatron leading an assault.

The Space Bridge!

It is soon discovered that the Decepticons have been able to remain in contact with Cybertron (Shockwave in particular). The Decepticons are able to construct a space bridge, capable of interplanetary travel. However, the transport proves too erratic, and energon is unable to be transported. It's later discovered that a pilot is needed to safely transport materials. Megatron, unwilling to sacrifice any of his own team, has his Decepticons kidnap Spike and prepare him to be transported to Cybertron. Optimus Prime leads a squad to intercept the vehicle that Spike's forced to occupy and with some VERY skilled shooting, manages to SHOOT HIS SEATBELT and not harm the human. The vehicle careens into the space bridge. A panicking Megatron desperately tries to load the energon into the Space Bridge before the doors close, but he ends up being blasted into the Space Bridge as the doors close. The bridge then malfunctions, and it's assumed that Megatron was sent into deep space and not on Cybertron. That's at least what Starscream hopes. But Optimus Prime fears that Earth and the Autobots have not seen the last of Megatron.

Long-Term Impacts

The Space Bridge was introduced, providing quick access to Cybertron resources. The existence of the Space Bridge provides the Decepticons a distinct tactical advantage since the Autobots still are forced to rely on much slower interstellar planetary travel to go back and forth to Cybertorn.

Roll For It

Starscream assumes leadership of the Decepticons under the assumption that Megatron was forever lost after being caught in the Space Bridge after it malfunctioned. Starscream leads an assault on a hydroelectric power generator. Optimus Prime and the Autobots manage to defeat the Decepticons, and Prime sends Prowl and Bluestreak to spy on the departing Decepticons.

Megatron, safely on Cybertron, manages to contact Starscream and orders him to attack a laboratory that is working on producing antimatter. One of the lab workers is Chip Chase, Spike's best friend. Chip is instructed to return to his home. While at home, Chip manages to MEMORIZE AN ANTIMATTER formula. His efforts are thwarted though when he's captured by Ravage. In Decepticon custody, Soundwave manages to extract the antimatter formula from Chip Chase's puny brain. As the Autobots begin to close in where the Decepticons are holding Chip, Megatron throws an antimatter-filled energon cube at the Autobots, creating a tremendous explosion. The blast manages to damage most of the Autobot fleet and Prime orders a hasty retreat.

Sensing victory, Megatron orders a full assault on the Ark. Though Megaton and the Decepticons gain a quick upper hand, the antimatter soon becomes unstable. Megatron is forced to jettison the antimatter powering his laser cannon just before it explodes. Battered and wounded, Megatron orders his forces to retreat and swears vengeance.

Long-Term Impacts

The Autobots gain another close human ally (and a computer genius to boot). World governments begin their own campaign to educate their populations about the evils of Decepticons.

Divide And Conquer

While out on patrol with Spike, Optimus Prime receives a distress call from an energy plant, at which Chip Chase is coincidentally working. Prime orders a team of Autobots to rendezvous with him at the plant, where Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp are raiding. On orders from Megatron, the three Decepticons are ordered to attack Optimus Prime. Prime is able to to fend off the three, but is stunned when a stray blast strikes a mainframe. Prime quickly acts as a shield to the exploding mainframe, saving the building's employees from certain death. The three Decepticons take advantage of the situation and strike Optimus simultaneously, gravely injuring the Autobot leader.

Prime is taken back to headquarters (with Huffer offering to take Prime's huge cab). Ratchet assess Optimus Prime needs a replacement cosmitron, which is an essential part that regulates a transformer's energy flow. As Ratchet continues to operate on Optimus Prime, Laserbeak manages to sneak into the Ark and fires a direct blow to Optimus Prime's exposed chest panel, creating a massive explosion.

Prime miraculously survives, but with his energy depleting rapidly, a group of Autobots (along with Chip) depart on a mission to hack the Decepticon-controlled Space Bridge and travel to Cybertron and retrieve a replacement cosmitron. Megatron catches wind of this plan and allows the Autobots to travel to Cybertron where he orders Seekers on Cybertron to create a freak acid rain storm, which disrupts the electrical systems of Trailbreaker, Bumblebee, Bluestreak, and Ironhide. Bumblebee concedes the Autobots lost, but Chip manages to deliver a helluva pep talk - enough for Trailbreaker to activate his force field and Bluestreak to blast the attacking seekers. The Autobots manage to retrieve the cosmitron and successfully return to Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth, the Decepticons embark on a massive raid on the Ark to finish off the leaderless Autobots. Some Autobots (namely Huffer) are ready to throw in the towel, but Spike gives a motivation speech of his own, encouraging the Autobots to fight back for Optimus. As the Autobots depart, Wheeljack and Ratchet volunteer to stay with Optimus Prime, providing a last line of defense.

The Decepticons manage to wear down the Autobot resistance. As the battle wages on, the team of Autobots tasked with recovering Prime's spare part manage to get into the Ark and deliver the crucial replacement part before Optimus Prime's energy bled out. Outside, Megatron claims victory, but he soon is faced with a fully-recovered Optimus Prime, who challenges Megatron to a one-on-one match. With depleted reserves, Megatron is easily overpowered, and quickly orders his Decepticons to retreat.

Long-Term Impacts


Fire In The Sky

While the Autobots frolic in the snow, Optimus Prime frets about the alarming drop in worldwide temperatures. An energy scan pinpoints the source of the energy drain to the Arctic Circle, where the Decepticons are spotted converging around an oversized crystal.

While the Decepticons are draining the crystal of its energy, Rumble makes a discovery of a huge mechanical form. It’s later discovered to be a long-lost Decepticon scientist. Starscream identifies him as Skyfire, a close friend of his who assisted Starscream in scanning Earth long before the Ark crashed into to it. After being revived, Skyfire is briefed about the new struggle against the Autobots. As the Autobots near the guarded crystal, Skyfire opens fire on the Autobots.

Skyfire slowly begins to question his faction’s motives. He unwittingly abducts Spike and Sparkplug and takes them to Megatron. After questioning Megatron and Starscream’s decisions, Starscream blasts Skyfire and critically wounds him. He’s later tended to by Ratchet, who stays with him despite being in the middle of a battle zone. Ratchet manages to revive Skyfire, who changes his allegiance to the Autobots. Skyfire engages his old friend Starscream in an aerial dogfight in which the two collide. Skyfire frantically tries to make a landing, but makes a last-ditch effort to trigger an avalanche that buries the crystal. Skyfire crashes into the ground and is buried. Optimus Prime delivers a brief memorial to their fallen friend.

Long-Term Impacts

The Autobots gain another ally, and one of the few known defectors, since Megatron's computer programming cannot be altered. The Decepticons resort to constructing another team member similar to Skyfire, but he soon defects to the Autobots as well, much to Starscream's dismay.

SOS Dinobot

The Autobots continue to learn more about Earth. This time, they find out about the Jurassic and Triassic age as they discover dinosaur fossils around the Ark. Intrigued by their brute strength, Wheeljack and Ratchet begins to construct the Autobots’ own version of dinosaurs. Optimus approves of the action. However, despite millions of years of technical advancement, Wheeljack and Ratchet make a baffling decision that to remain “true to form” of original dinosaurs… their versions must have small brains as well.

The first three Dinobots (Grimlock, Slag, Sludge) are activated and automatically create havoc, nearly destroying Teletraan One. Optimus orders the Dinobots be permanently deactivated. Shortly after, the Autobots discover Decepticon activity at Great Falls and go to intercept. Megatron hooks his cannon up to the power generated by the Great Falls plant and lay waste to all the Autobots, including Optimus Prime.

All Autobots sent to Great Falls are taken hostage and are bound by energon chains, awaiting certain execution. Bumblebee alerts Wheeljack at the Ark of the perilous situation and Wheeljack chooses to disobey Optimus Prime’s orders and reactivate the troublesome Dinobots. Grimlock reluctantly agrees to help and the three Dinobots easily overpower the Decepticons at Great Falls, freeing Optimus Prime and the others. Wheeljack and Bumblebee await punishment for disobeying orders, but Prime acknowledges had Wheeljack obeyed, the Autobots would be scrap. Prime confirms this in a quasi-dickish way by saying “Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can be in error.”

Long-Term Impacts

The Autobots gain some serious muscle with three brutish new additions. Optimus Prime eventually is won over by the Dinobots so much that he orders two more to be constructed. Grimlock doesn't like Optimus Prime and proves to be his first major challenge of his authority on Earth.

Fire in the Sky

The Decepticons have been undergoing raids to steal steel beams. The Teletraan satellite Sky Spy picks up Decepticon activity in the Peruvian Andes. At the same time, Sideswipe and Wheeljack are sent by Optimus Prime to go to the Arctic to retrieve Skyfire’s fallen form (who knows why they couldn’t have done it when he was first buried a few weeks before). Skyfire is uncovered, and almost immediately, Prime orders him to retrieve Brawn and Windcharger and head to the Andes (so, Prime basically orders Skyfire to be resurrected… to ask as a taxi service. Nevermind that he’s a relatively good guy).

It’s discovered Megatron is using the steel to house a crystal of immense energy. The housing turns out to be a weapon. When Optimus Prime and the others intercept the Decepticons, Megatron uses the crystal-powered cannon to blast any Autobot who comes close. Prime takes a few brutal shots and is pinned down. Skyfire ends up saving the day by blasting the cannon overhead. Wheeljack caps the released energy and all is well.

Long-Term Impacts

Skyfire is restored, and joins the Autobots as their resident scientist/taxi driver. No one ever goes back to tap that energy source in Peru.

War of the Dinobots

Megatron laments how the three Dinobots are making minced metal out of his Decepticons. He orders Soundwave to find the Dinobots’ weaknesses. At the same time, Chip Chase discovers a meteor that’s headed directly toward Earth. Chip radios the Autobots, and Optimus Prime orders the Dinobots to intercept the meteorite.

While investigating the meteorite, Optimus Prime warns the Autobots that the meteorite could contain dangerous, unstable energy … so he takes a sample by blasting a piece off with his rifle (wait, what?!). While the Autobots head back to the Ark to investigate, Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge basically gripe about their boss. While they’re doing this, Soundwave relays their complaints back to Megatron. The Decepticon leader realizes he can exploit Grimlock’s grudge against Optimus Prime and turn the mighty Dinobots against their leader.

Driving back to the Ark, Prime tells Chip and Spike he’s happy with the Dinobots and orders Wheeljack and Ratchet to build two more… with Spike and Chip’s help (OK, mostly Chip’s). Chip suggests continuing to play off the Dinobots’ brute strength (with a stegosaurus), but then give the Autobots some air support with a pteranodon.

Back at the meteorite, Megatron confronts the “original” Dinobots alone and after a brief scuffle, Megatron begins to convince Grimlock that Optimus is weak, and that Grimlock should be the leader of the Autobots. Grimlock agrees, and declares Optimus Prime his enemy.

When Optimus returns to the Dinobots, he’s confronted by Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge. The three utterly shellac Prime. However, Grimlock refuses to finish Prime off. The Dinobots carry the barely-conscious Autobot leader to Megatron, where the Decepticon leader gripes that the Dinobots did not finish their leader off.

Realizing things are amiss, the Autobots dispatch the new, not-yet-battle-tested Dinobots to spar with their brothers near the unstable meteorite. A battle erupts, and Swoop and Snarl manage ward off the three other Dinobots. As the battle rages, the meteorite begins to glow and radiate. Prime manages to knock Grimlock away from the meteorite before it explodes, sparing the Dinobot leader. Realizing Prime’s sacrifice, Grimlock turns against Megatron, who orders his Decepticons to retreat.

