Transformers Universe MUX

Faction: Decepticon
Species: Transformer
Function: WARRIOR
Rank: 1/Airman - Aircraftman/Aerospace/Strike Team Alpha



One murder makes a villain; millions, a hero.

Omicron is a loyal, hard-working Decepticon who is respectful, yet not afraid to challenge authority. He will do what ever is necessary to further the Decepticon's conquest of the Universe, even if it costs him personal harm. He dreams of someday being the Decepticon leader, yet doesn't scheme against his current commanders. He applies great skill in battle, relying on his instincts to do his best in every aspect of his position. He feels he is meant for leading fellow Decepticons and feels great pride in his battlefield prowess. He is capable of moving at fast speeds with great agility, which he primarily relies on for defense. In F-16 mode, he can move at even greater speeds and attack swiftly and sharply. Omicron's greatest weakness is his slight over-confidence in battle; while an extremely fast warrior, he lacks raw power to back up his ambitions.

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Omicron was last seen: Wed May 29 16:44:35 2002.

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