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Olin Zarak
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Star Seekers

In the quest for power, kindness is no virtue... and cruelty no vice.

You know how it goes. You toil your whole life to make a name for yourself, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and subjugate the citizens of your planet under the rule of a mighty Hive. You hope you can pass that legacy on to your kids, right? That they'll live up to your example? Make you proud? That's what Mo Zarak thought. But no, his son OLIN ZARAK ran off to become a pirate. Well, at least it wasn't art school. That crap's expensive.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Olin is son to Lord Mo Zarak, born to a mother who was kept separate from Olin as he was raised in a "sterile" environment until he matured. Mo desired to keep his son under his thumb, refusing to allow him the sort of free will Olin's half-sister Llyra had that led her away from her father.

MUX History:

Olin has instead become a bit of a nuisance and a pirate, using his father's influence to allow him to prey on Nebulos's citizens unchecked. In 2018, Olin met with the Autobots that travelled to Nebulos.

In 2021, While in orbit over Nebulos, the crew of the Crusader fought off an invasion by the Star Seeker pirate crew, capturing their leader, Olin Zarak.

In 2022, Olin is being held in the Nebulan Resistance's secret rebel base.

OOC Notes

The Star Seeker

Olin pilots an airship called the Star Seeker.




  • Oct 20 - "In Orbit" - The Crusader answers a distress call in orbit over Nebulos.


Olin is played by User:Bzero.


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