After he stop shaking hand, me Grimlock going to eat him!

Grimlock apologizes to Optimus Prime for his behavior, and trying to kill him. He pledges his loyalty to Prime from now on. And while most military leaders would have tried Grimlock for treason, Optimus is content with letting this event be water under the space bridge.

Long-Term Effects

Despite the tidy resolution, the Grimlock/Optimus truce was always shaky. Grimlock remains the loudest and most prominent critic of Prime's leadership.

The Ultimate Doom

Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp attack an energy plant in India. Optimus Prime (possibly seeking some payback from getting unfairly triple-teamed by the three Decepticons?), along with Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, and Jazz intercept the Decepticons and make quick waste of them. However, the entire Decepticon raid was a diversion staged by Megatron. While the Autobots are away, he orders Laserbeak to kidnap Sparkplug. The human ally is abducted and given to evil scientist Dr. Arkeville .

Dr. Arkeville has invented a hypno-chip that when turned to a certain frequency, is able to control the mind of a human under its control. Megatron plans to mass-produce these chips and enslave millions of humans for one nefarious purpose: collect energon cubes. Megatron theorizes that the rest of the Decepticons will be busy preparing for a “special cargo.”

Optimus Prime and the other Autobots manage to finally catch Megatron. Prime engages his arch-nemesis in a brawl, but Megatron unveils his plan, which is already being implemented. Megatron gives Prime the ultimatum: open a portal that will allow Cybertron in Earth’s orbit, or allow it to spiral out into nothingness. Prime reluctantly agrees, but the event has disastrous effects on the Earth as the orbital shift causes hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves.

Optimus Prime tries to comfort Spike that they will get his father back. In addition, he frantically tries to order the Autobots to combat as many natural disasters as possible. On top of that, Prime and the Autobots find it nearly impossible to fight the Decepticons on Earth as they’re surrounded by human shields. On Cybertron, Shockwave begins to oversee the transfer of energy resulting in the catastrophic wreckage on Earth to Cybertron. Sparkplug is taken to Cybertron where Dr. Arkeville continues his mind-control work. Spike implores Optimus Prime to take Skyfire to Cybertron to retrieve his father and to learn what is controlling millions of Decepticon slaves. Brawn and Wheeljack volunteer to go along. Prime reluctantly agrees.

On Cybertron, Wheeljack, Brawn, and Spike discover what is controlling humans on Earth. Wheeljack devises a mechanism and emits a counter frequency. Wheeljack tests the device on Sparkplug, just before he shoots his son. Sparkplug comes to his senses and is scooped up into Skyfire before Shockwave sends an armada of Decepticons to stop the fleeing Autobots.

On Earth, Megatron prepares to depart to Cybertron with enough stored energy to revitalize the dying planet. Wheeljack and Skyfire rush to the battle site and are able to overpower Dr. Arkeville’s control. Megatron quickly boards a cruiser and plots a return to Cybertron just in time before a massive tidal wave threatens to destroy much of the Earth. Prime, realizing the only way to stop such a wave would be to “knock” Cybertron out of its orbit, orders all Autobots to fire at the cruiser. The ploy works and Megatron’s cruiser is destroyed. The blast is enough to knock Cybertron out of its lethal orbit. Spike tells Optimus he has a lot to be thankful for. Earth is safe, and Megatron has been killed. Optimus doubts he’s seen the last of Megatron. Almost as bad, the Autobots are left to clean up a planet recovering from a biblically-scaled disaster.

Long-Term Impacts

A game-changer on almost every scale for the Autobot leader. Megatron left the choice solely up to Optimus Prime which planet to save. Unable to see a resolution, he reluctantly chose his home planet, and as a result, likely cost the lives of thousands of Earth citizens. The aftermath nearly ruined months of goodwill from other countries as the Autobots were criticized for failing to prevent such a diaster from happening in the first place. Privately, he has yet to confide in any human about the choice he made. His trusted friend Ironhide remains the only other being he revealed the truth as to how Cyberton entered Earth's orbit. Ironhide, ever the trusted friend, has not leaked Prime's secret to anyone. Though the majority of people on Earth still viewed the Autobots favorably, the event was enough to trigger an effective anti-Autobot recruiting tool. If there was a silver-lining in this disaster for the Autobot leader, it was that he was able to use how the Autobots handled the aftermath as a way to handle future disasters (such as a worldwide flood).

Countdown to Extinction

After the events in The Ultimate Doom, the Autobots are left with the huge task of repairing a planet decimated by natural disasters; bridge beam by bridge beam, patched road by patched road. Meanwhile, Starscream, assuming Megatron was killed when his spacecraft was destroyed, claims leadership of the Decepticons and forces Dr. Arkeville to take him to his secret laboratory. While there, he discovers an invention by Dr. Arkeville that would produce enough energy to destroy the planet Earth (what is with mad scientists and their wanting to blow up Earth?). Starscream rigs the device, known as an exponential generator, to explode and he goes to Cybertron and cows Shockwave to helping him harness the energy from Earth's destruction.

On Earth, Megatron is indeed alive. He learns about Starscream's plans and takes a fleet of Decepticons to intercept. Dr. Arkeville, realizing Starscream's plans, tries to sabotage his own generator, but is badly shocked (thanks to a 'security' measure by Starscream). Oddly enough though, instead of letting Dr. Arkeville die, he rebuilds his paralyzed form into a cyborg.

Megatron reaches the generator and rips it from its housing, preventing Earth's destuction. However, the generator is still dangerously unstable. Megatron transforms to his gun mode and orders Optimus Prime to shoot the generator into space, using Megatron's gun mode. Prime agrees, and saves the Earth from destruction (again). However, the explosion knocks Starscream out of orbit and the Decepticon crashes to Earth... near Megatron. Megatron promises a whole world of hurt from Starscream.

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus Prime gets a wealth of experience about how to rebuild planet Earth after a massive Decepticon-caused disaster. He'll use this knowledge for other disasters, such as a worldwide flood. In addition, the post-'Ultimate Doom' events show that in certain cases, Optimus and Megatron can put aside their differences and work together effectively.

A Plague of Insecticons

In Bali, locals have been living in terror as gigantic, robotic insects have been devouring crops. Skyfire takes a few Autobots to investigate. It's soon discovered that these insects are actually Decepticons. An intrigued Megatron takes a few Decepticons to meet these new arrivals, who have actually been here millions of years. It turns out that the three robotic insects, or Insecticons , were ejected from an escape pod from a Decepticon cruiser. The Insections delight Megatron as they showcase their powers (building clones, a solid dropkick, lightning manipulation) and overwhelm the Autobots.

Megatron finds out the key motivator for the Insecticons: food. He takes them to an oil refinery where he promises the Insections can dine on as many oil tankers as they want. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime intercept the Insecticons and engage in a heated firefight. Shrapnel utilizes the lightning from a gathering storm to blast any Autobot in his way. Spike, remembering some basic high-school science, remembers that rubber tires insulate, and tells the Autobots to transform. The Autobots do so, and are able to gain the upper hand.

Optimus demonstrates some serious strength and manages to pull a burning tanker away from an oil platform...and tosses it to Megatron. Realizing the Decepticons are losing, the Insecticons argue that they may not have chosen the right allies, and retreat. An enranged Megatron orders his Decepticons to retreat and pursue the fleeing Insecticons. Optimus is relived that the Autobots won a convincing victory, but fears that the Insecticons will eventually go back into the Decepticon fold out of necessity.

Long-Term Impacts

The Insecticons give Prime a whole new set of headaches about how to handle the Decepticons.

Heavy Metal War

Megatron wastes no times trying to up the number advantage for his Decepticons as six more allies (the Constructicons) come to Earth and build a device that is able to transfer Decepticons' power chip rectifers to other Decepticons. Megatron uses this new device to absorb all of the abilities from his Earth-bound Decepticon fleet, from Skywarp's teleportation to Rumble's earthquake-making ability. He challenges an unknowing Optimus Prime to a final one-on-one duel, referencing Cybertronian code. The winner stays on Earth with the loser being exiled in space forever. And this is actually phase 1 of Megatron's plan.

Prime, bound by honor and confident in his abilities agrees, hoping this final duel will effectively end the Cybertronian war. The Autobots and Decepticons take their respective sides near the Ark and Megatron shocks Optimus Prime almost immediately when he singlehandedly throws Optimus Prime almost the length of a football field.

Phase 2 of Megatron's plan begins when the Constructions begin to burrow below the Ark. The Constructions approach Teletraan One, determined to destroy the computer and this the Ark. However, the Dinobots were ordered to stay behind and guard the Ark. The Dinobots intercept the Constructions and begin to overpower them, pushing them outside the Ark. The Constructions try to regain an edge by combining into Devastator .

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime manages to get a few shots in during his own battle, but eventually is easily overpowered by Megatron. Megatron declares the war over and blasts Optimus Prime into near-unconciousness. An angry Ironhide refuses to obey Cyberton code and moves to attack the Decepticons, but Prime stops him, claiming Megatron defeated him fairly. He orders the Autobots to return to the Ark and begin preparations for permanant exile. A stickler for rules, Prime even orders the Autobots not to engage in the Dinobots' fight with Devastator.

At the Ark, Ratchet and Wheeljack quickly patch Optimus Prime up. Chip Chase runs a diagnostic scan on Optimus Prime and discovers Prime's injuries could only be caused by certain Decepticon powers. They quickly discover Megatron cheated, and Optimus recants his order and sends his Autobots out to stop Devastator and the other Decepticons.

As the battle rages, another earthquake erupts, triggering a river of lava. The Autobots push the Decepticons back and manage to push them into the fiery river. Optimus confronts Megatron and blasts him into the lava pool. With all Decepticons apparently drowning in a fiery grave, Spike asks Optimus if the war is really over. Prime gives a noncommittal answer, first saying Megatron and the Decepticons are finished for good, but later saying that nothing is truly forever.

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus was right. Nothing is truly forever since every Decepticon survived what appeared to be certain death. In addition, with the introduction of Devastator, Optimus tries to quickly develop a fleet of Autobot combiners to counter such an awesome force of power.

Autobot Spike

In an effort to show his friend Wheeljack that the Autobot wasn't the only inventor in the Ark, Sparkplug once managed to take spare Autobot parts and put them together to make a functioning robot called Autobot X. Once activated, the mindless robot immediately bashed in everything and everyone in sight. Prime and a few other Autobots were able to subdue the rampaging Autobot X and deactivate it. Later, a distress call from an air force base summoned the Autobots to defend the rocket base against the Decepticons. The Autobots were able to defeat the attackers (though most of the rockets were destroyed in the battle). To distract the Autobots from their retreat, Megatron turned into his cannon mode and blasted Bumblebee, the weakest member of the Autobots. Spike, who was riding with Bumblebee at the time, was critically injured in the attack. While doctors tried to save Spike, Sparkplug and the Autobot medics formulated a plan to transfer Spike's mind into Autobot X while his human body was worked upon by surgeons. Sparkplug regretted this decision, as it drove Spike insane. Only the love Sparkplug had for his son prevented "Autobot Spike" from joining the Decepticons.

Editor's note: the following events were played as a flashback on the MUX and were not part of the cartoon plot.

In the subsequent days following the events that led to Spike's injuries, Sparkplug reassessed his decision to bring him and his son into joining the Autobot cause. Sparkplug still felt a purpose unlike any other in his life when it came to helping an alien species prevent the world domination of an invading alien force. But seeing his son precariously come within inches of death caused Sparkplug to consider other options. Some where unrealistic (Sparkplug's brother admitting that he and his wife would not be able to raise both younger Witwickys), and some were downright humiliating (government-assisted housing and food stamps while Sparkplug tried to find employment). The least painful option was sending his oldest son to military school until he turned 18 - an age old enough to serve alongside his father with the Autobots.

