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This article is about the raven - for the Decepticon subversive agent, see Ghost.
Secrets are weapons to be used exactingly.

OMEN is a next-generation Decepticon Mini-Cassette, although she would prefer the term recordicon were she asked. Created in the earth year 2020 inadvertently, the intricately designed cyber-raven is a bladed, sardonic creature designed for intelligence collection and espionage that delights in digging out the tiniest secret. With a vast range of sensory and data-collection systems woven throughout her small frame, there isn't much that is missed either immediately or when she reviews recordings of her activities to report back to her carrier-host, Ghost. Armed with bladed wings and a near monomolecular edged beak, getting up close and personal is her preferred means of physical communication. For moments requiring a touch from afar, an array of plasmic field generators are dispersed through her frame, enabling her to deliver stings from afar. The raven has a tight bond with her carrier and more often than not acts as a auxiliary for sensory and data collection and processing. She displays a territorial possessiveness over HER carrier and a general unwillingness to share. Preferring to communicate in Ancient Cybertronian (Primal Vernacular) and using as few words as possible, she harbors a particular delight in delivering commentary with an acerbic wit to see who is riled with her deliberate word choices.


This cybertronian 'raven' is a small, wing-bladed menace of a creature tricked out in dark blues and off-white. The standard size for a cassetticon, there are elements present indicating that it is one: The locking irises on the primary wing joints are a throw back to the 'tape' mode.

A prominent beak in coal black leads into a dark blue rounded head where large violet optics ringed with gold shine with curiosity and mischievousness. The intricate, interlocking armor plating lends an illusion of feathers shading from blue to dark charcoal grey along its neck that shift and flex as it moves. That feathering continues to its compact, deep-chested body, into the wings, and end with a fanned spread of tail 'feathers'.

Whereas many of the avian tapes have flight members that are limited to a pair of pinion points, this raven sports multi-faceted wings with blades making up the flight members coming off of the main joint. The wing 'feathers' are lined at the edges and tip with an off-white metallic hue.

There is a flight-harness rounding across its chest and over its back, additional space for internal equipment and showing small lines here and there, perhaps general storage. Legs end with long 'toes' tipped with curved back talons. No insignia or emblems mar this avians frame nor obvious weapons-hardpoints.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Omen was the first planned symbiote for Ghost as a means to aid in processing sensory and data information. Her creation time was unexpected, having come to 'life' as her carrier-host was being transferred out of the Cyber-Raven frame into her new redesign. She is a 'split-spark' style newbuild and while 'new', memory files left in the Cyber-Raven frame were incorporated into her spark, giving her additional background information and understanding that many new sparks would not have.

In 2021, Blaster, Signal Flare, and Starlock witnessed Omen emerging from Ghost's frame, confirming Ghost's capacity as a host and Omen's existance as a symbiote.


Omen likes 'Ne'tra Gal': Toraxxian Black Ale is a particular favorite. She got this from her carrier-host but refuses to admit they share the same tastes.

Omen finds perverse enjoyment over being confused for her carrier-host, who had been housed previously in the raven frame before Omen came online and will play along if the situation arises.

Omen does NOT like to share her carrier-host with anyone or anything. She also gets perverse enjoyment over biting Ghost at random.

Omen is pretty; very, very pretty and knows it.



While Ghost was inhabiting the Raven-frame:

  • 6/27 - "Omen Reports In" - Omen reports into Megatron after the incident and emergency frame-change.
  • 6/28 - "Observing Omen" - Shockwave observes Omen in her new frame and offers a few suggestions for adjustments.
  • 6/28 - "Dissident Discussions" - A discussion of favors owned shades into dissident concerns.
  • 7/3 - "Hunting Lesson" - Ravage takes Omen out for a hunting lesson.
  • 7/12 - "Dissident Concerns" - Returning to Vos, Omen has further concerns over the prior dissident discussion held there with Starscream.
  • 7/29 - "Ill Omen Crypt Keeping" - SCiEnCE! has determined that a trip to the crypts deep below Polyhex is needed to continue the effort to return Omen to capacity in her original or another full frame.
  • July 29 - "Bad Kitty No Data" - Ravage is caught inside of Trypticon's mainframe altering data by Omen, who had simply been reviewing security reports. It does not go well.
  • 8/14 - "Part of Trypticon yet Free" - Omen goes to speak with Trypticon about what Windblade had said. And then disagrees with the Titan, standing her ground in the face of anger.
  • 8/15 - "Titanic Headache" - Omen has headache in whole body after her short disagreement with Trypticon. Banshee and Soundwave offer aid and support.
  • 8/15 - "Consent to Treason" - After the argument with Trypticon, Omen and Banshee have a heated conversation about treason and consent.
  • 8/18 - "Blazing Error" - Blaze goes to visit Calyhex. While there, he runs into Starlock and Omen. There's a brief moment where an impetuous choice almost causes an incident. Doublecross comes by with a delivery.
  • 8/19 - "Code Aberration" - Visiting Calyhex after passing a message from Trypticon, Omen comes to the conclusion that yes, seeing things is not at all normal. Seeing things can hurt.
  • 8/22 - "Forged Clarity" - Omen meets with the Cityspeaker Windblade and receives an item purported to assist with her titanic issues.
  • August 22 - "Frozen Find" - Joes uncover a frozen mostly dead Cybertronian in Alaska and ask for help.

A random assortment of helpers arrive.

  • 8/23 - "New Abilities New Design" - Omen takes a flight looking for a place to just think about everything that's happened. She runs into Goth and a discussion starts going over frame designs, options, concerns, and wants verses practicality.
  • 8/24 - "City of Broken Crystals" - A short walk to Crystal City exposes Calyhex to what war looks like. It's purple and terrifying.
  • 8/25 - "Late for Hydrax Patrol" - Awaking up in a pile, Omen realizes she's late for a mission. Hydrax is infiltrated by Autobots and the Decepticons have a series of bad luck moments.
  • 8/26 - "Not bad for a Prison" - The inmates and inhabitants of Calyhex discuss what prisons are and past experiences.
  • 8/27 - "Cutting a Deal" - While lurking in Calyhex, a deal is discussed.
  • 8/27 - "Ethics of Consent" - Ethics discussion with a Decepticon? More of the Combaticon plot is discovered by Omen.
  • 8/28 - "Treachery among Friends" - Omen puts pieces together and realizes the depth of the treachery surrounding Starlock and the Combaticons situation. Omen knows 3 important things: 1: There was control software in the Combaticons that was removed. 2: Banshee was aware of it, Starlock was hands on engaged. 3: There's side effects but not what exactly. She reports in.
  • 8/29 - "Traitorous Damned Romantics" - Whatever was in that engex Ravage procured, it caused misunderstandings of a philosophical nature. And declarations of feels.
  • 8/30 - "East Wing Breakout" - Escapees from the non-existent East Wing of Calyhex attempt to leave but are stopped through a combined effort.
  • August 31 - "All Sorts of Problems" - The Medical Center is starting to fill up again.
  • 8/31 - "Instrument of Ill Omens" - Omen reports to Megatron concerning the Combaticons situation.
  • 9/1 - "Unlucky Omens" - Omen returns as instructed, completing her report to Megatron on the Combaticon situation.
  • 9/2 - "Megatron summons with a purpose" - Megatron summons his command to discuss the Combaticon situation.
  • 10/22 - "Harbinger of Concern " - An excited Harbinger reaches out inadvertently to Omen through the Con-Tape link. The excitement turns into concern. Soundwave displays some displeasure due to one of his taking a nap in another carrier.
  • 10/25 - "Seeking Harbinger " - Soundwave and Omen go out to track and find Harbinger after the small tape alarmed Omen.
  • November 2 - "It's Full of Sparks" - Being the nosy sort (who in Intel isn't), Ghost went with Starlock, Dust Devil, and Krystallos to watch them meet and visit with Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma. Things happen after Alpha Trion tells the other three to go ahead and leave Ghost behind to talk.
  • December 29 - "Arguments Over Drinks" - Autobots and Decepticons mingle at The Rollout Bar.


  • Jan 1 - "Business Meeting" - Ghost invites Starscream to Praxus for a bit of a business discussion, including Soundwave to insure that the meeting is properly recorded.
  • Jan 14 - "Training your Carrier" - Harbinger visits the Workshop, Ravage asking her to help decorate the quarters area. And then 'The Care and Training of Carriers' as discussed by the first of their symbiotes.
  • September 14 - "He Has Reasons" - Beneath the Decepticon-controlled city-state of Kalis lies an underground facility, home of the Salvation team. And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 1 of 2
  • October 07 - "Release the Spectre" - Ghost is freed from Iacon.
  • December 9 - "Not Desert Nightlife" - Ghost and Ratchet find themselves both in the Remote Desert region looking for something.
  • December 11 - "Long Overdue Debriefing" - Starscream asks Ghost for a debrief. Soundwave prods as well leading to Ghost spilling a great quantity of information out.
  • December 20 - "Personal Medical Evaluation" - Shockwave opts to be the one giving Ghost her requested medical scan. More questions arise.
  • December 29 - "Warm Surprise" - Ghost returns 'home' after her horribly busy day dealing with despotic Destron commander tantrums and a Neo-Titan causing moral quandaries. Soundwave has a small surprise for her.


May 23 - Report In

Omen's glowering, beaked visage pops up on the monitor. And with a grumbling, rasping, angry-bird hiss, she makes a short report: 
"All cadre, report in. Ringtone, Vizier, Rock Out. To me or to Soundwave." 
The angry raven disappears.


Omen is played/emitted by Scaythe, a member of JudgeStaff.