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Omega Terminus is the alternate universe counterpart of Vector Sigma from the "Shattered Glass" universe.


In a strange, backward universe, Omega Terminus is the source of Transformer life. It's located deep underground in the midst of a graveyard. The remains of dead Transformers are harvested by mutants and are recycled by the Terminus into new life. Its existence is merely legend, despite every Transformer on the planet having been birthed from it. Omega Terminus ensures that memories of the place quickly disappear from the mind.


—Omega Terminus is not a gracious host, "Dungeons & Dinobots"


Shattered Glass

Alpha Trion and Dust Devil traveled to the Omega Terminus Chamber in 2012 to seek help against the Old One.


  • "Reunification Part 4" reveals that the Omega Terminus is in fact part of the Vector Sigma Gestalt, the network of all Vector Sigma hubs across the multiverse. Although when the Caretaker says that all of them (save one Unicron Trilogy terminal) are working perfectly fine in "Crossing Over", it doesn't seem like the Omega Terminus would fit most definitions of "fine".
  • Speaking of "fine," it is implied that the Old One is the only one with any real "control" over the Omega Terminus (and the only one meant to know where it is). Oh great.

Omega Terminus Chamber

The Omega Terminus is located in a chamber deep within Cybertron, beneath a bunker even more inaccessible than the Underworld. The massive room is dark, with what look like stars twinkling from the walls, although the sky is far, far away from this shadowy place. The remains of dead Transformers lie strewn about the room, some half-harvested and stripped for parts.

A large glowing mirror floats in the center of the room, slowly turning in place and revealing glimpses of other realities even as it reflects items in the room. The compartment is permeated with a malicious whisper. It's hard to tell what is said, or even what language is being spoken, but whatever it is, it sounds somehow both attractive and malevolent.

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