However, Prowl's rather evenhanded argument of keeping Spike in the Ark caused Sparkplug to change his mind at the last minute, much to Spike's great delight. Prowl's argument centered on the argument that despite it being a military complex, the Ark was the only place that could virtually guarantee Spike and Sparkplug's safety as opposed to being out in the open in a place like the military school). Spike promised his father he'd be more careful and also promised that would be the last time his carelessness would lead to a hospital stay.

Long-Term Impacts

Any possible remote ideas Prime had about housing humans inside Autobots were quickly dashed after this incident. Though Spike wasn't technically "kidnapped", the inclusion of humans in the Ark, not to mention some embarrassing security breaches within the Ark thanks to Laserbeak, Ravage, and Soundwave, force Prime to take greater security measures for the Ark. The human-focused security measures would play a pivotal role in the construction of Autobot City.

Changing Gears

Megatron and the Decepticons seige a mine that's populated with human workers. Optimus Prime and the Autobots intercept, but Megatron uses the humans as hostages. Fearing human casualties, Prime orders the Autobots to stand down. The Decepticons retreat, but not before taking the cantankerous Gears.

The Decepticons bring Gears to Africa, where the Decepticons have constructed a solar needle. The needle has the power to draw energy from the sun, and is partially powered by a component within Gears (hence his capture). The component within Gears is removed, causing the curmudgeon to turn amicable and good-natured. The Decepticons construct a massive energy force field to surround the solar needle and begin harnessing the sun's energy. The effect of harnessing the sun's energy triggers worldwide earthquakes.

The Autobots finally reach the solar needle. Prime, determining he's the strongest Autobot on the force, volunteers himself to fly into the force field to try to break it. Before Prime can do this, Cliffjumper makes a run for it and jumps into the force field - and breaks it. A battle ensues within the solar needle. Prime begs Megatron to shut the needle down because the sun's core is becoming unstable. Megatron ignores Prime's plea and overpowers the Autobot leader. Prime orders his Decepticons to execute Optimus Prime, but the Autobot leader asks for a final request, which Megatron grants. Prime asks Gears to do him a favor, and Gears cheerfully blasts the solar needle. Outfoxed by Optimus, the Decepticons retreat.

After some debate, the Autobots joke they like the new, cheerful Gears. But Gears demands to have his personality restored. Gears gets his wish, and goes back to being the complaining pain-in-the-ass that he is.

Long-Term Impacts

The earlier events in the mine show how Prime's devotion to protecting humans puts the Autobots at a continuous disadvantage when confronting Decepticons in areas where humans are present.

City of Steel

Taking advantage of some seriously lax city security standards, the Constructions are able to burrow under the Empire State Building. Clearing tons of dirt and debris in a short amount of time, the Decepticons are able to make the entire Empire State Building fall into a pit, where they begin to construct a new armored base.

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, go to intercept. The Constructicons detect that Prime is below them, and Megatron orders the Scrapper to dig below where Optimus Prime is. Prime falls several stories and Megatron quickly severs Prime's motor relays. Megatron then alerts the Autobots: leave the city at once, or the Decepticons will melt Optimus Prime into scrap. The Autobots agree, and Hook sadistically disassembles Optimus Prime, leaving only Prime's head for Megatron's trophy case. With the Autobots gone, Megatron declares New York City to be the home of a new Cybertron-like city, unoriginally called...New Cybertron.

As the Autobots leave, Spike tells the Autobots there may be another way back into the city: through the underground sewer network. While the Autobots work their way back into the city, the Constructicons take Prime's remains and build weapons out of them, including a mechanized alligator. Spike, Bumblee, Mirage, Ratchet, andHound manage to find Optimus Prime's head and they begin to go through the city to find Prime's other parts.

Slowly the Autobots retrieve Prime's parts. However, his arm (and rifle) remain under the control of a computer atop the Empire State Building. Spike and Bumblebee make the near-suicidal decision to distract Megatron in the Empire State Building and are able to get Megatron to accidentally destroy the computer controlling Optimus Prime's arm. Meanwhile, on the exterior of the building, Devastator takes Optimus Prime and scales the Empire State Building. Wheeljack, taking a few cues from a human documentary called King Kong, orders a few helicoptors to attack Devastator. When Prime realizes he can use his arm, he sends a signal to it, and an expertly -placed rifle blast sends Devastator (and Prime) plummenting to the city. Prime is rescued, and the Decepticons retreat, leaving the Autobots to clean up a trashed city.

Long-Term Impacts

The human factor. Again, depending on who you ask, this event either shows how the Autobots courageously fought back and saved an entire city from Decepticon domination... or that Prime and the Autobots seriously dropped the ball by failing to prevent the Decepticons from making such a bold attack on New York in the first place. Also, Prime shows his relative badassness by quickly bouncing back after having his entire body chopped into pieces. Finally, Optimus Prime most likely got an earfull from New York City mayor Ed Koch after the Decepticons were driven from the Big Apple.

Attack of the Autobots

The Decepticons stage a raid on the Ark, but it's only a distraction to draw the Autobots outside while Megatron gets sprayed with an invisibility spray, enabling him to enter Autobot headquarters undetected. He manages to insert a personality destabilizer in all of the Autobot recharging stations. The next morning, the Autobots wake from their recharging station feeling a bit funny. Their eyes turn red and soon they are under Megatron's control. Megatron orders Prime to smash Teletraan One, which he dutifully does.

Meanwhile, Jazz, Bumblebee, Spike, and Sparkplug are out testing Jazz's new speakers. The speakers emit a volume so shredding that even Spike complains about the noise. When the four return to the Ark, they realize that Teletraan One has been smashed. Jazz is attacked by Bluestreak, but manages to fend off his attack. Sparkplug quickly deduces that the problem was the Autobots' rest chambers were sabotaged and he manages to cook up an "attitude exchanger" that will restabalize their moods (technically "drain evil and recharge good"). The device is successfully tested on Bluestreak.

Bluestreak, Bumblebee, and Jazz begin to pick off Autobot by Autobot at at rocket base, where the Autobots are gleefully smashing away human ingenuity. With one attitude exchanger back, Bumblebee carefully approaches Optimus Prime and begs him to fight Megatron's control. Prime briefly regains his bearings and begs Bumblebee to help. Bumblebee takes advantage of Prime's hesitation and plants the device on Prime's leg, re-infusing Prime with "good".

With their bearings intact, the Autobots make a last-ditch effort to atone for their brief "evilness" and board a Decepticon-occupied rocket that contains a solar satellite. Jazz's speakers break up the rocket, forcing the Decepticons to retreat. Skyfire takes Optimus Prime into outer space where he throws the satellite into orbit.

Back on Earth, a few Autobots bicker about who was most responsible for the Autobot victory. Prime said whoever is responsible, all Autobots will need to chip in to repair the rockets they destroyed. Spike makes a bad joke to Sparkplug and everyone laughs.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime and a few Autobots end up doing some serious PR damage control since even the most die-hard Autobot supporters had a hard time defending the Autobots for this particular incident.


The Decepticon Seekers and Megatron steal some unstable electro-cells. The Decepticons then destroy the lab, preventing any additional cells from being created. A few days later, Cliffjumper informs Optimus Prime that he identified where the lost electro-cells were. They were in the same area that Mirage patrolled earlier. Cliffjumper accuses Mirage of being a traitor. Prime quickly squashes the beef between Cliffjumper and Mirage.

The Autobots go to intercept the electro-cells. Megatron quickly summons the Insecticons for backup, promising them some energy for their time and effort. Skywarp injures Mirage in a fight, but Mirage manages to rip the Decepticon logo from Skywarp. Though Ratchet tells Mirage to rest, Mirage leaves the med bay and goes to find the Insecticons. When he spots the Insecticons, he goes invisible (still carrying the torn Decepticon insignia) and takes a few energon cubes the Insecticons earned for engaging the Autobots. Cliffjumper spots Mirage, assumes he's a traitor and prepares to fire on him.

Before Cliffjumper fires on Mirage, Starscream attacks Cliffjumper. In the heat of battle with Insecticons, Decepticons, and Autobots, the Insecticons assume the Decepticons are firing on them. They engage in a brief scufle. Mirage gets captured and Bombshell inserts a cerebro-shell. Megatron convinces the Insecticons to use Mirage against the Autobots. They send Mirage back to Autobot base, and Mirage tells the Autobots where the energy cells are. Despite Cliffjumper's warnings, the Autobots go to the location, where they are ambushed. In a rage, Cliffjumper attacks Mirage and briefly deactivates him. While Cliffjumper is down, Ratchet discovers the cerebro-shell Bombshell implanted. Realizing defeat is quickly approaching, Megatron says that if he can't have the cells, no one can, and destroys the energy cells. The Autobots retreat, tell the scientists what happened, but the scientists say they're just relieved the Decepticons are no longer in control of the cells. Cliffjumper jokes with Mirage that he needs his own head examined for ever questioning Mirage's loyalties.

Long-Term Impacts

Mirage's loyalty was cemented in the optics of many who had wondered if his spying had compromised his outlook.

The Immobilizer

Prime and a few Autobots gather for Wheeljack's latest invention, which requires Hound to produce a convincing hologram of Laserbeak. Ironhide, walking in late, mistakes holo-Laserbeak for the real deal and fires away. The Autobots take this in stride, but an embarassed Ironhide laments that he's too old and useless to be of service.

Meanwhile, at an arcade, Bumblee is enjoying basking in the adoration of some converging fans when a beautiful, confident young lady asks Spike to introduce her to the heroic Autobot. A somewhat irked and jealous Spike shuns the request, saying they need to head back to the Ark STAT. While driving back, Bumblebee is jumped by Ravage, but fights him off with Spike's help. During the fight, Ravage manages to insert a camera on Bumblebee. Unknown to Spike and 'Bee, that young woman trailed both of them back to Autobot Headquarters.

Wheeljack reveals his invention as the Immobilizer, which is capable of freezing all moving matter. He says this could end the war if the Autobots are able to immobilize the Decepticons. Using Ravage's camera, the Decepticons catch wind of this plan and go to intercept. While conducting a few tests on the Immobilizer, a careless Spike steps on the remote and is almost immobilized himself before Wheeljack pushed him aside, which freezes him solid in the process. Ironhide isn't able to warn the Autobots of the Decepticons' advances as he was admonishing the young lady for tresspassing. The Decepticons part with the Immobilizer, leaving the Autobots with a frozen Wheeljack, a dejected Ironhide, and a new human guest - Carly.

Carly confides to Spike she feels horrible for what happened to Ironhide (who resigns from his duties). She asks Ironhide to take her on a tour, hoping to get to know him better. While taking a tour, Carly takes a grenade from the Autobot armory and takes off. Carly rents a boat and pilots her boat to the underwater Decepticon base where she plants the grenade. She's captured by the Decepticons and the grenade goes off, flooding her interrogation chamber (irony!). Spike realizes that Carly's gone and implores Bumblebee to go with him to find her, partly out of concern about her well-being, but also possibly that he's beginning to harbor a major crush on her. Ironhide rescues Carly before she drowns, but is immobilized by Wheeljack's device (greater irony!).

The Decepticons begin freezing all of the Autobots. Carly manages to sneak to the immobilizer and rewire the device, reversing the effects. Realizing certain defeat, the Decepticons retreat. Wheeljack asks Carly how she was able to think up such a solution. Carly says she's a science major at MIT.

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus Prime and the Autobots gain a new human ally (and some serious intellectual heft to boot).

