Transformers Universe MUX

"No plan survives contact with the enemy." 1

ONSLAUGHT is a master of battlefield improvisation. He prefers to lead from the front of the battle, making snap decisions from the seat of his pants and continuously updating this strategy to the ever-changing conditions of the battlefield. He tries to avoid planning too much in advance of any strike, feeling that over-planning leads to rigidity in thinking and often allows the enemy to more easily anticipate your moves.

In missile trailer mode, Onslaught can reach speeds of 100 mph. His range is 2400 miles. He can launch photon missiles, with a range of 6500 miles. Each missile contains three independently targetable shells, each of which has an explosive force equivalent to 3000 tons of TNT. In robot mode, he uses a sonic stun-gun, which is capable of crumbling a hillside with one blast. He combines with his fellow Combaticons to form the giant robot Bruticus.

While Onslaught’s Combaticons are used to his free-wheeling leadership style and are able to follow his rapidly-changing orders, some more staid Decepticons find his style to be confusing and chaotic. Still, few can argue with his results, and Onslaught is respected by both his superiors and his troops.


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Onslaught is available for temping in the Shattered Glass TP.


1. German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke