Two of Obsidian's 'Avatar' modes

Faction: Cult of Galvatron
Species: Transformer
Rank: 10/Cult Leader

Obliterate! For Galvatron!

OBSIDIAN is loyal - at least, to his vision of what's best for Cybertron. A disillusioned former Decepticon, OBSIDIAN believes his home planet's greatest hope for a return to its former glory is the resurrection of Galvatron. Considering himself the Heir of Galvatron, OBSIDIAN has reformatted his Seeker frame to look more like the former Unicron-forged commander, and has researched occult methods to bring Galvatron back to life. He plans to kill Megatron and use his life-energon in a ritual to bring Galvatron back. OBSIDIAN is specifically targeting Sweeps, considering them abominations - Mistakes of Unicron not worthy to serve Galvatron. Since the Sweeps ultimately sided with Megatron, OBSIDIAN believes the Sweeps rejected their One True Master and deserve death for their treachery. In tetrajet mode, OBSIDIAN uses lift fans for pinpoint maneuvering, and is armed with electrical dischargers and a powerful under-belly cannon. In robot mode, OBSIDIAN wields the cannon on his right arm in the manner of his hero Galvatron. In tank mode, the cannon is in a turret, and backed up with a massive battery of lasers. While powerful and clever, OBSIDIAN is severely deluded, and can be single-minded once focused on a task. He has the absolute loyalty of the Cult of Galvatron, but outside those forces he has few friends or allies.


Obsidian was just a lowly Seeker Air Warrior when he first encountered the glory of Galvatron during the Unicron-forged commander's initial attack on Cybertron. As he watched his fellow Air Warriors die around him, he developed a profound awe and respect for both Galvatron's power and the absolute obedience he commanded from his troops. When Galvatron withdrew, having ascertained that Megatron had left for Earth, Obsidian headed down into the depths of the Sonic Canyons and retrieved the bodies of the Sweeps shot down in battle, and with help, slowly revived them back to life. When Galvatron died, Obsidian left the Decepticons, and vowed to bring Galvatron back to life, researching occult means to revive the fallen leader while gathering like-minded followers around him.


Tetrajet mode

In July of 2014 Megatron did battle with the Cult of Galvatron, personally killing Obsidian and dealing the final blow that toppled Super Galvatron, Obsidian's greatest creation. Unbeknownst to the Decepticons, after the battle Obsidian's followers made off with Obsidian's body and core, intending to do some resurrection of their own. In December of 2014, Obsidian returned with a new body to defend the re-emerged Galvatron, but was promptly defeated by the combined might of the Decepticons. Once again, his body was recovered by the cult, this time led by Galvatron, who ordered him repaired.

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Obsidian's new body



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