The Autobot Run

Spike, Bumblebee, and Chip attend an auto race. After the race, Spike and Chip wonder how cool it'd be if the Autobots did their own race. Bumblebee and the two human sidekicks propose the idea to Optimus Prime. Prime, realizing that after being caught on television destroying rockets weeks earler - as well as some continued criticism from some humans for allowing Cybertron to enter Earth's orbit and New York City to turn into a mechanical nightmare - agrees that some positive PR may be in order.

The race is quickly assembled and thousands of fans attend. Unknown to the Autobots, the Decepticons have devised a weapon that will keep any transformer in their alt mode. With most of the Autobots converged in one location, Skywarp teleports to the race and uses the weapon on the Autobots. After the race, the Autobots realize they can't transform. The Decepticons easily defeat the Autobots by shooting out their tires and overheating their engines. The Autobots are rounded up and are led to Decepticon invention number 2: a grotesque Venus Fly Trap-like machine that chews Autobots into oblivion.

Back at the Ark, Wheeljack (one of the Autobots who stayed behind) deduces what happened and constructs an antidote...grenade. Bumblebee, Chip, and Spike go to where the trapped Autobots are. Ironhide is almost fed to the chopper, but Optimus Prime manages to ram the machine, freeing Ironhide. Chip and Spike play 'keep away' with the grenade from the Decepticons and the grenade detonates, freeing the Autobots. Wheeljack (easily the Autobot MVP in this incident) manages to steal the transforming-locking mechanism and fires it into Devastator, effectively collapsing the gestault. The Decepticons make a hasty retreat.

Long-Term Impacts

The Autobots realize they may need to be more careful with their public promotional events. Not that that will stop them in the future...


The Japanese title for this episode was "Stop the Transform!"

Atlantis, Arise!

Brawn, along with Bumblebee, Hound and Wheeljack, volunteer to check out an energy flare in the Atlantic. Upon discovering the underwater city of Sub-Atlantica, the squad is ambushed by the Decepticons' new ally Nergill. They are overwhelmed by Decepticon forces and retreat, with Wheeljack being captured by their enemies. Optimus Prime takes the Autobots to Washington D.C., where the Decepticons were headed. With Decepticon technology, Nergill is able to bring Sub-Atlantica to the surface. Nergill arrives and turned the tables by using a disruptor to cripple Optimus Prime, along with the other Autobots. Bumblebee and Spike rescue Wheeljack, who called the Dinobots for reinforcements. Grimlock snapped Nergill's disruptor in half, freeing Prime and the others. The Decepticons retreat to Nergill's base, followed by the Autobots. Realizing impending defeat, Nergill sabotages his own city, sinking it once again. Optimus Prime ordered his team to evacuate.

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus Prime made a powerful enemy in King Nergill -- one that luckily has yet to show his scaly head once more.

Day of the Machines

Megatron and Soundwave stage a secret raid of Quantum Laboratories to reprogram a supercomputer known as TORQ III (in a weird programming gesture, the scientists choose to give a face to the computer). Under Megatron's control, TORQ III locks the scientists inside the compound and various machines are reprogrammed. The computer is also able to control nearby oil tankers; and as a result, the tankers begin to converge on an oil platform. The Decepticons surround the platform with a protective shield.

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, come to investigate Quantum Laboratories. Skyfire, Hound, and Spike go to investigate the oil platform. The Autobots at Quantum Laboratories are overwhelmed by the machines, but the Dinobots arrive to even the score. Skyfire, Hound, and Spike sneak aboard an oil rig. They are almost successful, but Laserbeak captures Spike and Megatron threatens to have Laserbeak "drop" Spike. Hound and Skyfire comply and the three are captured.

At Quantum Laboratories, Prime gets into a brawl with a machine, and apparently loses as the machine implants a control chip on him. He is led to TORQ III. As TORQ III does some Megatron-like boasting, Prime says the chip that was planted on him was a fake - and he settles things by planting his fist directly into TORQ III, disabling the computer and attacking machines.

On the oil platform, Spike finds an electromagnet and uses it to "pin" Rumble and Ravage. Skyfire punches through the wall and the three run to rejoin the fight, which has moved to the oil platform that they're on. Optimus and Megatron get into a brawl, and Megatron accidentally destroys the device that was controlling the tankers. Enraged, he activates a destruct mechanism and the platform begins to sink. Prime orders all Autobots to evacuate, but stays behind to find Spike, Hound, and Skyfire. He ends up rescuing the three and Skyfire flies them to safety.

Long-Term Impacts

Minor. Prime tries to stress to the humans that though the Autobots are machines, they are reliable. And Grimlock again openly calls out Prime for needing the Dinbots when they get in over their heads.

Enter The Nightbird

Humans, maybe feeling a bit of an inferiority complex at having new, intelligent, and lethal robots around them, decide to construct their own robot. But instead of a scientist, or a regular "robot", they construct a ninja known as Nightbird. Lead designer Dr. Fujiyama invites the Autobots for the unveiling.

The Decepticons stage a raid and kidnap the ninja and do a truckton of upgrades. Megatron jokes that this ninja should replace Starscream. Starscream is not amused. Nightbird's first mission is to enter the Ark and steal the world energy chip from Teletraan One. Optimus, vowing to not harm the ninja, tries to subdue the ninja, but gets his circuits thoroughly bashed. The Autobots, however, are able to subdue Nightbird and reobtain the energy chip.

Megatron orders a rescue of Nightbird. During the rescue operation, Starscream fires his debilitating null ray at Nightbird, disabling the ninja. Enraged, Megatron orders the Decepticons to intercept Starscream, leaving Nightbird with the Autobots. The Autobots return Nightbird to Dr. Fujiyama. Dr. Fujiyama says that Nightbird is deactivated, but in her chamber, her eyes glow an angry yellow.

Long-Term Impacts

The Decepticons become aware of Nightbird. Eventually they will reactivate her again, and she will join the Decepticons as one of their premiere assassins.

A Prime Problem

A small earthquake produces a formation of highly-energized crystals in a crevasse. The Autobots go to investigate. Megatron, one step ahead of the Autobots, discovers the crystals destroy all things electronic on contact. His plan involves cloning Optimus Prime and having said clone lure the Autobots into the crevasse. In a scuffle with the Decepticons, Laserbeak blasts Prime over a cliff, briefly knocking the Autobot commander out (and earning Laserbeak some major bragging rights in the Decepticon ranks - being one of the few Decepticons who can say they knocked out Optimus Prime). While out, a scanner scans Optimus Prime and a clone is quickly generated. The clone orders the Autobots back to the Ark while Prime remained unconscious.

Prime returns to the Ark, only to find the Optimus Prime clone in the Ark. EvilClonePrime orders the Autobots to let Prime in ... and mow him down. Before the Autobots fire, Ironhide orders the Autobots to hold their fire. After a scan from Teletraan One affirms BOTH are Optimus Prime, the Autobots run some tests, which both pass equally.

The Autobots return to the crevasse with the unstable energy crystals. Windcharger and Spike discover Laserbeak flying out of a secret entrance in a mountain and go to investigate. Windcharger is blasted into the crevasse and Spike is captured (surprise, surprise). Megatron has Starscream create his own clone and CloneStarscream and EvilClonePrime engage in battle. EvilClonePrime blows Starscream away, gaining the favor of the the Autobots. EvilClonePrime orders the Autobots into the crevasse, despite RealPrime's objections.

Windcharger climbs out of the crevasse and warns the Autobots they're being led into a trap - saying the only reason he's still alive was because his rubber tires insulated him. He also tells them that Megatron has kidnapped Spike. EvilClonePrime tells the Autobots to ignore Spike and continue on. The Autobots then realize who the true Prime is and blast the EvilClonePrime into the crevasse. The Decepticons retreat, but not before tossing Spike out from their escaping rocket, but Powerglide ends up saving Spike at the last second.

Long-Term Impacts

The relatively poor display of judgment the Autobots displayed when they didn't know which Prime was which likely caused Prime to beef up his "second in command" training for Elita-One, Ultra Magnus, Jazz, and Prowl.


"Teletraan couldn't tell which Prime had the matrix of leadership?" "Why didn't the Autobots spend more time asking questions that only Prime would know other than physical tests?" Come on, it was a kid's cartoon.

  • I can see a Teletraan-1 "Don't mention the Matrix at all costs!" secret protocol going too far in this episode, but the "the stronger one is the real Prime!" is just dumb. Someone joked that when he heard about this, Blurr claimed to be each of the Dinobots in turn and had them killed when he proved over and over he was the REAL Dinobot in a race.
  • Fun premise, weak execution. But that's kind of what happends when suddenly you go from having 14-16 shows ordered to having about 50 shows ordered. Quality's going to take a hit.
    • Bah! No excuse. The voice actors maintained high-quality work throughout. The writers could have done the same. =)

The Core

Megatron orders the Constructicons to use a heavy-duty drill to burrow into the Earth's core and harness its energy (actually, if Megatron just stopped being evil and started thinking 'green' - he could have developed a solar energy device and harvested a lot more energy). Megatron ignores Starscream's plea that such an act would literally destroy the Earth.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots go to intercept, but they are met with a seemingly invincible Devastator. Wheeljack and super-genius Chip Chase invent a controlling device to get Devastator under Autobot control. Prime tells them to proceed with the experiment. The Autobots manage to plant the device on all six Constructicons. When they form Devastator, the giant robot falls under Autobot control. The huge gestalt attacks the Decepticons and traps them in a cave. Starscream chews Megatron out, but Megatron says it was all part of his plan. He has an override system of his own and plans on using it when the Autobots least expect it.

The Autobots return to destory the drill, and Megatron is good to his word. But the crossed signals (between Wheeljack's device and Megatron's) - Devastator goes nuts and destroys the space bridge. Prime and Megatron work together to regain control of Devastator (since the Decepticons lost their ride to Cybertron with the space bridge's destruction). Devastator manages to destroy the drill and save the Earth. Chip is bummed that Devastator is no longer an Autobot, but Optimus Prime consoles the human genius and tells him never to give up on his dreams.

Long-Term Impacts

None. Just another day at the office for Optimus.


The Japanese title for this episode was "Defeat Devastar!"

The Insecticon Syndrome

Hound, Beachcomber , Bumblebee, and Spike respond to a distress call from a park ranger. The issue: something or someone has been devouring the massive trees in the park. The Autobots quickly deduce that the Insecticons are behind it. Meanwhile, Megatron, apparently over the last run-in with the Insecticons, organizes a search party to get back in touch with their quasi-allies. The Decepticons stumble upon the Insecticons, just as they kick a massive tree toward the Autobots. It looks like the tree crushed the Autobots and send their destroyed servos over a waterfall. The Insecticons gloat and depart with the Decepticons, unknown that the fallen Autobots were actually part of Hound's hologram.

Megatron gives an offer to the Insecticons: Help the Decepticons, and enjoy an energy buffet at the Nova Energy Power Plant. The Insecticons gleefully feast on the plant's power core, but the core's effect causes the Insecticons to grow as big and as powerful as Prime and Megatron. The Insecticons again betray the Decepticons and Bombshell plants a cerebro-shell on Soundwave.

The Autobots race to the Nova Power Plant to save the trapped humans, only to get their afts handed to them by the Insecticons. Wheeljack and Teletraan One deduce that the mutation the Insecticons underwent will eventually cause all of them to explode, the explosion killing all trapped humans inside the plant. Wheeljack concocts an antitode.

Things get out of hand at the power plant, and Prime and Megatron again realize they need to work together to stop the Insecticons. Prime uses Megatron to fire an antidote into Kickback and Bombshell. Spike climbs up and plants the last antidote into Shrapnel... who blows up anyway (although not with the mountain-destroying force he would have without the Spike's cure). Bombshell uses his power to reassemble Shrapnel and the Insecticons flee, with the Decepticons in angry pursuit.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime and Megatron again set aside their differences for a common goal, but that doesn't stop Megs from wanting to kill his long-time enemy as soon as the crisis was averted.

Dinobot Island

After flying through some intense energy waves, Bumblebee and Powerglide stumble upon Dinobot Island, a Galapagos-like island that apparently evolution forgot as dinosaurs are still inhabiting it (take that, creationists!). The two go back to the Ark and relay their findings to Optimus Prime. The discovery couldn't come soon enough as the Dinobots are repeatedly breaking stuff around the Ark - the worst offense being the almost-destruction of Teletraan One. Grimlock apologizes to Prime, and Prime suggests the Dinobots train on Dinobot Island.

As the Dinobots train, the Decepticons catch wind of this new island. What really intrigues them is the vast energy resourses like tar pits, geysers, and volcanoes. The Dinobots form a quasi-kinship with the local inhabitants, which Megatron takes advantage of as he causes a stampede of a bunch of dinosaurs. Unable to fire on the inhabitants, the Dinobots are pushed back into a tar pit where they are soon engulfed.

Elsewhere around Earth, time portals begin to open. In one area, a mammoth appears, destroying a section of the library where Spike and Bumbleebee were just walking out of. Bumblebee shields Spike and are soon rescued by Huffer and Sideswipe. Prime orders the Autobots into reactive mode as they begin to chase disaster after disaster as portals continue to open. Pirates, cowboys, ancient sea captains are now all over Earth!

Free of Autobot (and Dinobot) interference, the Decepticons continue to plunder Dinobot Island's resources. Starscream cautious Megatron that the energy they are taking out of Dinobot Island may have disasterous consequences. Megatron brushes off Starscream's fear.

Back at the Ark, Chip and Teletraan One discover the portals have something to do with Dinobot Island. Prime dispatches a team to Dinobot Island while the other Autobots slowly begin to push the inhabitants of certain eras of time back to their respective portals.

At Dinobot Island, the Dinobots are able to finally break free of their tarry tomb. A vengence-seeking Grimlock rallies the local inhabitants to attack the Decepticons. The Autobots destroy all the energon cubes the Decepticons gathered. The released energy closes the portals. Prime says the Dinobots have done so well that they are allowed to return to the Ark.

Long-Term Impacts

The fact that Grimlock actually apologized to Optimus Prime and readily took orders showed a growing respect of the Autobot leader from Prime's loudest (and strongest) critic on Earth.

An NBA Draft-ready Optimus Prime.

The Master Builders

Hoist and Grapple (the intellectual Laurel and Hardy of the Autobots) develop a prototype solar tower. They showcase it to Optimus Prime, who at the time was trying to learn basketball from Spike. Prime's basketball skills were still in development, but he could ably balance a spinning ball on his finger and perform a wicked pass that could take down an unexpecting human.

Prime approves of the solar tower, but nixes the idea of building it until Grapple and Hoist can come up with a decent security plan to protect the tower (editor's note: Prime needs to start delegating responsibility. Let the geniuses build the energy devices, and let his security aces Red Alert and Prowl handle the security end). A dejected Grapple leaves and mourns the loss of his green energy magnum opus. A few Constructicons eavesdrop on Hoist and Grapple's conversation and attack the two Autobots, only to dig them out and tell them that they have defected from the Decepticons and want to help create Grapple's tower.

Later, an enraged Megatron confronts the Constructicons, but the Constructions swear loyalty to Megatron and say they only did it to dupe the two Autobots into building the tower...for the Decepticons. Megatron gives the green light and building commenses.

Days pass. Hoist ends up skipping his duties in the repair bay, which Prime notices when he knocks a few Autobots out of his way when he performs a Shaq-like slam dunk during a game of basketball. Prime sends Powerglide out to search for Grapple and Hoist, only to find out that the two are working with the Decepticons. Prime is pissed and orders the Autobots to intercept.

The Autobots arrive at the tower, just in time for the Constructicons to betray Hoist and Grapple and blast them. The Constructicons form Devastator and attack the Autobots. Prime uses his great motivational skills by talking Smokescreen into staying still IN FRONT OF DEVASTATOR. Devastator attempts to kick Smokescreen, but he "burns rubber", causing Devastator to kick the solar tower and fall into it. The Autobots dig out Grapple and Hoist. Prime forgives both of them, but leaves the cleanup of the tower to the both of them.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime one-ups Megatron in the forgiveness department. While Megatron continually allows the scheming Starscream to be his right-handed Decepticon, Prime shows he's a forgiving boss for an offense that borderlined on treason (though Grapple and Hoist's offense wasn't as bad as when Slag, Sludge, and Grimlock basically declared open war on the Autobot leader and beat the tar out of Prime). Prime also proved he was a natural at basketball.

Auto Bezerk

The Autobots were testing the powerful Negavator superweapon they had built in cooperation with the United States Military when the Decepticons attacked, intent on stealing the weapon. Optimus Prime ordered Red Alert and Inferno to stay inside and guard the bunker as the rest of the Autobots took the fight to the Decepticons. Inferno chafed to fight the Decepticons and left Red on his own despite the latter's pleas for him to stay. During the battle, Decepticon attacks caused the bunker to catch fire and become damaged (much to Grapple's dismay), knocking Red Alert on the head and burying him under rubble. Realizing what happened, Inferno and the other Autobots returned to rescue Red. Unfortunately, the blow to his head damaged Red's logic circuits, making him more paranoid than usual, and caused him to flee the other Autobots in fear that they would take him apart and use him for spare parts. He also became thoroughly convinced that his pal Inferno was after his job and so he escaped the Autobots. Red Alert's damage was such that if he was left untreated, his circuits would eventually explode, and so the Autobots immediately left to find him.

Meanwhile, Starscream (who had once again fallen out of favour with Megatron) used Red's paranoia to his own advantage by pretending to form a partnership with the Autobot, feeding his paranoid state, encouraging him to steal the Negavator and use it to destroy both the Autobots and Decepticons. With Red Alert's knowledge, the pair infiltrated the bunker and stole the Negavator, just in time for Megatron to seize the weapon and for Starscream to reveal his true cowardly ways. Fortunately, Inferno saved Red Alert from himself and his Decepticon 'allies'.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime assumes some of the blame for what happened to Red Alert, proving again that “Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can be in error.”


A few archaeologists (one with inexplicably cool blue hair - it may be the same 'blue ruin' dye that Kate Winslet's character wore in the classic film 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind') uncover a massive Decepticon starship. Megatron immediately recognizes it and the contents: the awesome Heart of Cybertron. Megatron orders the Constructicons to implant the Heart of Cybertron directly into Megatron's chest. The Autobots move to intercept, and Optimus Prime is the first Autobot to receive a devastating blast from Megatron's new power source. Megatron makes quick due with the Autobots, but the Autobots manage to retreat by creating a rockslide that buried a few Decepticons.

Back at the Ark, Brawn was angered that fellow Autobot Perceptor did not participate in battles, not understanding that Perceptor's scientific and technical skills necessitated his exclusion from combat missions. To the irritation of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, Brawn decided it was his job to bully the Autobot scientist, insinuating that Perceptor was a coward not prepared to do his duty alongside the other Autobots.

As Megatron prepared to attack the Autobot base, Perceptor came up with a plan. He, Brawn and Bumblebee were shrunk to microscopic size and infiltrated Megatron's body. Powerglide was able to deliver the three to Megatron undetected as the Decepticons got schnookered on high-grade energon on the eve of their assured final victory of the Autobots. Inside Megatron, Brawn was keen to do as much damage as possible while they were inside. Later, Brawn discovered that Perceptor's more intellectual approach was much more effective in getting their mission completed. Perceptor's bravery in disconnecting the Heart while under fire caused Brawn to change his earlier tune. Once they escaped Megatron, Brawn threw the Heart of Cybertron into the sky, where Perceptor blasted it. The ordeal over, Brawn declared Perceptor a hero, though it is uncertain whether he was big enough to apologize to Perceptor for his earlier boorish behavior.

Long-Term Impacts

Minimal, except the incident showed how Prime had to occasionally police his own when personalities clashed.


When drunk, Megatron turns into one of those drunk guys who does nothing but bore his subordinates with stories of his past glory days.

Megatron's Master Plan

The Decepticons stage a very unsuccessful raid at a solar energy plant at Central City. It seems like another strike-out for the Decepticons. An elated, affable (but slightly clueless) mayor of Central City decides to honor the Auobots in a parade for their heroic feats of strength against the Decepticons. Meanwhile, industrial tychoon Shawn Berger stews in anger that the mayor will no doubt pick up some easy political points. But before Berger can stew in his angst, he is abducted by Laserbeak and taken to Megatron. Megatron tells Berger everything he knows about the Decepticons is wrong, and he intends to prove this by taking Berger to an oil field where the Autobots are currently raiding it for energy. Berger complies, but arrogantly bargains for control over Central City if he uses his influence to expose the Autobots.

Berger flies in a news chopper and indeed discovers the Autobots raiding the oil field - and gloating about it. Wheeljack fires at the news chopper and dislodges a news camera containing the incriminating evidence. Megatron retrieves the tape and gives it to Berger.

The next day, the Autobots are honored at the parade. The major mistakenly begins to give another speech before correcting it and honoring the Autobots. Berger enters a control room and orders the PA person to play his evidence. In front of the parade attendees, the tape of the Autobot raid plays. The crowd immediately turns hostile to the Autobots. Caught in the crossfire, Chip, Sparkplug, and Spike run to Bumblebee and are pelted by an angry mob. The Autobots return to the Ark and a few Autobots begin to express their disdain for humans and how ungrateful they are and how easily they are led. Bumblebee, however, continues to stick up for a few of his human friends. The mayor of Central City, along with Berger's army arrive at the Ark and arrest the Autobots and order a trial, which is to take place... on a football field in front of anyone who wants to attend.

At the trail, the Autobots are found guilty and are sentenced to banishment from Earth. Spike is in the crowd and sneaks away in hopes of clearing the Autobots name. The Autobots are forced to board a shuttle and are banished from Earth and the shuttle takes off. Megatron and Berger go to the now-abandoned Ark and reprogram Teletraan One to send the shuttle carrying the Autobots to a destruction course for the sun.

In the control room in the stadium, Spike discovers the truth on tape: the Autobots in the oil field were actually Decepticons in disguise (shocker). Ravage discovers Spike and the two tangle. Spike manages to shove an entire media shelf onto Ravage, briefly pinning the Decepticon, and he flees to show the tape to the mayor. During this time, the Decepticons manage to enjoy the adoration of fans as they're invited to parties and kids soon are drawing pictures of their favorite Decepticons.

In the shuttle, Ironhide convinces Optimus to defy the order and return to Earth and clear their name. Prime reluctantly agrees and orders Cosmos to take them back to Earth. However, they soon discover that they are headed to the Sun and their systems begin to overheat. The shuttle falls into the sun and explodes.

Back on Earth, Megatron appears at a press conference and announces his plan: worldwide slavery. The Decepticons take over Central City and parts of the United States and the Decepticons begin to treat Earth like their playground, smashing buildings and enslaving the population. After showing the evidence to the mayor and convincing him that the Autobots are innocent, Spike still vows to clear the Autobots name, but Berger tells him that the Autobots were destroyed when their craft flew into the sun. A devastated Spike flees, still hoping to clear the Autobots' name. Soundwave dispatches Ravage to intercept, but Berger manages to save Spike from getting devoured by smacking Ravage with a production light. Spike, Chip, Sparkplug, Berger are shackled and are ordered to work in an energy plant.

In space, Trailbreaker managed to protect ALL the Autobots by emitting a force field that protected them from the lethal blast from the sun. All of them latch onto Cosmos and Prime orders them back to Earth, but Cosmos says he's still under Teletraan One's control and he (and the Autobots) soon drift back to the sun.

Back on Earth, Spike stages a diversion to get Chip to escape and go to the Ark and access Teletraan One. Chip hitchhikes to the Ark and learns about the Autobots' fate. Thrust spots Chip in the Ark and fires his laser into Teletraan One, damaging the computer, but as a result, breaking its contol over Cosmos. In space, Cosmos rejoyces and Prime orders the Autobots back to Earth.

On Earth, Chip is returned to the power plant. Spike comforts Chip, saying Teletraan wasn't much use without the Autobots. As they continue to work, Chip and Spike hear the unmistakable sound of Autobot engines. The Autobots return and liberate the humans and force the Decepticons to retreat. Berger admits his error and says he'll give up his army. Sparkplug sarcastically points out Berger already was without an army since his workers quit in protest (or in Sparkplug's words: quit when they found out what a dog lunch he was). Optimus says Berger will face justice - and the Autobots leave vindicated and exonorated as Berger is hauled away.

Long-Term Impacts

The human reaction - and how easily they were suaded by the flimsy evidence against the Autobots, turns many Autobots against the humans - at least when it comes to their personal opinions. Ironhide, one of Prime's most dedicated supporters, openly questions the Autobot leader's decision in quickly complying with the verdict.

Desertion of the Dinobots

Optimus Prime receives a distress call from Bumblebee after the loyal scout discovers Decepticons were using an airport hanger. As a last resort (due to short staff), he deploys the Dinobots who easily overpower the Decepticons. However, when the Dinobots transformed, Megatron orders the Decepticons to fire on the nearby aircraft. The ensuing explosion knocks all the Dinobots out of commission. Red Alert and Inferno arrive to do damage control to the heavily-damaged airport.

The next day, Optimus oversees the efforts in getting the airport rebuilt. He receives a distress call that the Decepticons were attacking an energy plant. He radios the Dinobots who outright revolt and leave. The Autobots who are able to intercept begin to have difficulties with their systems. The Decepticons have the same symptoms, unable to transform, fire upon their enemies, etc. Both factions end up retreating. Back at the Ark, Perceptor concludes that their problem is everyone is suffering from Cybertonium depletion - a crucial element that Cybertron-based Transformers need to function correctly (think of it as the human equivalent of fiber). Carly theorizes that the Dinobots should be functioning OK since they were built on Earth and didn't require Cybertonium. Sparkplug, Spike, and Carly go to the Dinobots. A pissed Grimlock almost crushes the humans until Spike mentions Cybertonium. The Cybertron connection sparks Grimlock's curiosity - and he agrees to help.

Grimlock and the Dinobots go to the space bridge to intercept a shipment of Cybertonium that was originally intended for the Decepticons. However, in the confusion of battle, the Dinobots get caught in the space bridge and are transported to Cybertron. On Cybertron, Grimlock says he's sick of working with "bossy Autobots" and vows to stay. Realizing that the only option left is for Spike and Carly to go, Sparkplug wires a communication device to Spike's thumb and reluctantly sends his son and Carly to Cybertron against Prime's wishes.

Carly manages to drive her car past Devastator into the space bridge. Shockwave almost kills both of them, but Carly and Spike manage to sneak into the inner portion of a super computer. Carly manages to sabotage the super computer (getting a nasty ankle injury in the process), putting the space bridge offline and buying the Autobots some crucial hours. Spike and Carly reach Wheeljack's lab and are soon met by Swoop, who managed to escape after the Dinobots were captured.

After learning a bit about the Cybertronian War, the humans and Swoop flee from the Decepticons, but are captured and sent to the Cybertonium pits, where the captured Dinobots are mining the ore for the next shipment to Megatron. Carly manages to rewire the Dinobots personality circuits to their correct/non-taking-orders-from-anyone setting, and Spike comes up with a plan to get them all out. Spike and Grimlock get into an argument and when a sentinental comes in to break up the fight, the Dinobots overpower the drones and take Spike and Carly with them to the space bridge. Sparkplug and Teletraan manage to redirect the space bridge's coordinates to be right outside the Ark, and the Dinbots manage to escape into the space bridge and deliver the Cybertronium to the Ark.

Once repaired, Prime gives Spike and Carly the honored designation of "Honorary Autobot" (what, no love for Sparkplug?). Grimlock says he has a change of heart and has pledged that he will follow Prime's orders...until he doesn't feel like it.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime awards the prestigious honorary Autobot award to humans for the first time in Autobot history. As for Grimlock, he managed to earn the Dinobot leader's respect, except that he didn't really when Grimlock said he'd follow Prime's orders until he didn't feel like it. So, nothing really changed in that dynamic.

Blaster Blues

While monitoring Omega Supreme's weapon systems, Blaster broadcasts a concert broadcast, hoping to inject some culture into the Autobot ranks. Optimus Prime is not amused. In fact, Blaster's playing almost interferes with a distress call from a group of scientists who say their newest invention, a voltronic galaxer, was stolen by the Decepticons. Prime orders all available Autobots to comb the Earth in search of the galaxer.

Blaster and Cosmos locate the device, along with the Decepticons, on the moon. However, the two are captured and Megatron uses Blaster to amplify the galaxer to override all Earth airwave signals; and Cosmos to power the device. Megatron broadcasts his demands to Earth: let him plunder Earth of its resources, and he'll give the humans their airwaves back (but wait, doesn't it take energy to power these waves? nevermind - just go with it).

In the absense of air traffic, Prime desperately tries to navigate some landing planes at an airport. Caught off guard, he is badly damaged by two seekers. While riding in Powerglide, Carly determines that the Decepticons are broadcasting from the moon (with the help from Blaster's signature song that he's secretly broadcasting). The small Powerglide manages to lift Prime's body back to Omega Supreme and Carly manages to put in some backup gear in Prime's damaged body. Omega Supreme lifts Prime's damaged body into his rocket and he goes to the moon along with Spike and Carly.

On the Moon, Omega Supreme engages in a fight with Astrotrain. Megatron discovers Prime's unconscious form and prepares to finish him off, but Prime awakens at the last moment and successfully wards off Megatron. Cosmos and Blaster take advantage of the distraction and blasts the Decepticon modifications, restoring airwaves to Earth. Prime praises Cosmos and Blaster, but Prime cautions Blaster that with his great power comes great responsibility.

Long-Term Impacts

None, other than Prime probably browsed some information about Spiderman's Uncle Ben from Spike's comics and incorporated his "with great power comes great responsibility" speech to new Autobots.

The Golden Lagoon

On a geology expedition with Perceptor and several other Autobots, Beachcomber abandoned them in the middle of a firefight to explore a cave in the nearby cliffside. While his friends were dodging laser fire and trading blows, Beachcomber was learning to speak parakeet and communing with nature. He also found a golden lagoon full of electrum, a naturally-occurring element which would make any Transformer impervious to harm. He dipped his hand into the lagoon, and it turned completely gold in color. Beachcomber hid this information from his fellow Autobots, and even kept his silence after Thrust arrived coated in electrum and drove the Autobots into retreat, capturing two of their number in the process. Valuing the scenic beauty surrounding the electrum pool, Beachcomber still refused to warn his comrades after the entire Decepticon army arrived coated with invincible golden armor. He went solo to check on the lagoon, and was captured by the Decepticons. Some of the dumber Seekers acted as his prison guards at the Decepticon sunken base, though, and Beachcomber managed to escape alongside his fellow prisoners Perceptor and Seaspray.

Back at the Ark, Ironhide discovers the cause of the invulnerability: electrum. Prime dispatches Autobot teams to search for electrum. He also dispatches Omega Supreme to ward off the invincible Decepticons, but to no avail as the Decepticons finish off Omega Supreme rather effortlessly. Powerglide alerts Prime that he discovered the Decepticons bathing in the electrum pool. The Autobot leader orders all remaining Autobots to head to the pool and sets up some Autobot drones around the Ark as a distraction.

Reaching the electrum pool, the trio was met by [[Optimus Prime][ and the rest of the Autobots, who had independently uncovered the pool's location thanks to Powerglide. Realizing his golden hand would give him away, Beachcomber quickly dove into the electrum to disguise his prior knowledge of the substance. In the final battle with the Decepticons, Megatron ordered the electrum pool destroyed rather than sharing it with the Autobots. In the aftermath of the explosion, the wilderness was totally decimated.

Long-Term Impacts

The pacifist-by-nature Prime came back to this incident repeatedly, brooding on the futility of war (two invincible beings blasting each other to no affect was a pretty strong metaphor), as well as the destruction of a wilderness oasis - and how that could hardly qualify as a "victory".

A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court

After returning into their time period, Warpath, Hoist, and Spike tell how they traveled back in time, and defeated a group of Decepticons (despite being vastly overmatched). They also tell Prime that they managed to escape with the help of a wizard who was able to distract a dragon guarding a time portal with dragon bane. Prime asks if anyone was hurt. Hoist said "no". Prime thanked them for their efforts and bravery and said "carry on then." Sparkplug tells Prime to start scaling back Spike's involvement with the Autobots until his grades are up and he starts meeting more friends that are human.

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus Prime learns of the existence of time travel artifacts. He decides, perhaps out of fear of damaging the timestream, not to pursue study of this strange device.

The God Gambit

Cosmos crash-landed rather dramatically on Titan after being shot down by the pursuing Astrotrain, who was after the energy data the Autobot carried. Cosmos' body was discovered by the moon's natives, but Astrotrain quickly followed up, having overheard their superstitious discussion and set himself up as one of their Sky Gods. The cowed, religious people quickly obeyed him, and Astrotrain put Cosmos' body in the main temple for use as an idol. The rebel Talaria overheard Astrotrain musing to himself about Cosmos' short-circuit and managed to use Cosmos' systems to get an SOS to the Autobots on Earth. With barely enough power flowing through his systems to stay active, Cosmos found a better use for it: shooting Starscream. With the Decepticon occupied for the moment, Talaria was able to escape unmolested. Optimus Prime volunteers to go, but Red Alert advises against it because of Prime's importance to the Autobots. Oddly enough, Prime complies with Red's recommendation and Jazz and Perceptor were dispatched to Titan via Omega Supreme, and Cosmos was recovered, the Decepticons sent packing, and the Titans (Titanians? Titanoids? Whatever) were freed from religious dogma.

Long-Term Impacts

None. The Titanians were never contacted again. Also, despite his courage to storm into battle, Prime's heeding of Red Alert's plea not to put himself in extreme harm's way for the sake of all the Autobots shows at least he's willing to take into account his importance to the Autobots - and stay on the sidelines. Good thing Grimlock was not there when this happened. Prime would never hear the end of it from the Dinobot leader.

"Prime, trust me, you don't want to see this. Heyah, let's see Rocky IV instead!"

Make Tracks

Optimus Prime works with New York's finest in helping with an auto-sting operation. One of the head honchos makes the idiotic choice of trying to shoot Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader recruits Huffer , Hoist , Seaspray , and Powerglide (amongst others) and set up shop at Sparkplug's New York garage. During this time, Tracks ends up befriending a young, reluctant car thief who is trying to go legit with a music career.

It's later deduced that Megatron is actually working with the criminals running the car thieving operation. The Decepticon goal: to create a car drone army to disrupt the Autobots and turn New York into a gridlocked nightmare (imagine the horror of a gridlocked New York City). The Autobots find out that the Decepticons are operating out of New Jersey (surprise). The Autobots engage with the Decepticons and Megatron captures Raoul and threatens to kill him. Raoul manages to open a panel in Megatron and unload the contents of some spraypaint he had on him, short-circuiting the Decepticon leader. Blaster is able to disrupt the car signals, turning the evil cars back to unfeeling beings, and all is returned to normal.

Long-Term Impacts

After a few PR disasters, Prime tried to regain the public trust by having the Autobots be more civic focused. Still, the interfering with human events caused Prime to limit involvement for fear of interfering too much with the much-debated Prime directive (no pun intended).

Child's Play

The Decepticons, reveling in their douchebag-like behavior, crash a baseball game and terrorize the human spectators with a Space Bridge in tow. Prime and the Autobots arrive to stop the Decepticon mayham. However, in the battle, Optimus and a few other Autobots (along with a few Decepticons) get trapped into the Space Bridge and are transported to a world where - wait for it - the Transformers are the small creatures! Prime spends most of his time befriending a young alien named Aron, who tries to protect the Autobots (think a not-so-subtle homage to E.T.). Prime also spends a good amount of time bossing Perceptor around to find a way back home. Perceptor's first attempt (use a cache of energon cubes and his light lense to 'beam' everyone back to Earth) is foiled by the Decepticons, who hitch a ride that way. Aron gives the Autobots his toy ship and Perceptor does some modifications and the Autobots fly home.

Long-Term Impacts

None. The planet or Aaron never resurface in the Transformers canon.

The Gambler

On their way home from an alien planet in a "toy rocket ship", Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Inferno, and Perceptor were picked up by a small-to-medium sized swindler named Bosch. The alien introduced himself, then proceeded to trap the Autobots in separate cylindrical chambers, immobilize them and zap them with a ray that robbed them of their free will. Smokescreen's chamber malfunctioned, and he was able to escape.

From this point until the end, Optimus was practically deactivated. Bosch trades the immobilized transformers for chips to a big-time Jabba The Hut-like being called Lord Gyconi and agrees to work with Smokescreen to gamble at a local casino. Smokescreen is confident he has a foolproof way to beat the house (a small wrist cord that can manipulate slot machines) and get enough energon to pilot the toy rocket ship back to earth and give Bosch a kickback.

Smokescreen won it big for a time, but became reckless and lost it all on one bet when an outsider interfered with Smokescreen's wrist cord (apparently the casino rule is universal: The House Always Wins). Bosch and Smokescreen went back to Lord Gyconi to discover that he had already arranged for the enslaved Autobots to take part in a match to the death with his "Animaliens." Optimus is ordered into the area and holds his own for awhile against his foe before he's overpowered due to lack of energy. Around this time, Smokescreen meets an Autobot bounty hunter by the name of Devcon.

With the help of Devcon, Bosch, and Slizardo, Smokescreen was able to free his friends before they were taken back to Earth by Astrotrain under Decepticon control.

Long-Term Impacts

The Earth-bound Autobots gain a new Autobot ally in Devcon.

Quest For Survival

After being overwhelmed by a massive Insecticon clone army, Optimus sends Cosmos, Bumblebee, and Spike on an emergency mission to retrieve a batch of robotic insecticide. Before Cosmos heads back, a mysterious, robotic plant latches onto him. Firing his thrusters, he barely escapes. However, the plant secrets some spores on Cosmos and they rapidly grow into mature robotic plants. Cosmos crashes into Earth, but Bumblebee and Spike manage to escape and warn Optimus and the other Autobots.

The Autobots soon return to where Cosmos crashed and find an entire valley overrun by these robotic plants. Prowl and Perceptor conclude that the plants are morphobots: a species thought to be extinct that feeds on robotic material. Megatron hears about the insecticide and orders the Decepticons to the valley, fearing the insecticide will destroy the Insecticon horde, which threatens to devour all of Earth's crops (and turn that energy into energon).

The morphobots are virtually impervious to any Transformer weaponry, but react to Blaster's loud music. With Blaster... blasting tunes - the Autobots manage to create a path to Cosmos. Cosmos then gives the insecticide, but Megatron manages to destroy the canister. Earth's inhabitants seem doomed to starvation, but the Insecticons soon converge on the valley and after spotting the fields of morphobots, think Megatron is trying to horde their harvest - and they go on a feeding frenzy. The only problem: the morphobots go wild over the Insecticons and devour their entire clone army with the exception of Shrapnel, Bombshell, and Kickback. After the feast, Prime readies a shuttle to take the morphobots to a planet inhabited by robotic insects.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime's actions at the end, though benevolent, may have created a whole new problem for a separate planet.

The Secret of Omega Supreme

Cosmos (quickly turning into one of the MVPs on Earth) discovers the Constructicons converging on an asteroid. Deducing that the Decepticons are attempting to mine the asteroid, Optimus Prime dispatches Omega Supreme to stop the Decepticons. Omega relishes the chance for revenge against the Constructions, but Prime warns Omega that this is a mission, not a vendetta. Unconvinced that Omega is heeding his orders, Optimus demands that Omega Supreme reveal what happened on Cybertron.

Omega Supreme relents and tells Optimus Prime his backstory with the Constructicons. He talks about how he was good friends with the Constructicons and he guarded their crowing jewel: Crystal City. But Megatron soon finds the Constructicons and uses a device called a Robo-Smasher to kidnap and reprogram the Constructicons to be part of his new Decepticon army. Unknown to Omega Supreme, the Constructicons are reprogrammed and lure away Omega Supreme from Crystal City. The Constructicons then destroy the city.

A desperate Omega Supreme tracked down all the Constructicons and tried to undo Megatron's reprogramming, but the Constructicons only used Omega's good intentions against him as they lured him to the same device that Megatron used to reprogram the Constructicons. The Robo-Smasher partially reprogrammed Omega Supreme before he destroyed it. But the massive Autobot was left emotionally barren, possessing only an intense hatred for the Constructicons, who he searched the galaxy for before ending up on Earth.

Back on Earth (and in 1985) - Cosmos brings back a sample of the asteroid and reveals its true composite: it's housing a huge orgamism. The asteroid breaks apart, revealing a mechanical bird-like monster that attacks San Francisco. The Autobots try to defend the city, but fail. Prime challenges Omega Supreme to rise above his hatred and save Earth. Omega reluctantly agrees and manages to lure the beast away from Earth. During a quiet moment of reflection with the Autobot leader, Omega considers that there may be more to life than revenge.

Long-Term Impacts

None, other than the fact that in addition to fulfilling the demands of Autobot leadership, Prime sometimes has to act as a shrink to some of his subordinates.


In the Decepticon lab, Megatron creates a pint-sized lifeform of pure energy that's capable of absolutely ruining any machine it can get into. It was called... I think Kremzeek. Thrust deposited Kremzeek outside of The Ark, where it quickly infiltrated almost every Autobot and scrambled Teletraan One. Sparkplug managed to coat Optimus Prime with a protective foam that prevented Kremzeek from entering him. This enabled Prime to take the few Autobots not damaged by Kremzeek to go to Japan, where Kremzeek traveled to via Sky Spy.

In Japan, Blaster managed to capture Kremzeek in his chest panel and proceeded to "fry" the little bugger. However, since Kremzeek feeds on electricity, this only resulted in more Kremzeeks being created. The Autobots then went on a city-wide search for the Kremzeeks, who were wrecking havoc on Japan. Realizing the only way to effectively combat the Kremzeeks was to lure them to an energy source, the Autobots constructed a massive electrical station that lured all the Kremzeeks into it, creating a huge Kremzeek.

While this was going on, Megatron created another device - an energy magnet that was capable of sucking the energy out of every mechanical object (including Autobots) and sending the energy directly into their undersea base. Blaster came up with the idea of sending the Kremzeek to the energy magnet. While feasting on the energy magnet, the Autobots engage in a brief philosophical talk (mainly led by Bumblebee) about whether they have the right to kill a life form. Prime says Kremzeek is too dangerous and does the dirty work by aiming a dispersement ray at Kremzeek and in firing it - dispersing the pure energy that made up Kremzeek, effectively killing it (Prime had to shield his eyes while doing it, proving he's still a softie at heart). While Bumblebee says he misses the little bugger, a lone Kremzeek appears and wrecks some havoc around the Autobots and heads off to downtown Japan - forcing the Autobots to run after the troublemaker.

Long-Term Impacts

The last Kremzeek was sort of like the Russian mafia guy who was shot in the wilderness in The Sopranos - no one heard from him again, so his fate is unknown. Prime showed why he's Autobot leader as he alone took on the unenviable task of effectively killing a life form, even when said life form wasn't necessarily "evil".

Sea Change

Out water-skiing with Bumblebee one afternoon, Seaspray receives a garbled distress signal from a distant planet. After conferring with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Seaspray tookPerceptor and Cosmos to investigate the signal, only to discover it had been sent by a Decepticon creation known as Deceptitran, requesting aid because his slaves were revolting. The Autobots quickly got involved with the local revolution, and "bubble-head" just as quickly fell head over heels for Alana, one of the human leaders of the rebellion. Thanks to the miraculous Well of Transformation used by her people, the Tlalakans, both Seaspray and Alana were able to experience life in the other's shoes, with him temporarily becoming (mostly) human and her changing into a robot. Deceptitran and his allies were defeated, and Seaspray proved that even a chunky robot with a throat full of mouthwash can find true love.

Long-Term Impacts

Little to none. The Autobots have since had little to no interaction with the distant planet after their successful revolution.

Triple Takeover

Optimus and a few other Autobots race to a city overrun by Astrotrain and Blitzwing, who have been turning the public transportation system to their favor after they staged a Decepticon leadership coup. Prime tries to plug a water main... by blasting it. The water main floods the city, sweeping Spike away and freeing Megatron from his frozen imprisonment. Once Megatron is freed, the triple-changers and Constructicons stage a battle royal for control of the Decepticon party. Optimus urges the Autobots to watch from the sidelines, saying he never gets involved in domestic squabbles.

Long-Term Impacts

None - other than Prime reveals he prefers to watch the Decepticons eat their own.

The Search for Alpha Trion

On Cybertron, Elita One, with a covert team of six Autobots, stage a raid on Shockwave's energon supplies. Their existence was revealed thanks to Moonracer's carelessness, which subsequently led to Elita One's capture by Starscream and the destruction of their secret base by Rumble.

Elita was then used as bait to lure Optimus Prime into a trap, where he too was captured and was soon on the block for execution in a vat of acid. Desperate to save her beloved, Elita triggered her time-stopping power, which allowed her to save Prime... but expended nearly all her life-force doing so.

After getting them both out of Decepticon Headquarters, Optimus was able to track Alpha Trion to his secret base. The ancient Autobot repaired Elita to the best of his ability, but revealed to Optimus Prime that only he could save Elita by interfacing to her with his power filter. An astonished Optimus Prime stated that only his CREATOR could know that!

After Elita One was re-energized, she and Optimus Prime arrived in time to save both a group of Earth-stationed Autobots, who had followed Optimus to Cybertron, and Elita's own troops from certain death at the hands of the Decepticons. Notably, Elita shot Shockwave out of the air with a single blast from her pistol.

With their original secret base in ruins, Alpha Trion quickly set Elita's team up with a new one, full of advanced equipment.

Though regretful that they'd be apart again so soon, Elita One elected to stay behind on Cybertron and continue the fight at home while Optimus and the other Autobots returned to the war on Earth. Of course, this didn't prevent her from telling him not to stay away TOO long...

Long-Term Impacts

An absolute game-changer for Optimus Prime. Elita One is most likely the being closest to Optimus Prime, human or Autobot. Shortly before Prime departed for Earth, he assumed Elita One died during a Decepticon assault. Ever the soldier, Prime put his feelings for Elita One aside and returned to Earth after the events in The Search for Alpha Trion to complete his mission there.

Prime Target

Optimus Prime found himself the target of maniacal big game hunter Lord Chumley. After bagging an experimental Russian jet (the then-U.S.S.R. blamed the U.S. for the attack and tensions between the two escalated to a near-breaking point), Chumley plans to mount the head of Optimus Prime in his big game room. Chumley devised a series of elaborate traps to trap Grapple, Tracks, and Blaster (with a pair of giant hands, I s**t you not). Showing that he REALLY loved the short story "The Most Dangerous Game", Chumley devised another series of traps to trap and later kill Optimus Prime. Prime manages to overcome all the traps, and tie Chumley to an aircraft in a delicious twist of irony (the hunter becomes the hunted!). The U.S. and U.S.S.R. credited the Autobots and Optimus Prime for defusing an incident that almost led to a military conflict.

Long-Term Impacts

None, but any humans who wish to piss off Optimus Prime - by all means, look at what happened to Chumley and take your shot if you feel lucky.

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

Optimus Prime orders Powerglide to watch over a wealthy debutante/CEO named [Astoria]. The Decepticons want her for some reason. It turns out that her necklace contains an energy formula they want. Astoria throws her necklace into an energy storm, disrupting the flow of energy, and thus saving Powerglide. The Decepticons retreat.

Long-Term Impacts

None (thank Primus).

Cosmic Rust

Optimus Prime knowingly walks into a trap and rescues Perceptor, who is tied to an explosive device. By rescuing Perceptor, Prime is inflected with the same cosmic rust plague that wiped out an ancient Autobot culture. Megatron uses a lightning bug the Decepticons stole from the fallen ancient Autobots to accelerate the plague, infecting nearly all the Autobots on Earth.

The only cure for cosmic rust is an invention Perceptor created called corrostop. The Autobots manage to obtain a corrostop sample from the Statue of Liberty after Superion defeats Menasor. Superion also destroys the lightning bug and the Autobots are soon cured of the cosmic rust plague.

Long-Term Impacts

None. The cosmic rust plague was fortunately confined to the planet where it originated.

The Key to Vector Sigma

The Autobots successfully escort a convoy carrying a new superfuel, despite the Decepticon's best efforts. Enraged, Megatron demands the Decepticons find a ground advantage. They begin stealing cars and reformatting them to become a new faction of automotive-based Decepticons. They take these new vehicles to Cybertron and venture to Vector Sigma to give these Decepticons life. However, Vector Sigma cannot be activated without a "key", so the Decepticons make a visit to Alpha Trion , who is thought to have the key to Vector Sigma. The Decepticons pay a visit to Alpha Trion and easily overpower the elder Autobot, and make off with the key. When they return to Vector Sigma with the key, the energy from Vector Sigma transfers to the newly-created Decepticons, which Megatron christened The Stunticons.

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, go to Cybertron and with the help of Hoist , repair Alpha Trion. Realizing what the Decepticons are doing, Prime orders the Autobots assemble their own air-based armada from the parts of old fighters on Cybertron. Alpha Trion said without the key to Vector Sigma, these Autobots would not be given life. But Alpha Trion says Megatron stole "a" key to Vector Sigma, not "THE" key, which is himself. Alpha Trion reveals he is personally "THE" key to Vector Sigma and against Prime's protests, "merges" with Vector Sigma, sacrificing his physical presence to give life to the new air-based Autobots, christened Aerialbots .

Back on Earth, the Stunticons wreck havoc on Earth, trashing everything in their path. The Autobots, with the new Aerialbots, travel with Omega Supreme back to Earth. Once landed (in an eerie parallel to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster), Omega Supreme explodes. Prime's woes contine when Megatron discovers the "key" he is brandishing has different effects on Earth, mainly turning organic matter into metal. Armed with this new tool, he begins to 'sculpt' Earth to become a new Cybertron.

On Earth, the Aerialbots begin to rebel against the Autobots and openly ask why humans are worth defending. Silverbolt , the most sympathetic of the Aerialbot bunch, disagrees with the other Aerialbots, but reveals his anxieties of heights. Optimus Prime assigns Silverbolt as Aerialbot leader, partly to get his mind off his fear of flying. Without the Aerialbots' support, the Autobots are forced to engage the Stunticons without air support.

Silverbolt shows the Aerialbots how humans can contribute to their cause, citing Sparkplug being able to continue with the repairs on Omega Supreme despite Ratchet needing to recharge. The Aerialbots have a change of heart and return to help the Autobots. They arrive just in time and transform to their gestalt mode, Superion. The Stunticons have their own gestalt and transform into Menasor, who being to overpower Superion. However, Omega Supreme returns to assist Superion and both are able to overpower Menasor. Silverbolt transforms into his jet mode and manages to get Megatron to drop the key to Vector Sigma. Silverbolt, in full free-fall, manages to blast the key, destorying it, and saving Earth. For their bravery, Optimus Prime says the Aerialbots have proven themselves beyond all expectations.

Long-Term Impacts

Another game-changer for Optimus Prime. He loses his creator, and gains a new Autobot faction.

War Dawn

Apparently not learning the lessons in The Key to Vector Sigma, the Aerialbots openly quarrel with the old-school Autobots about whether or not the Decepticons are as evil as the 'bots play them out to be. Ironhide is about ready to punch Slingshot out when the Autobots are summoned to go to Cybertron to investigate strange energy readings.

On Cybertorn, Megatron hopes to trap the Aerialbots and send them into a Kronosphere, a machine capable of going back in time. Megatron originally intended to use the Kronosphere to steal energy from the past. Megatron's plan seems to go off too easily as all of the Aerialbots EXCEPT Silverbolt actively engage Starscream and ask why the Autobots have so much animosity toward the Decepticons. Before you can say "double-cross", Megatron activates the Kronosphere and sends the Aerialbots back in time. Optimus manages to damage the machine before it sends the Aerialbots all the way back to the beginning.


The Aerialbots find themselves on Cybertron about 9 million years before 1985. It's a golden age. Everyone's happy and productive. The Aerialbots stumble upon an unassuming dock worker named Orion Pax along with his romantic love interest Ariel. Prim..err - Pax summons the Aerialbots to check out some new flying Transformers. Silverbolt warns Pax against hero worship, but Pax brushes off the Aerialbot leader's warning. That comes to bit him in the diode a few moments later when Pax is confronted by Megatron and Megatron critically wounds him and Ariel during an energy raid.

The Aerialbots take Pax and Ariel and desperately search for a medic. They stumble upon a friendly Autobot named Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion initially directs the Aerialbots go elsewhere, but he suddenly sees a strong spirit residing in the gravely wounded Pax. He agrees to repair Pax and reformat him into a new type of Autobot. Pax later emerges as Optimus Prime. Wiser, he declares it was a mistake to worship Megatron for his power.

The Aerialbots make one last stand at a storage house containing a vast supply of energy, enough energy to give the Decepticons an unbeatable advantage in 1985. They rig charges in the storehouse, but are surrounded by Decepticons. Silverbolt orders the Aerialbots to blow the charges anyway, sacrificing themselves for the Autobot cause. However, the Kronosphere is repaired (in 1985 time) just in time to transport the Aerialbots BACK to the future before the storage facility blows. Back in 1985, Prime and the Aerialbots begin to recount their adventure in a "chicken or the egg" type fable, much to Ratchet's dismay.

Long Term Impacts

Nothing except the future Autobot leader was created thanks to the events surrounding this incident.

"Silly humans, everyone knows memorials are for the dead, not the living!"

Starscream's Brigade

Jazz and Cliffjumper attend the unveiling of... Optimus Prime Memorial (Prime's thoughts: "Heyah, I've been alive for millions of years, it's it premature to be constructing a memorial? It's not like I'm going to die in like a deacde from now or anything") - where they are ambushed by a new faction of Decepticons dubbed Constructicons. The Decepticons trash the memorial and capture Jazz and Cliffjumper. A day or so later, Megatron shows up at the Ark and demands Prime release the personality components of some dangerous renegade Decepticons on Cybertron. Prime has his own demand: release Jazz and Cliffjumper. Finally, Megatron puts two and two together and realizes that Starscream is behind everything - the new Decepticons, the captured Autobots...everything.

The Autobots manage to find Cliffjumper and Jazz and free them just as Starscream brings out the big guns and order the Combaticons to merge intoBruticus , the latest Decepticon gestalt . Bruticus overpowers Megatron and just as Bruticus seizes Megatron, Menasor comes to the rescue and levels Bruticus. Megatron exiles Starscream and the Combaticons to deep space forever as punishment for defying him.

Long-Term Impacts

Prime has a new gestalt headache. If only there were a comparable gestalt team readily available.

The Revenge Of Bruticus

Well, that was short. Apparently, Megatron's idea of exile is to leave flyable Decepticons on an asteroid with no guards where they can easily fly away. Hence, this is what happened with Starscream and the Combaticons. Starscream flees and the Combaticons go to Cybertron and make quick due on Shockwave's defense forces. Onslaught worked on modifying the Space Bridge to pull the Earth into the sun.

Meanwhile on Earth, Prime and Megatron work together to get on Cybertron and foil the Combaticon's plans. Prime leaves the Earth in the care of the Protectobots. Working together, they were able to defeat Bruticus (with Starscream's help). As a reward, Megatron allows Starscream to return to the Decepticon ranks. Megatron agrees to destroy Bruticus. However, after the Autobots leave, it's revealed that the Bruticus who was destroyed was a fake, and the "real" Bruticus was reprogrammed to serve only Megatron.

Long-Term Impacts

In regards to Megatron, fool Prime once, shame on Megatron. Fool Prime twice...well... he's going to be fooled twice.

Aerial Assault

Prime and the Autobots ward off an attack on Slingshot. The Aerialbots then take over and involve themselves in a Middle East power struggle involving stolen airlines and a desposed prince.

Long-Term Impacts

Optimus Prime dips his blue boot in the very sketchy, morally vague realm of assisting humans in their human-related problems (in this case, stolen airplanes). It would not be the first time where he makes this decision.


The Stunticons steal several odd components for reasons unknown. The Autobots manage to capture all the Stunticons - and Prime engages in a near-suicidal game of chicken with Motormaster (where Prime emerges virtually unscathed). To find out what Megatorn is up to, the Autobots manage to disguise themselves as Stunticons and deliver the components. Back at the Ark, the Stunticons manage to break out of their cell, form Menasor , and warn Megatron. The disguised Autobots, thanks to some fancy skills by Mirage and Windcharger, manage to form their own Menasor, but are quickly overpowered by the "real deal" Menasor. Sure enough, those components were the foundations of a new weapon, which Megatron tried to use against the Autobots, but the weapon malfunctioned (thanks to Ironhide making a few adjustments to a ruby the Stunticons retrieved earlier). The befuddled Decepticons then retreat.

Long-Term Impacts

In masquerading as Motormaster, Prime realizes what he has to become to defeat beings like Megatron.


Optimus Prime sends some Autobots to investigate... you know what? Let's just say this incident never happened and call it good.

Long-Term Impacts

Though the events surrounding B.O.T. were pretty uneventful, it DID usher in an unusually long period of calm on Earth as the Autobots under Prime's leadership managed to keep the Decepticons from causing mass hysteria for more than a decade.